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Her mom followed in her footsteps and wore a charcoal Lela Rose dress, with a silk top and a silk faille skirt. It was embellished with hand embroidery at the waist and fabric-covered beads. On the Mexico shoreline in front of the ceremony backdrop, Jess posed with his father, Randy, and mother, Diana, who donned a knee-length navy dress with beading at the top and sleeves for the destination beach wedding.

Choose a slide. Long, beaded, and everything in between, these outfits suited the special occasion. Photography: The Youngrens. Photography: Michael Radford. Photography: Meg Smith. Photography: Sarah Kate Photography. In a cerulean gown with 3D florettes, this beaming mom was her daughter's something blue. Photography: Sea Light Studios. Swipe here for next slide. Photography: Kat Braman. Photography: Brian Hatton Photography. Photography: Greg Finck. Photography: Patrick Moyer. Photography: Jose Villa. A voluminous looped bow brought major drama to a structured magenta number.

Photography: Abby Jiu Photography. Photography: Michelle Lange Photography. Strips of metallic gold—and an incredible hairstyle—made this mother of the bride stand out. Photography: Carmen Santorelli Photography. Photography: Veronica Varos. Photography: Melissa Jill Photography. Photography: Gayle Brooker. Photography: Kate Headley. Photography: Lacie Hansen Photography. Photography: Julie Livingston Photography.

Photography: Katie Mitchell Photography. Photography: KT Merry. Photography: J. Anne Photography. Sweet beading and a subtle side slit brought intrigue to this neutral number. Photography: Kyle John Photography. Photography: Elisa Bricker. A navy cut-out overlay added a cool geometric pattern to a blush pink skirt. Photography: Joel Serrato.

This mom's floral burst-patterned dress perfectly matched the Hawaii palms. Photography: Patricia Lyons Photography. Photography: Kristen Kilpatrick. Photography: Polly Alexandre Fine Photography. Photography: Corbin Gurkin. Photography: Heather Waraksa. Photography: Christian Oth Studio.

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Photography: Aaron Delesie. Photography: Roey Yohai Photography. Photography: Judy Pak Photography. Photography: Charlotte Jenks Lewis.

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Photography: Tec Petaja. Photography: Odalys Mendez. Photography: Elisabeth Millay.

Photography: Tanja Lippert Photography. Photography: Edyta Szyszlo. Photography: Rylee Hitchner.

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Photography: Leila Brewster Photography. Photography: Rachel Thurston. Photography: Elisabeth Millay Photography. Photography: Laura Murray Photography.

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As with any dress or color choice, the bride should always be consulted. However, I believe ruling out black is incredibly old-fashioned thinking! At a formal wedding, it can look elegant and stunning! My daughter got married in September in Philadelphia; her colors were grey and blush, and she loved that I wanted to wear black. I wore a black Carmen Marc Valvo dress, with grey stone beading at the neckline. Wish I could add a photo to this comment, to share with you!

Also — our photographer was also Alison Conklin, the same as the first photo of this post! I agree with you, Deborah, if black is an amazing color for you and there is some special detail such as beading, sequins, trim, etc. Otherwise, black feels like a cop out! I also asked by daughter-in-law if she approved before I purchased it.

The dress was gorgeous and I received so many compliments. Can you guide me in the right direction. Hi Tei, Champagne soft gold would be lovely, or you could go with navy or burgundy which would look lovely too, especially for a fall wedding. Hope that helps! My husband and I will be walking our daughter down the aisle at her wedding.

He is wearing a black tuxedo so I am strongly considering a beautiful beaded top black dress. I have seen so many weddings where the mob walks with her daughter in a bright print dress it I feel it really takes away from the bride. I want her to stand out in her ivory dress and want all the attention on her. So, is a black dress ok for me in this situation? Black is absolutely acceptable for the MOB, provided the bride agrees. Enjoy the big day! I have seen many black bridesmaid dresses with a pop of color. You have to be kidding right?

Designer Mother of the Bride & Groom dresses designs 2019

A wedding is like a bunch of colourful flowers, god gave us the ability to see colour so use it! Look at the blue sky and the green grass and the beautiful beaches, not into a black dark place! What are you afraid of? I love online posts — if for no other reason than to get a good chuckle. I purchased black for my MOB dress.

My daughter totally approved. Black has been a staple in my wardrobe, for good AND bad days.

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I simply want to be there. I think a black dress is elegant. I see no problem with wearing it to the wedding. I would of course show the dress to the bride. I was at a wedding last month and the mother of the groom had a beautiful black gown. Hi Tabatha, black can be chic but many women still have reservations about wearing to it wedding.

Cheers, Deborah. The black dress is fine, but try to avoid ALL black such as black stockings, black shoes, and black gloves as my mother in law wore all black and looked more like a widow than mother of the groom. Hi CC, You make a great point!! Another thing, always check with the bride that black is o. Cheers, Deb. IMHO if I was at that wedding and saw the Mother of the groom wearing black I would think she were in mourning and wanted to send a message about her daughter-in-law.

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Black is one of my best colours. When I got married for the second time, we decided to do it at rather short notice. I was quite heavy for me at the time and had to go shopping. The only thing that I liked was a black straight skirt and a sleeveless black fitted top with white sequins in a stylized paisley on the front.

I felt great in it and got so many compliments about the outfit. When I lost all the weight this year, that was the only piece that caused a tug at the heartstrings when I gave it away. At least it went to a younger sister who looks as smashing in it as I felt that day.