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On the other hand a French farmer told Vivien Halas pigs are the most intelligent animals in the farmyard. In the U. A new restored master has been made from the original three strip Technicolor negative and Vivien Halas says it looks fantastic. Animal Farm is a film experience you will remember. It is an intelligent work for adults with strong characters, powerful emotional moments and vivid images.

It has a lighter side that includes some humor, but what I remember most about it is how well it captures the drama inspired by the book. Im not a purist and while I was aware it wasnt faithful to the book when I first saw it over 40 years ago, the changes didnt bother me. I look forward to seeing it again soon on DVD, now that I know why it is more upbeat than the book. When asked if Viviens parents were aware of the CIAs involvement with the project she said, I dont believe that my parents were aware of any CIA involvement at the time. Frances reminded me that in the early '50s the CIA was not regarded with the same scorn as today.

By the s her parents had heard rumors concerning the CIAs involvement. She says, My father dismissed the idea, but my mother felt annoyed. Before completing this article Vivien Halas read it again and responded with a very insightful comment that places the film in a historical perspective. She wrote, My own feeling about Animal Farm is that the influence was possibly as much commercial as political. That they mostly put funds in the way of artists who would have done what they did anyway.

That this is what has happened throughout history when monarchs, popes or other powerful institutions have patronized artists, composers, etc. This practice is good or bad depending which side you are on. Sometimes good things have come about as side effects. Recorded history is rarely accurate and even first hand accounts are not necessarily truthful as memory is notoriously unreliable. On a few occasions the CIAs failures have been disclosed to us by the news media, but their successes are almost never made public. No matter how you feel about their meddling with feature films, it appears their involvement in the making of Animal Farm was a successful covert operation and it was kept a secret from the public for almost 50 years.

On March 17, the United Kingdoms Public Record Office declassified documents revealing the British government funded a newspaper comic strip in the early s based on Orwells Animal Farm. There was also a strip produced by the studio that was drawn by Harold Whitaker to promote the release of the film in England. Vivien writes, This was not propaganda, but promotion assuming that there is a difference between political and commercial manipulation.

Thanks to Saunders research we now know that Orwells was made into a live-action feature with funds from the CIA. Work on the British production began in Like the animated Animal Farm the ending was changed. Saunders discusses the CIA influencing the content of other live-action projects, and says Carleton Alsop wrote regular movie reports from Hollywood to the CIA that detailed how specific pro-American propaganda themes were introduced into features.

For example, he mentioned how well- dressed blacks were included in country club crowd scenes in The Caddy , a Jerry Lewis comedy from The scenes were to impress people who had been told by the Soviet propaganda ministry that we were a racist, segregated nation. Saunders notes that these images were extremely optimistic. In many blacks couldnt vote, and many schools and most country clubs were segregated.

It was narrated by James Cagney and related to the history of Communism and how it led to the then new Berlin wallI naively enjoyed working on the film because of the historical research we had to do, but the director, Al Kouzel, who was more attuned to these things and unhappy with the assignment, helped me understand that we were working on a very biased presentationIt was a film made for propaganda that was passed off as a straight documentary. Apparently the press and public didnt look into the governments role in the production.

I recall Bert B. Cohen my father, a high school world history teacher was upset that the film contained serious historical mistakes, but I doubt he and others who spotted them realized they were deliberate. The Caddy included well-dressed blacks to counter Soviet propaganda about segregation in America.

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures. The purpose of propaganda is to influence mass attitudes and opinions. Deliberately distorting information and lying are among the acceptable methods used by propagandists to make their points. Unlike other forms of communication, the objective of propaganda is to manipulate and persuade people to accept the information being presented to them.

Today, propaganda is used by world governments and corporations to promote their points of view. We have become used to the media talking about spin doctors, experts who sometimes try and neutralize or make positive public opinion about potentially devastating facts. Contemplate for a few seconds the millions still being spent each year by the tobacco industry to put a positive spin on their image. Until commercials advertising tobacco products in the U. The practice of secretly inserting government endorsed propaganda messages in TV shows is alive and well.

