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Book Shelve Slavers, Rum and Crystal Chanedliers. Shelve Fighting Without Fear. Shelve The Value of Rubies. Crying Blood by Betty Cloer Wallace. Shelve Crying Blood. Shelve Of Sapphires and Cabbage. Shelve Green Corn Time. Shelve Rubies, Wine and Brass Doorknobs. Shelve Moon of the Englishman's God. Shelve Sacred Law of Blood Revenge. Shelve All the Nation in a Ferment. Shelve Doomsday at Crow's Pass. Shelve Bloody Harvest at Tellico Plains. Shelve Fiery Breath of the Uktena. Shelve The Mountains Weep. The Gathering by Betty Cloer Wallace. Shelve The Gathering. At the end of , Lisa Muscillo, a passionate foe of roadside litter, started a one-person crusade in Jackson City.

Lisa is focused mostly on litter and named her project Operation Fed Up. Bennedene has been living with family in Jacksonville NC since Thanksgiving. My bad! Summer and the focus has been on youth and education.

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But there have been plenty of other tasks and accomplishments. In the next few blogs, we will recap the summer and fall. WATR has worked on a grant project that brings together stream ecology and Cherokee culture. How are […]. The public is invited to publicly comment on the proposed Rules for regulating hydraulic fracturing fracking for production of natural shale gas. Gary Carden, a renown regional storyteller, is writing a play about the tragedy that took the lives of convicts forced to dig the train tunnel north and west of Dillsboro in the 19th century.

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I met up with Gary on an icy morning about a month ago at Monteith […]. Our updated WATR website is almost ready for prime-time. Did you know that Julie is a marketing professional with her own business: Liquid Spark, Inc. We staffed an information table and made friends. We watched as kids hula-hooped, took the blood pressure of passerby-s, and discussed environmental themes. We had to chuckle when we saw students engaged in […]. April is Earthday Month, with many activities especially for students who head into term papers and finals in May.

The […]. Thanks to Bill Kane, our association bylaws allow for simpler board elections, use of electronic notification instead of snail mail, and adjustments […]. As prolonged as the rain was, and as intense as the flooding was, this extreme weather event is all over…and the sun is shining. Now people have the job of picking up the pieces, cleaning up the mud, and getting back to normal. For some, the damage was extensive — […]. The Flood of is happening as I write to you. The clock on my computer says PM on Thursday. It has rained for 3 days and it is continuing to rain, with a good chance that it will turn to snow later today.

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My purpose in writing is […]. In […]. This will be our third presentation of environmentally thought-provoking videos in our Watershed Film Series.

Instead of one long film, the program includes four snappy videos — less than minutes each covering issues from litter to bottled water. We […].

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Come join us for an adventure. Each adventure will follow a portion of Scotts Creek, a tributary of the Tuckasegee River. Along the way we will learn how […]. We welcome everyone to join us at the Swain Middle School media center on August 22, from p. We will have a community discussion after the films. We would like to give […]. The state guys know that it is neighbors who live on or near the creek that know the […].

The purposes of the project are to educate ourselves and the public about the ecological and the cultural benefits of native river cane, to snoop around creeks and […]. Tuesday May 22, pm at the Bryson City Library. Directions Tuesday June 17, pm in Sylva. Tuesday November 13, pm Sylva. Friday June, We are outdoor enthusiasts and what better way to celebrate the great outdoors than having a picnic? Bring your friends, family, and anyone that enjoys the great outdoors. Good food, good friends, and a good community.

Location TBA, so stay tuned. Monday July 23, p.

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We will socialize at and discuss issues and have an open dialogue from until p. Everyone is invited to join the conversation. With speaker Mark Cantrell. It recalls the life of perhaps the most influential U. The movie is more than dry […]. Pickup will be done by walking the shoreline, by wading, and by boat.

Dress appropriately and bring gloves.

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The cleanup […]. Join up with Duke Energy team to pick up trash along the Tuckasegee River in the section of the former lake behind the now nonexistent Dillsboro Dam. This clean up will be on Thursday April 19 from P. Morning comes and with it the question: Did the dye take? But today, Jim Long is in luck. The brown-dyed cane can be seen as soon as he removes the cover.

He lifts out the cane and spreads it on the concrete of his driveway. He will […]. With the cane bundled into the tub, Jim Long fills his cut-off oil drum with water and brings it to a boil with a propane burner. He begins cutting and mixing in walnut roots from a tree that blew down near his home. The walnut will produce deep-brown strips of cane […].

To prepare the harvested river cane for dyeing, Jim Long — Cherokee weaver and basketmaker — cuts a six-foot long stalk in half, then expertly wields his knife to peel off strips. He gets an average of six strips for a piece of cane this thick. He then uses his knife […]. In short, river cane helps […]. We will start with potluck meal at , followed by the meeting from to Our featured speaker will be Susan Sachs, educator for Great Smoky […].