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I can verify that Gospel Library does work very well on my Nook and I rate it as my 1 app. Though I do have to tell some members what it is when they see me flipping through my scriptures, manuals. Some thought I was goofing off when I had a huge library of church materials in my hand. Gospel Library runs fine, but displays no content in the body section upon navigating to any chapter. This is a problem with some tablets and being worked on. Not to mention being on a beta os doesn't help. I understan this may be a problem with some tablets and being worked on, is there a hopeful date for resolution?

There is no error message, just a blank page. Refer to Android 3. Check the thread "Android 3. We have verified on the xoom but not the nook color or any other honeycomb devices. Please let us know if it works. If you'd like to install it please be aware of a few things. If you are comfortable with these caveats then please download and give us feedback with any problems you find.

Manually delete any versions you have previously installed including the one currently available in the market. Now you can download the apk here and install it. Please report issues to our project Jira. Initial feedback: 1. I didn't have any files to delete in the location you provided. Install went just fine. The UI is changed quite a bit guessing because it's just in a test environment right now. The font size is tiny on my Nook for the TOC. When you adjust the font size in the settings it will change the font size for the content but the TOC still remains tiny.

You have to download content individually. For example, if you want GC addresses you must go to the GC section and then choose download all. Now for the good part I can see content on Nook now. Tom's going to post a sample of this feature, because it's the hottest topic in Flare The default template design is beautiful and robust, allowing you to get a new website up and running with very little customization.

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This is a real pain, trying to click the bottom menu item when it was at the right stage of the flashing cycle. My client's original design had a link to the table of contents page topic in every footer. I was unable to replicate this in MadCap Flare. I even tried coding the cross-reference link directly in the html code, but it doesn't work. I guess because the footer is in a page layout, and the page layout is applied to topics.

So it can't refer to a topic because it might be referring to itself? I reported this limitation to MadCap Flare as a bug. Output to PDF is more useful. I also found that there were too many irritating issues outputing to Word, including problems with headers, footers, and tables. I don't know if anyone uses an index anymore.

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While useful for printed books, most output these days is online and therefore completely searchable. Highly customizable. Even accommodates references to autonumbered headings. Just be careful of the coding when applying condition tags.

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  • Check in the Text Editor. You can also apply styles using the Home ribbon and by right-clicking the relevant block in the left margin. In a Flare webinar I attended, they showed another cool use for mediums: define a medium that shows the edges for borders, padding, and margins, so you can see whether you've got the results you intended. Lists work well with the output appearing as it is supposed to, unlike the still-buggy Word lists , and are fairly straightforward to use.

    Still awesome! Together with condition tags and variables, this is what makes Flare the robust tool it is. It's great to have the option to choose whether or not to update the links, too. I too found this a very helpful source of information.

    See a Problem?

    When the Flare help was silent, I discovered that other users had often encountered a similar issue and could point me in the right direction. Seven years later, the people at MadCap are still friendly, responsive, and happy to help. I spoke to several people during the course of the project, and they helped with all questions and appreciated feedback on improving the product. Changes appear automatically wherever the images have been used in the project. I could even go back into Paint Shop Pro, undo the change, and this was updated as well. I agree with Tom, the organization of the Content Explorer and Project Organizer is very intuitive and easy to use.

    The options in the Content Explorer toolbar have perhaps grown since v3, and the Filter is still there too, though I didn't use it.

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    I do find the Collapse All tool helpful. For beginners, the help is a great resource that aids in learning the basics. I found it less useful for more advanced problems, but as mentioned above, the User Forum often pointed me in the right direction. The detachable floating tab feature is also useful when working with reviews.

    It allows me to have the review copy of a topic open and make select changes in the original topic file. I was able to replicate almost all of the design elements of a document produced in Adobe InDesign.

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

    Not only does Flare have state-of-the-art content management capacities, but also extremely complete design capabilities, autonumbering, and other complex features that software such as Word doesn't do nearly as well after many more years in the marketplace. There is now a much wider choice of buttons for the Webhelp toolbar.

    You can also assign custom JavaScript to buttons on the toolbar. Not sure what Tom means by intelligent cursor behavior. The cursor seems to work as expected most of the time with regular text, but is difficult to work with in master pages, and in tables it can sometimes be difficult to select the desired text. As per my previous comments on indexes, I think this is moot now, but it is a very useful aspect if you are still designing print books with indexes.

    The folks at MadCap Flare are very helpful and responsive. I too found that someone called to ask if I have questions and offered support and access to webinars. The blocks at the left and span bars at the top provide a very handy way to view information and select page elements to manipulate. You can toggle the display of the blocks and spans off and on. Very helpful. You can use this editor to edit any file, including target files, master pages, skins, css, and so on. I use it all the time.

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    Flare usually strips away extra spaces. It is not displayed in the output, but occasionally the sequence causes an extra unwanted line break to appear between paragraphs. I love this too. All folders for the project are kept in one place, not hidden away in My Documents, Libraries, Application Data folders, or other mysterious locations.

    Plus, all files in Windows Explorer are in the same folders and order as in the Content Explorer. There are multiple ways to resize images, including dragging. However, the dragging doesn't work so well when the edge of the image is off the edge of the page.

    Still a bit unpredictable in how the table styles from the Table Editor override styles in the CSS, but the help does try to explain the precedence rules. In general, I would say avoid the Table Editor. This works differently than v3. The screen medium is used, but the layout is formatted attractively and includes the breadcrumb, which is helpful for future reference to find the online topic again. It took five seconds to add this:. I would say many things have been fixed in the past 8 releases, but without specifics of the bugs Tom was referring to, I don't know for sure.

    The many fine features described above make Flare seem like a complete, well-designed, fabulous product. Flare does offer a screen capture tool MadCap Capture , which I never used. You can also insert various types of video files including embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos. I used the tutorials to get an introduction to key features and felt fairly adept at using Flare within a week.

    The Book Of Mormon - Trailer

    You can specify custom tooltips in the skin. See 13 above. I also had trouble removing character level formatting and had to use the Text Editor to do it. I didn't notice any error messages as I was working, except the error log that Flare creates when I build a target. You can specify and view the resized pixel dimensions in the Image Properties dialog box and in the Text Editor view. However, for the original dimensions, you'll have to go to your graphics tool or Windows Explorer. Tom spoke and the folks at Flare listened!

    Navigation menu

    Absence of drag-and-drop functionality for proxies setting up page layouts and master pages. You can now set up first, left, right, main, and more pages for a page layout, making it easy to set up the different footers required for each page type. Similarly, for master pages you can specify odd, even, first, and more.