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Top 9 Bat Tattoo Designs And Pictures | Styles At Life

With fine-line tattoos like this, you need to keep a close eye on them as they heal. Something to keep in mind wherever you go. What's the point of getting a tattoo if you can see it only when you're naked and in front of a mirror? The appeal is in the intimacy, according to JonBoy.

100+ Small Hand Tattoos for Men and Women [12222]

Another perk of a center-of-the-back tattoo like this one is that you may forget it's even there. A bonus of a tiny back tattoo: It's easy to hide whenever, wherever you want. Sorry, Mom. Dots are kind of a signature for JonBoy, in part because they're like the neutrals of the tattoo world. Yet still they add a little mystery. Good news for those of us who are terrified of needles: "People think that getting a tattoo behind the ear hurts, but it really doesn't," says JonBoy.

Even a tiny font can be a little too big, depending on where you want the tattoo. JonBoy is a perfectionist an ideal trait in someone who's drawing permanent designs on people. Case in point: this intricate feather. Finger tattoos can be super discreet and are perfect for tiny tattoos—but tattoos on the backs of the hands are gaining on them.

The upside is that tattoos here age way better. Still, that doesn't mean hand tattoos don't need TLC. Tiny tattoos used to catch flak for being too simple—and too tiny. Of course they did. It opened up a world of possibilities for needle- and commitment-phobes alike. Not only is JonBoy's own handwriting a fan favorite, but he loves tattooing it too.

Top 10 Bat Tattoo Designs

If you're a JonBoy super-fan but can't score an appointment with him, no sweat. JonBoy makes sure that potential clients are in good hands. Instagram: jonboytattoo. Ankle-crop jeans: a must if you've got a tattoo this cute. You could wear a diamond on your hand…or, maybe better, tucked behind your ear.

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