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Beautiful eyes in the face of a handsome woman are like eloquence to speech. Eyes like the dawn of day. Brilliant eyes, swift-darting as the stars. Twin violets by a shady brook were like her eyes. Eyes, shining like thin skins full of blood. What a curious workmanship is that of the eye, which is in the body, as the sun in the world; set in the head as in a watch-tower, having the softest nerves for receiving the greater multitude of spirits necessary for the act of vision.

Those dry eyes of his shining more like poisoned stones than living tissue. Expectant yellow eyes, like a cat watching the preparation of a saucer of milk. Her eyes are sapphires set in snow.

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An eye like the polar star. Honest eyes … Blue like the tropic skies. Her eyes grew bright and large, Like springs rain-fed that dilate their marge. Her eyes, like stars in midnight waters glossed. Her eyes are bright as beryl stones that in the tankard wink.

Theodore Roosevelt - Keep your eyes on the stars, and your

Eyes like the morning. Eyes like live coals. Her eyes like shadows in the light of torches on the Mount of Doom.

When a man speaks the truth in the spirit of truth, his eye is as clear as the heavens. When he has base ends, and speaks falsely, the eye is muddy, and sometimes asquint. An eye can threaten like a loaded and levelled gun, or can insult like hissing or kicking; or, in its altered mood, by beams of kindness, it can make the heart dance with joy.

But oh, to see his solar eyes Like meteors which chose their way And rived the dark like a new day. Her eyes like the radiance the sunbeams bring. Eyes like the summer skies when twin stars beam above. Eyes as azure as the wave. Eyes like dark blue pansies. Eyes as greye as glasse. A burning eye, yellow and phosphoric like the eye of a crocodile or a lion. The most dazzling stars are pebbles without lustre beside the diamonds of her eyes. His eyes were like the eyes of doves when washed by the dews of the morning.

Mary with her cheerful eyes, Like heartsease where a dew drop lies. Her eyes, fair eyes, like to the purest lights, That animate the sun, or cheer the day; In whom the shining sunbeams brightly play, Whiles fancy doth on them divine delights. Her eyes two twinkling stars in winter nights. Her eyes like glassy streams.

The dame had eyes like lightning, or the flash That runs before the hot report of thunder. His eyes were grey, Like Titan in a Summer day. Her eyes, like moonbeams glowing. Eyes like twin blue stars. Ambiguous … blue eyes like the china dog on the mantel piece. Eyes frosty blue, like a winter sea that is made bright, not warm, by the sun. Eyes like stars, robed in dull red. Shrewd old party … eyes like gimlets. The lack-lustre eye, rayless as a Beacon street door-plate in August. An eye as clear and steady as the evening star. Brilliant eyes, As deeply dark as desert skies.

Dreaming, wistful eyes, Dark and deep as mysterious skies, Seen from a vessel at sea. His eyes … deep sunk beneath his lowering brows, Like caverns by a moonlit sea. Eyes … overflow like two cups filled above the brim. Sweet eyes … tender as the deeps in yonder skies. Eyes like two streams of liquid light. Eyes that droop like summer flowers. O lovely eyes of azure, Clear as the waters of a brook that run Limpid and laughing in the summer sun! I dislike an eye that twinkles like a star. Those only are beautiful which, like the planets, have a steady, lambent light—are luminous, but not sparkling.

Eyes dilated, as if the spirit-world were open before him, and some beauteous vision were standing there. The Fault in Our Stars received generally positive reviews. The site's critical consensus reads, "Wise, funny, and heartbreaking without resorting to exploitation, The Fault in Our Stars does right by its bestselling source material. Scott writing for The New York Times said: "The film sets out to make you weep—not just sniffle or choke up a little, but sob until your nose runs and your face turns blotchy. It succeeds. He said Woodley's performance as Hazel was "transcendent, pure and authentic", stating that, "she's that memorable.

Time magazine's Richard Corliss wrote: "Hazel and Augustus will live in film lore because of the young actors who play them. Dowd of The A. Club gave the film a "B" saying that it is, "blessed with sparks of wit and buoyed by the talents of a charismatic cast. I know people who cried at the trailer of the romantic teen cancer movie The Fault in Our Stars —at the movie they'll need a life preserver to keep from drowning in a flood of tears.

Me, I didn't cry, though at times my tear ducts tingled; I was on the verge. The film is a little slick for my taste, too engineered. But it's gently directed by Josh Boone and beautifully acted. Whatever the faults, it's not in the stars. Shalini Langer of The Indian Express gave the film two and a half stars and said: "The film is faithful to a fault from the dialogues to the clothes, the setting and the food, even while skipping over some of the unpleasant details. But for those who are struggling to find their way to meaning and faith, it's not an entirely bad place to start.

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The film's studio, 20th Century Fox, mounted an unsuccessful campaign to have Shailene Woodley nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress , as well as the film's adapted screenplay. The event included a screening of the film and a simulcast question-and-answer session with cast and crew, including Woodley, Elgort, Wolff, and Green. In March , actor Sushant Singh Rajput was announced as the male lead in the official Hindi adaptation of the film.

The film also marks the directorial debut of former casting director Mukesh Chhabra. Rahman will compose its music. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Fault in Our Stars Theatrical release poster. Wyck Godfrey Marty Bowen. Scott Neustadter Michael H. Mike Mogis Nate Walcott. Main article: The Fault in Our Stars soundtrack. Main article: Dil Bechara. British Board of Film Classification. May 8, Retrieved November 16, Film L. Archived from the original PDF on February 1, Retrieved June 27, Box Office Mojo. Retrieved November 11, The Numbers.

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Only fools hold on to their virginity.

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Let it go. Oh, I wish she knew how much I love her. So what? Her eyes are saying something. I will answer them. I am too bold. What if her eyes were in the sky and the stars were in her head? If her eyes were in the night sky, they would shine so brightly through space that birds would start singing, thinking her light was the light of day. Look how she leans her hand on her cheek. Oh, I wish I was the glove on that hand so that I could touch that cheek. Read the Summary of Act 2, scenes 2—3.

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