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Do you share my friend's dread of summer? If so, I am here to tell you something: What you say to yourself about the shape of your body shapes your feelings about yourself. Be careful what you tell yourself, because you will believe it. Be sure you're telling the whole truth.

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Be sure you're letting yourself see the whole truth. During one particularly crazy year of my 20s, I decided that I was going to be cliff-hanger thin. I'd had it with being fat. Had it with the multiple folds in my thighs, and the upper-arm fat that almost reached the muffin-top above my waist. Had it with hating myself for being overweight. So I followed the program in a book someone gave me.

On what I called the Breatharian Diet, I ate calories a day raw vegetables only , jogged four miles every evening, and fasted on water for three weeks at the turn of each season. The ultimate goal was to detoxify and purify my body to the point where it would no longer need food. Instead, I would be able to eat sunlight, drink silence, and metabolize air. I told you I was crazy that year.

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You probably thought I was exaggerating. Truthfully, I wasn't so interested in the clear or pure part. I figured that anyone who ate sunlight and drank silence was going to be thin. Very, very thin. I was right. I lost a lot of weight — quickly. I got down to 80 pounds, wore a size zero, and was finally as thin as anyone could dream of.

At least, that's what my friends said. But here's the catch: When I looked at myself, I saw the same body I'd always seen: the thunder thighs, the sagging arms, the moon face. Whether my body weighed 80 pounds or , to me, it always seemed fat. If you look at the world through shattered glasses, the world looks shattered. If you look at your body through "fat eyes," you see fat everywhere. To change how you see yourself, you must change the eyes with which you see. You're probably thinking, Yeah, right, now what about all my cellulite? Well, what about it? It's there. You're not perfect — so what?

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Being well is different from being perfect. It's important to take care of yourself, to eat in a way that gives you the energy to live your life exactly as you want to live it. But being well isn't the same as being thin. This is important: You can be well — yes, you can be happy — even if, in short sleeves, your arms don't look anything like Madonna's. If you agree, then think about how you talk to yourself.

Imagine what it would be like to be with a friend who always criticized your body. Next thing you know, you'll need two seats on an airplane. Can't you fix that? Get some work done I stole food from housemates, supermarkets and bins. My skin was constantly mottled with cold and I grew fine hair lanugo all over my body. I was diagnosed with osteopenia in my spine, an early form of osteoporosis.

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I was constantly light-headed, dizzy, irrational, experiencing extreme mood swings and unable to think in a clear or logical way. More needs to be done to support survivors after they meet a healthy weight. After years of getting round the weight gain requirements in NHS treatment programs, the thing that finally made me reach my healthy BMI was moving in with my partner. Before we got a flat together, I remember him coming round for dinner after doing a 10 hour shift on his feet.

He inhaled it and ordered Pizza Hut. I considered myself ED-free at this point because I was eating, but my stomach was so shrunken that I was getting full from mouse-sized portions. I hate my new fleshy arms, my thick thighs that touch in the middle, my padded stomach, my bum and breasts. I hate that I sweat and feel heat, rather than being cold all the time. I hate that I look like an adult woman instead of a sickly child.

If My Wife Won't Lose Weight, Am I Justified in Leaving Her?

My body has healed itself after years and years of abuse and is no longer in immediate danger. I struggle to get dressed in the morning, agonising about whether a particular garment is slightly tighter than the last time I wore it. I find myself gripping my fat with both hands and imagine what it would be like to simply slice it off. I torture myself with pictures of my body when it was smaller. One is recovered, the other is definitely not. This imbalance makes me so angry, because I was repeatedly told during treatment that if I gained the required weight, my mind would heal accordingly.

Starvation has real, scary effects on the brain. Brain matter has actually been found to shrink in anorexia patients, affecting verbal ability, cognitive efficiency and verbal recall. Feeling foggy, forgetful, confused, irritable and irrational when in the throes of an eating disorder is very common. Studies show that cognitive recovery is possible with full weight restoration, meaning that brain can return to full functionality three years after the patient has recovered their weight.

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In that time, someone might look perfectly healthy and a normal shape and weight, but still be struggling hugely with eating disordered thoughts and body hatred. The mistaken belief that you need to be emaciated to be deserving of eating disorder support is partly what keeps the pain of later-stage recovery hidden. Due to high pressure on ED services in the UK, there are very few beds for patients available and very few slots on eating disorder treatment programmes.