For example the press disclosed in Salon. Network censors the Standards and Practices Department review scripts before a show to avoid including anything that goes beyond their rules of acceptable content. The networks were are? The government would suggest where a line or gesture could be inserted and what the actor might say or do. The anti-drug message could be as simple as a brief show of disgust at a drug related medical crisis. Gaea also says that Hazel should be happy that she captured him, and that he is now somewhere in Rome. Gaea later tells this to Percy and he promises that they will find out what happened to him.

When they free Thanatos, Hazel asks if Nico is alive. While Thanatos doesn't say if he is alive or dead, he does say they will find the answers in Rome. Later after Percy regains his memory, he calls Mrs. O'Leary , much to Hazel's surprise. He tells her that Nico could tell her the story before realising what he had said. On the way back to Camp Jupiter, Percy fully regains his memory, and is quite angry at Nico for not telling him about his past.

After Polybotes is defeated, Hazel mentions that Pluto is turning a blind eye to her to let her live and she feels that he wants her to find Nico. Even though Nico is a son of Hades, he barely survived the trip into Tartarus , and almost went insane much because of the number of Gaea's forces and how powerful they were down in Tartarus. Gaea 's forces went down there and overwhelmed him almost instantly, since they are extremely powerful in Tartarus. Afterwards, in order to lure the seven heroes into a trap, Gaea had Nico transported out of Tartarus through the House of Hades an underground temple in Greece , and taken to Rome, where her twin giant sons Otis and Ephialtes sealed him in a bronze jar, similar to how Ares was also once held captive by the two giants.

Percy sees him in his dream, imprisoned in the jar in a coma-like state. He had marked three scratches on the wall of the jar, one for each pomegranate seed he had eaten. Hazel explains that the seeds last for up to one day and put him in a death like state so that he doesn't use up all his air, something Hazel calls a death trance. Despite knowing that it's a trap, the Seven head to Rome to rescue Nico. Nico then says that the other side of the doors are in Tartarus, a place not even the gods go and that is why Hades has not been able to close the doors.

Not even the god of death, Thanatos, would go near Tartarus. Leo guesses that the seven heroes will have to go to Tartarus and close that side of the portal, but Nico says that it would be impossible, not even they would stand a chance down there. Nico however says that it is not that easy and that the Doors of Death have to be controlled on both sides to be closed, as they are like a double seal. He says that maybe all eight of them working together could defeat Gaea's forces on the mortal side, but that they would need a team fighting simultaneously on the Tartarus side; a team powerful enough to defeat a legion of monsters in their home territory.

In Arachne's lair, when Percy tries to save Annabeth from falling into Tartarus, Percy catches hold of a ledge just in time. Nico tries to help, but he is out of reach. Annabeth tells Percy to let go, but Percy says that he will not lose her again. Percy tells Nico that they will see the rest of the seven and Nico on the other side, and makes him promise to lead the others there. Nico promises and Percy lets go, allowing the dark gravity of Tartarus to pull him and Annabeth in. During a meeting on the Argo II , Nico admits that Percy is the most powerful demigod he has ever met and with Annabeth there with him, he is sure they will be safe.

He assures Leo that both Percy and Annabeth are still alive. The Argo II is being attacked by numina montanums , or mountain gods, who are attacking with boulders. As they attack, a boulder hits the mast, causing it to collapse, and Nico, who was in the rigging, falls with it. Hazel Levesque runs to help Nico up from the debris, but he tells her he is fine. When Leo complains that masts don't grow on trees, Nico corrects him by saying that masts are made from trees, which only serves to annoy Leo further.

Leo is forced to retreat again and the three try to think of an alternate way past the Earth gods. When it is suggested that they take the Argo II around the mountains over the water, Nico explains that going that way is longer and without their sea expert, Percy , it might be too dangerous. Nico also complains that he is too weak to simply Shadow Travel the ship across the mountains. While coming up with ideas, Hazel tries to think of a way to help, not wanting her only contribution to be removing a dangerous obstacle Nico had told her was in the House of Hades. When Hazel prays to her father for help, Arion appears, running towards them.

