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This road trip covers four states and more than 1, miles. From the flashpoint of the Civil War Charleston to a pivotal site of the civil Civil Rights Trail. Atlanta, Birmingham and Montgomery reflect the African-American experience spanning from segregation under Jim Crow to the push for equality under the Civil Rights Act.

A trip during February, traditionally Black History Month, allows for more events.

A lot of fun here is priceless. Here are a few adventures you'll need to purchase.

The drive from Clyde to Murphy provides gorgeous scenery along the mostly four-l Woodlands Trace National Scenic Byway. Deer, coyote, owls and hawks are among the many families of wildlife making their homes along this Kentucky section of The Trace. At sunrise and sunset the animals are particularly active, so careful driving is a must.

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At the National Recreation Area, take a quick detour on the 3. The nearby Golden Pond Planetarium houses a visitor center. Walls of dense hardwood trees shading a gently curving road define SR Clyde is the starting point for this drive through North Carolina's Pisgah Natio Red River Gorge Scenic Byway. This byway following Kentucky's SR offers numerous natural amenities, such as scenic waters and overlooks. Meander through the wooded wonderland by car, or step out for a hike to a natural rock formation, such as the foot Sky Bridge.

This mile portion of the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway connects to towns, in During the winding journey through the thick Chattahoochee National Forest, see Forest Heritage Scenic Byway. Drive north for the best view of Looking Glass Falls, and plan a pit stop at one of the many picnic areas along the route.

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Others are descended from Cherokee who managed to keep land they owned and did not march West. Under the treaty some Cherokee had taken land and were allowed to remain. Others hid in the mountains and refused to be relocated. In the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians numbered approximately 1, Presently, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is a sovereign nation with over 14, members.

Membership in the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is only open to people over eighteen years old. Prospective members must prove they have an ancestor on the Baker Roll of The Cherokee government consists of the following:. All government officials are elected using a democratic voting system.

Tribal members are also allowed to vote in state and national elections.

The tribe financially pays for schools, water, sewer, fire, and emergency services without assistance from the federal government. Cherokee schools teach the Cherokee language. To learn more about the amazing history of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee, come visit the Museum of the Cherokee Indian. The network of trails is more than Is it the flowiest trail in the east? Better than Ridgeline? Check the video or better yet, judge it for yourself during an overnight stay in Cherokee.

Trails are free of charge, and open every day, all day. Welcome to the most pristine, well-stocked waters east of the Mississippi. Here, you can fill your livewell or basket with more than just fish.

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This is where historic cultural stories and experiences enrich every vacation. Learn about the ancient fishing weir, which once served as a significant tool for the Cherokee to provide subsistence for their villages. Grab a multi-day permit at any of our 28 fishing license locations in Cherokee or online at FishCherokee. Participate in crafting, explore replicas of Cherokee homes, and meet the native people.

Finding spirituality on the Appalachian Trail

This immersive village experience will surround you with native culture and shed light on all aspects of Cherokee history. Take a seat beneath the stars and prepare yourself for a Cherokee story. Feast on the pageantry. Revel in the thrills.