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You can use any number you want, but I will use 7" for this example, because that is my Target Step Height. If the total rise [A] of a deck or landing is The result will be 5. Since the number of steps must be a whole number partial steps are not allowed , pick the whole number that is closest to 5.

If you mount your stringers as shown in the diagrams where the top step on the stringer is one step below the top landing , the number of treads will always be one less than the number of rises. In this example, the number of Treads is 4. The above stair run will have 5 risers at 7. Note, that with this stair design, the last top riser is part of the landing or upper floor. Now that the number of treads 4 , and the tread depth For information about building codes related to stairs, please check out this article called: Commonly Used Residential Building Codes.

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A very important part of building stairs is the layout of the stringers. The stringers should be cut from 2 x 12 framing lumber, 1 grade, free of knots.

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The images below show how a framing square is used to lay out the stringers [C], and a how the first stringer is used as a pattern for the remaining stringers [D]. This is very important, because if you layout each stringer separately, not only does it take more time, but the second or third stringer may not match up to the first if there are any variances in the shape of the board. Using the first stringer as the pattern for all of the remaining stringers will eliminate this potential stair building problem.

To layout the first stringer, place a 2x12 onto some saw horses. This is the Step Rise and Step Run. Mark the 2x12 with a pencil, along the inside of the square, to layout the first step see diagrams below. The first step on the stringer will be the Step Height minus the thickness of the tread material so that when you add the treads later, all of the steps will be the same height.

This is the second step on this four-step stringer.

If ceramic tile or similar material is to be used it must be figured into the rise. Measure horizontally where the steps are to land with the understanding that you need a minimum of three feet of clear space before any obstructions to the direction of travel. The use of a Construction Master calculator is much faster and accurate than a regular calculator. Until this point not much work seems to have been done, but without the proper planning and adherence to building codes we could never get to the next step.

It is now time to set the stair stringers in place. Set the two outside ones first, glue and nail them securely thru the backside of the hanger board.

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Once the two outside ones are in place set the center one. Some carpenters cut the bottom stringer around a 2 X 4 kick board but I usually just glue and nail a 2 X 4 in between the stringers. We need thirteen of them cut to the proper length. How to Build Stairs to Home. Construction Calculator.

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Portable Steps. Framing Square Basics. Math Used in Carpentry. Prefabricated Steps.

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Top of Page. Build Stairs Stair Calc Portable. Floor Framing Sill Plates. Shed Planning. Basic Tools Cordless. Carpentry Math Pythagorean. Learn How to Build Stairs In order to advance your carpentry career you should learn how to build stairs. Local Building Codes Long gone are the days of building steps that are too steep, shoddily constructed, and with insufficient headroom.

This height is not only so people won't bump their heads easily but also for moving furniture. Width should not be less than 3' above the handrail and below the minimum required headroom.