Nico di Angelo

Nico asks who Arion is and is told by Leo that he is Hazel's horse. When Jason and Nico go to retrieve Diocletian's scepter in Split, Croatia , they meet the god Favonius has been watching Nico and hints at Nico's secret crush, commenting, "The one you care for most Cupid forces Nico to admit that he had feelings for Percy, in front of Jason Grace , in order to get Diocletian's scepter. Jason attempts to comfort Nico and promises to keep it a secret, but Nico brushes Jason away. Jason attempts to talk to Nico about what happened previously, saying that the others won't judge him.

Nico becomes angry and claims that as a son of Hades he would never be accepted anywhere and always judged. In his anger, the ground opens up and Nico seems to shimmer with ghostly light. Jason then challenges him by saying that he should take a risk and believe that Jason really is his friend. As the scene reaches a climax, Nico tells Jason, "I'm going to honor my promise.

I'll take you to Epirus. I'll help you close the Doors of Death. Then that's it. I'm leaving- forever. Jason has stated multiple times that Nico di Angelo scares him when he gets angry.

The Secret Submarine Pilot Who Reached Pearl Harbor in WW2

At Epirus, Nico leads the group into the underground temple. They work together to fight the giant Clytius and when he is defeated, Nico and Hazel shadow-travel the group to safety as the temple caves in. At the end of the book, Nico ties the statue up with rope to be able to it and Percy comes to thank him for keeping his promise. Nico cuts him off and tells him to give him space.

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He then shadow travels away with Reyna and Coach Hedge. Nico shadow traveled with Reyna and Hedge to Albania and something humiliating occurred. Two days later, he shadow travels himself, Reyna and Hedge into the air above Mount Vesuvius, and they nearly fall in, but Reyna lends him enough strength to shadow travel down into the city of Pompeii, after which he sleeps for about a day. When he finally wakes up just after sunset, he wolfs down a sandwich and talks with Hedge and Reyna about Reyna's dreams. He mentions that he thinks he could make it to Spain when Gaea possesses Hedge and sent dirt-encrusted ghosts of Pompeii to attack them.

Reyna tells him to summon dead legionnaires to their aid with Diocletian's scepter, and he does so, but the scepter starts smoking and then explodes in his hands. He straps himself into the harness on the Athena Parthenos , carrying Hedge, while Reyna holds the ghosts off and shadow travels away just moments after Reyna grabs his hand. Nico passes out after shadow traveling. While he is out, he dreams about his life in Venice , Bianca and him in a mall in Washington, D.

He is pulled to Hypnos' Cabin by the dreams of Clovis , who shows him that day's war meeting at Camp Half-Blood, which shows that the Greeks are cornered in by the Romans and preparing for the invasion. After telling Clovis to pass a message on to Thalia Grace, he is woken by Coach Hedge thirty-six hours after passing out. Hedge informs him that they over shot Spain and went to Portugal instead, and that the Athena Parthenos was on top of a temple. Hedge then tells him a ghost is asking to talk to him.

Nico goes to the ghost, who leads him to a church that is decorated on the inside with the bones of deceased monks. There he meets his father , who tells Nico that his quest is hard and he might not survive the trip. He also tells him that Orion and his pack is hunting Nico, Reyna, and Hedge and that one of the seven will die.

Before Nico can ask more questions, Hades vanishes. He goes back to the temple and has lunch with his companions. He informs them that he is going to kill them for Orion; however, Orion wanted him to detain Nico. Nico summons bones from the ground to imprison the wolves momentarily while the three run towards the Athena Parthenos. When the werewolf breaks free and attacks Nico, Nico stabs him in the chest with Reyna's silver knife, getting clawed in the process, and uses the shadow left by Lycaon to shadow travel away.

After Portugal, Nico shadow travels to a cruise ship in the middle of the Atlantic for a day, where he discarded his aviator's jacket due to the damage it took, and Reyna patched up his gashes. He then travels to San Juan , Puerto Rico, ten feet above a restaurant. After he goes to sleep, Reyna puts her back pack under his head. However, her hand passes through his head on her first attempt and lifts it the second. When Nico awakes to find Reyna gone and a note from the hunters, he tore the note up in a fit of rage. Later he and Hedge put on new colorful tourist shirts -much to his annoyance- before joining the fight against Orion.

Two days later, the trio shadow travel to Buford, South Carolina.

While Nico and Hedge go to the Zippy mart for supplies, Reyna stays behind to watch over camp. When the boys come back to base camp, Hedge goes to write letters while Nico and Reyna talk. She tells him about her father and family history. In return, Nico told her about his relationship with his father, and that cheered her up a little. He threatens to torture Hedge to death and taunts Reyna about her secret about her father. This infuriates Nico, whose temper explodes. He proceeds to unleash all his painful memories since falling into Tartarus on the others at the camp, revealing his secret in the process.

As the temperature drops to freezing and the skeletons dissolve, Nico marches over to Bryce and opens a fissure beneath the other boy's feet, and as Bryce sinks into the ground, Nico turns him, body and all, into a ghost and sends him to the Underworld. After that he collapses, nearly fading away because of overuse of his powers, and wakes up with Hedge and Reyna bandaging him. They had managed to save him through Hedge's sports medicine and nature magic. They tell him what happened with Bryce, and to his shock, they tell him that they still trust him.

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They land on a yacht, and Nico sends "some strong dreams" to the mortals below deck, much to Reyna's awe. Hedge attacks the son of Venus to little success, but then the people on the boat hear the voice of Octavian, saying he had come to see to the arrests himself. Seconds later Tyson , who presumably had imitated Octavian's voice, and Ella knock out the first cohort centurions.

The other two centurions decide to help Reyna and declare their loyalty to her. After they arrive at a private dock and haul Michael Kahale out of the boat, they wonder who will drive the SUV, and Nico volunteers, much to their shock and nerves. When they arrive they see that the legion is out numbered by monsters.

Fictional Warships - Novels

Dakota and Leila get out to get their cohorts to switch sides, while Nico goes to sabotage the siege weapons. When he gets to the top of the hill, he is startled by Will Solace , Lou Ellen , and Cecil , who are trying to sabotage the Romans. They were successful in sabotaging half the weapons before being spotted. Octavian then comes out with the First Cohort.

Nico states that he is helping both camps, and that he will leave once the war is over. Will is upset by this and tells Nico that a lot of campers want to be his friend. Dakota and the Fifth Cohort arrive while the rest of the cohorts are surrounded by monsters. They are all stunned by Will's whistle, and Nico speaks of peace as Reyna flies the Athena Parthenos into camp as a peace offering. Which works until Gaea awakes.

As the Seven come back to camp, Nico is helping fight the monsters. During the battle, Will comes over to him and whispers " Octavian " in his ear before leading him to an onager, where Octavian is preparing to blast Gaea. Will and Nico try to talk him out of it, noticing that the Imperial Gold he's wearing seems to be attracted to the loaded projectile, but he refuses to listen.

He then fires and gets dragged along with the shot. They witness Leo's sacrifice, but Nico senses that Leo's death was strange. Chiron asks him to perform the final rites for the fallen demigods, and Nico agrees. He also avoids Will, thinking the son of Apollo would think Nico a monster for having let Octavian die. Later he sits by the camp fire and listens as Chiron explains how the two camps have become friends, and that they can visit each other's camp.

Then Reyna tells the two camps about Nico's part in saving the camps, brings him out of the shadows, and hugs him, and he tearfully returns it. The next morning Jason knocks on his door telling him that he will stay at Camp Half-Blood. Nico is then called over by Will who angrily tells him that he does not think Nico's a monster, and then tells him to stay in the infirmary for at least three days.

Nico then sees Percy and Annabeth and walks over. They tell him they will attend college and live in New Rome. Nico then tells Percy he had a crush on him and is now over him, earning him Percy's shock and a high-five from Annabeth before Nico goes back to Will. Several days after the deaths of Gaea and Leo , a parchment scroll with a holographic message, sent from the resurrected Leo, came fluttering into Camp Half-Blood on the wind, with Nico being the one to keep it in his jacket's pocket after the other campers had finished re-listening to it.

While extremely relieved after learning of Leo's survival due to him having blamed himself for Leo's death and unable to forgive himself , Nico is also enraged at hearing the news so late, so he resorts to keeping the scroll after everyone else has finished re-listening to it, with Nico looking at the scroll whenever he wants to get angry at Leo.

At some point during the ensuing months, Nico finally comes out and confesses to Will Solace about having a strong crush on the latter, and the two begin dating. In order to sit together with his new boyfriend during meals, Nico claims to Chiron that he somewhat loses control of his infernal powers while sitting alone at the Hades' Cabin table, and so he is therefore given permission to sit at the Apollo's Cabin 's table instead, as Will produced a handy fake doctor's note, and Chiron decided it wasn't worth arguing about. By September, however, most of Nico's friends temporarily leave camp, with Percy and Annabeth returning to New York to spend their senior school year together, while Jason and Piper depart a month later spending most of September searching for Leo , to spend their school year in Los Angeles with Tristan McLean , also taking Gleeson Hedge , Mellie , and Chuck along with them.

Six months after Gaea 's defeat, the banished and powerless Apollo and the demigod Meg McCaffrey arrive at camp, and Nico, as his son's boyfriend, greets the former god and his master by the Big House , able to see "an aura of death" around Apollo, a "thick possibility of death. During this time, Nico also tells Apollo about the current whereabouts of the Seven Heroes of Olympus.

That evening, a shocked Nico witnesses the Karpoi Peaches save Meg from Sherman Yang and Connor Stoll , but he then tells the demigod to move out of the way as Karpoi are dangerous. Meg, however, fiercely defends her Karpoi friend with her swords. Seconds later, when Meg is claimed by her mother Demeter , Nico and the other demigods present respectfully kneel. Several days later, Nico and Will participate in Harley 's three-legged death race through the Labyrinth , being bound together. After the race, Nico is seen helping his boyfriend in an impromptu hospital, holding down the screaming Paolo Montes while Will frantically tended to his wounds, and later assisting him in setting Valentina Diaz 's broken arm.

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Nico and Will also participate in a supportive going-away party for Apollo and Meg McCaffrey , during which Nico gives Meg some crucial ambrosia. When Apollo returned to camp, he was in Cabin seven with Will when Apollo awoke and told him to rest and that they were worried about him. Nico shadow traveled with Will to a chariot flown by Sherman, Alice and Julia. Nico passed out from the effort, Will then takes the son of Hades to the infirmary. When learning of Meg McCaffrey 's true loyalty to Nero , a saddened Percy recalls how the camp had once lost Luke , and had almost lost Nico. When Leo , Calypso , and Festus finally returned to camp right after the defeat of the Colossus Neronis , Nico having recovered fully handed out numbers to all campers, so that they could get in line to greet and punch the returning son of Hephaestus, with Nico being the last to do so.

When it is time for the sing-a-long, Nico is seen roasting marshmallows on some femur bones. Apollo mentioned Nico when seeing Alaric the new second in command of Commodus. In The Titan's Curse , Nico is ten years old and enjoys playing with his Mythomagic cards that none of the others truly seem to understand, and, as revealed in The Blood of Olympus he was obsessed with pirates even before that.

He is clueless and very inquisitive: he is curious and questioning and likes Percy a lot like a big brother though it is later revealed in The House of Hades that he has secret romantic feelings for him , and begins annoying Percy with his ceaseless questions, especially when he asks if Annabeth Chase was his girlfriend, which makes Percy consider "stuffing him in a meat flavoured sack and throwing him to the wolves. He feels abandoned when his sister Bianca, who practically acts as his parent, becomes a Hunter of Artemis. When she goes on a quest, Nico makes Percy promise to protect her.

After her death, he develops a long-lasting grudge toward Percy for letting her die. Once he realizes that he is a son of Hades, he casts away his childhood interests and runs off on his own. He believes that he will never be accepted by the living, and does not belong at Camp Half-Blood , much like how his father Hades feels out of place on Olympus.

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Nico is also shown to be somewhat vengeful, as he wanted revenge for Bianca's death, something he blamed Percy for. However, Nico forgives Percy after Bianca's ghost tells him that it wasn't his fault that she died. He also accepts the small figurine of Hades that Bianca wanted him to have. Nico cares much about his sister and the constant attempts to bring her back show that he would not give up without trying. Nico is shown to be very loyal to the Olympians, as he could have easily joined Kronos and the Titans, but chose to fight on the Olympians' side.

However, Nico can be somewhat untrustworthy at times. This is shown when he tricked Percy into coming to the Underworld so he could gain answers about his mother, but Nico wasn't planning on Percy becoming imprisoned. By standing up to both Kronos and Hades, he is shown to be that he is very brave and bold.

He likes being on his own, not really wanting help from anyone. He keeps to himself a lot and is pretty secretive, which causes plenty of problems throughout the series. Nico wants to help Percy, and was very miserable at the thought that Percy did not trust him after his dad tricked him as well, by the end they were back to a brotherly relationship.

While he tries hard not to show it, Nico is plagued by incredible internal pain, mainly due to him being unable to come to terms with not "belonging" in the twenty-first century due to the time he spent in the Lotus Casino , not being accepted by other demigods as a son of Hades, and, worst of all, his homosexuality which he is desperate to keep secret. Some of his fears about not being accepted due to being gay, most likely come from growing up in the s, where homosexuality was not accepted. At some point during his horrifying journey through Tartarus , Nico encounters the goddess of misery Akhlys , who was impressed at how much sorrow and pain the son of Hades carried, claiming that there was little more that she could do to him.

When Reyna shares her strength with Nico in The Blood of Olympus , she is horrified at how much pain and raw anguish she felt inside the son of Hades, even a portion of it being greater than what she had felt from even her entire legion during the battle against the giant Polybotes. When Reyna accidentally learns about Nico's homosexuality, she, much to Nico's surprise and relief, doesn't judge him, and still accepts him as a friend just as he is, without hesitation.

Reyna's acceptance was what most likely gave Nico the courage to finally come out to a very surprised Percy and Annabeth , but he admits to being over his formerly strong crush on Percy, and is now genuinely happy for Percy and Annabeth. Hence, Nico is finally willing to become more sociable and more open about himself and his feelings to others, no longer nearly so insecure about his homosexuality, to the point that he is completely open about it six months later in The Hidden Oracle.

Nico, apparently, also has tremendous, virtually indomitable willpower, since he was able to survive in Tartarus on his own, while seeing the place in all of its ineffable horror for the entire time that he spent there. Percy, who found even a few moments of seeing it maddening, marveled how Nico had managed to survive with his sanity.

Nico is later proven wrong in the belief he will not be accepted by the living. After the war with Kronos is over, all the demigods of Camp Half-Blood welcome Nico cheerfully: as Percy puts it, "Hey, show up with an army of undead warriors to save the day, and suddenly you're everyone's best friend.

Sadly, however, Nico's popularity only lasted a few weeks, after which most campers did whatever they could to avoid the son of Hades and forgot he was at camp. However, when Nico mentions his plans to leave for good, due to his lack of acceptance, Will Solace gets upset and tells him that there are actually many people at camp who are his friends or would like to be, but it is Nico who pushes himself away. Will also states that the camp did not reject him as he had thought.

This indicates that Nico may have misinterpreted the campers' reactions to him, or exaggerated it in his own mind, due to his fears of non-acceptance. After Gaea is defeated, when Reyna tells the two camps about Nico's part in saving both of them, and gives him a big hug, the crowd of demigods roared with approval, indicating that thanks to Reyna, both Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter have finally come to truly accept the son of Hades. As a result, Nico decides to give Camp Half-Blood another try, finally seeing that he is accepted.

Nico's relationship with Percy also shows how much he's grown and matured throughout the series. Nico is very caring to Hazel Levesque , his half sister, and tries to help her as much as he can. His helping her sort of parallels with how Percy helped him in several cases. This shows that he loves his family, even his half-siblings. He turns more inward and withdrawn, with his eyes becoming somewhat glassy like something in him broke permanently.

Percy compares him to pictures of prisoners of war, which he notes Nico kind of was. Hazels states in The House of Hades that Nico has become more reclusive and morose, preferring to stay on top of the ship's mast, in solitude. Nico becomes much more easily angered, defensive and takes to making creepy and humorless smiles. In The Blood of Olympus , Nico notes that his facial muscles hurt when he smiles, since he isn't used to making that expression often.

Even though Nico seems to dislike being touched, he is shown to be very affectionate towards Hazel, having kissed her on the cheek several times. However, by the end of The Blood of Olympus , Nico begins to change, and doesn't seem to mind when Jason and Reyna embrace him. Nico can be extremely dangerous as he is a son of the Big Three. He is very unpredictable, and due to his sister's death can be somewhat mentally unstable as demonstrated in The Battle of the Labyrinth , and Octavian even claims to see a decent amount of ruthlessness in Nico. He has a short temper, just like Percy and Thalia.

A furious Nico, in one horrible cry, unleashes a "flood of pain and anger" on Bryce, Reyna, and Coach Hedge, with the temperature around Nico dropping to freezing turning the ground around him white with frost , Bryce's zombies instantly disintegrating, and a terrified Bryce himself turned into a mindless ghost. This otherworldly demonstration of Nico's sheer rage when unleashed upon those cruel enough to invoke it was one of the most frightening events in the series.

Suffice it to say that no one and nothing would be wise to provoke the son of Hades. By The Hidden Oracle , Nico is much happier and more involved in camp. He spends most of his time with his boyfriend Will, and is no longer insecure about being gay although he still slightly uncomfortable with being called Will's "boyfriend" , and is considerably more relaxed around people, even roasting marshmallows on a campfire, joining in with the campers' sing-a-long, and helping Will tend to wounded demigods in the infirmary. Overall, Nico is very supportive of his boyfriend, even impressing Will's father Apollo.

As finally revealed in The House of Hades , Nico's greatest fear is of someone finding out that he is gay. Therefore, he never stayed at either camp for long and did not make connections of friendship with most people, so as to keep them from finding out, becoming more isolated than any other demigod. This fear about not being accepted due to his sexuality most likely originates from Nico's upbringing in the s, when homosexuality was not accepted. Hence, in The House of Hades , when Cupid forcibly makes Nico reveal his secret in front of Jason , the usually intrepid Nico is nearly reduced to tears.

When Reyna accidentally learns about his secret in The Blood of Olympus , she, much to Nico's surprise and relief, doesn't judge him, and still accepts him as a friend just as he is though she is still very surprised at this revelation , supporting him without hesitation.

Reyna's unconditional acceptance and support was what most likely gave Nico the courage to finally come out to a very surprised Percy and Annabeth at the end of The Blood of Olympus , indicating that Nico has finally begun to overcome this immense fear and insecurity of his. And by The Hidden Oracle , it is indicated that Nico has finally fully overcome it at some point during the six months after Gaea's defeat, finally coming out and confessing his crush on Will Solace , with whom he begins an official romantic relationship. Nico is said to have black hair that always looks like he just got out of bed messy and shaggy and olive skin.

By the time he meets Hazel Levesque , she describes his fingers as ghostly white, like their father's. It was stated by Percy that Nico has his mother's eyes, but it has also been said that he has the wild glint of a madman too, just like his father. According to Percy, Nico's hands are "as cold as ice. By the end of The Battle of the Labyrinth , he has a silver skull ring which was Bianca's last gift to him and is said to belong to his father as stated by Hazel. He also has a Stygian Iron sword always by his side in his chain belt. He is also mentioned on several occasions wearing an aviator's jacket, most likely because he was originally from WWII.

Nico wears a black trench coat when he attempts to bring back Bianca, as shown in one of Hazel's blackouts. However, the area around his sunken eyes is very dark, while his complexion is even more pale than before," a sickly greenish-white, like the color of tree sap. Jason comments that since getting out of Tartarus, Nico "had slept little and eaten even less. Later, Jason is surprised then Nico actually has visible muscles when he takes off his jacket.

According to Hazel, when upset, Nico's face would become "as dark as Tartarus. The Unforgotten Prisoner. Showell Styles F. The Big Chapel. Recollection of a Journey. A Child Possessed. The Middle Age of Mrs Eliot. Kindred Spirits Adrift in Literary London. Playing for Time. The Runaway Summer. The Witch's Daughter. The Secret Passage. Memoirs of a Modern Scotland. Thackeray Prodigal Genius. John Donne Life, Mind and Art. Malone Dies. Mercier and Camier. Mousebeard's Revenge.

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