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The pursuit of true, healthy holiness requires us to be two things:. Likewise, some restrictions that sound spiritual are not found in the Bible and are merely imposed by culture or tradition. God will never direct you to do anything contrary to His Word.

But He knows you better than anyone else does. Invite them to sit down with you for a conversation sometime this week. Their insights were likely gained over many years, and they will be a source of wisdom and inspiration for you! Freedom, life, and great joy are found here. Adam is also active in evangelism and has a vision to reach people everywhere with the good news of Jesus Christ. Sometimes they go wrong and people hurt us, or…. Knowing God's goodness brings us peace beyond our circumstances, sin, and issues in our lives. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Adam Wittenberg position.

The "ordinances and statutes" given to the Israelites were not kept within the ark. They were temporal, adapted to the condition of the people at the time. We can learn from the principles in these laws, but they are no longer applicable in their entirety. Christ was the fulfillment of all the laws connected to the sanctuary, including the festivals, and since He came as the divine fulfillment, these are no longer applicable.

The civil and health laws are no longer applicable in their specific form, because our circumstances are different. Yet we can learn from the principles embodied in them. The latter cannot save us either. Only Jesus can save us. When He saves us, He puts His law of love within our hearts, and our lives will demonstrate that love which is "the fulfilling of the law. Christ died in our place to save us from the death we deserved because of breaking the law. So if I accept this gift of Christ dieing in my place I am saved.

So will it make sense to go back and do the very same things that caused the death of Jesus Christ? In this case being saved does not abolish the law for me, but rather it gives me a second chance to walk according to the law which is good. We should always measure our actions by Love, not by the Law. Our problem is that we make rules by which we need to live by because we have grown "cold" in love.

If we could live just bases on love, we would need no rules. Rules are made for weak people like us. Love overcomes anything! In the begining, God made us perfect, He did not gave us any instructional manual thus we could live by. He did not handle the 10 Commandments to Adam. But He did all with love.

Perfect love. The Law was handle to weak people like us. We are at the end of this long and degenerative chain! That's why we feel the need for the Law. Because without it, we feel lost. But what we have really lost is the sense of real love - that's what happened to us! What we miss is Love. When we place love first in our hearts, all laws fade away. Not because they simply loose value, but because we perfectly fulfill them! However, we might run into a problem if we ignore God's Law and attempt to live only by "love.

For instance, some people demonstrate their "love" by engaging in sex with their "loved" one to whom they are not married. Other examples may be less obvious. God gave us His Law as a mirror into which we can look to see if we are in a relationship with Him Compare James - a relationship that makes us into loving and lovable Christians.

But God went even further than giving us His Law - which we tend to misinterpret. He gave us a demonstration of what love looks like in action: He became human and lived a life of Love in the person of Jesus Christ. So now we can compare our lives to the life of Christ to see whether or not we are living the kind of life that reveals God's character to the world. And we also need to remember that even if we live loving lives, that can not save us. We will always be dependent on the grace and love of Christ to save us.

Inge, I have a problem with your rebuttal to JC. Love is the fulfillment of the law. Heb The 10 commandments were given to the Children of Israel because they were in fact children. We need to move on. The last fruit of the spirit is self governance. Hi Larry, please note that, even before seeing your comment, I changed the beginning of my comment to indicate that I agree with the intent of JC's comment.

It wasn't meant to be a rebuttal, although the original beginning made it sound that way.

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I have the unfortunate inclination to see first what I don't agree with, so have a long way to go on this love journey! When I look at my own heart and look at the world around me, I'm not convinced that we are by nature any closer to God than the Israelites were.

We still need the Law as a standard to remind us when we are not living or thinking like Christ. However, better than looking at the Law is to study the life of Christ, because He lived the Law. See Jer Going back to my original comment: You referenced that "Love is the fulfillment of the law. However the problem is that fallen humanity is not very good at judging what "love" is, as I suggested in my example of what people do in the name of "love" which is not the kind of love that fulfills the law.

Because of that, we still need the Law as a reference point. Dear Larry and Inge, your comments are awesome. We need more of this real stuff. We need more of being less formal and more open to the True! When I refer to the word love, I mean it. I know that people theorize about a bunch of meanings of this simple word. But true love is love. There is no false love. False love is not love.

I continue to believe that once we can achieve this love concept, we need not the Law - because the Law was given us just because we forgot about what is to truly love. When we love for real, there is nothing that can go against! And fulfilling the Law will be natural.


You may think this is just words, but I have trying really hard to learn and practice more love! Love you all. I agree, JC. The law is actually for those who have not yet accepted Christ as Savior. It allows us to feel our need so we can come to Him. Once we recognize Who He is and what He has done for us, we will allow Him to live in our hearts and thus fulfill the Law of self-renouncing love that is the law of life for earth and heaven. In order to nurture our relationship with Christ, we need to spend time with Him every day. As long as we do that, we will continue to grow in Him.

So it is unlikely that a sincere seeker after truth would not be able to discover the real meaning of love. The Ten Commandments are the absolute basic and are meant for "the lawless and disobedient" 1 Tim. In fact they were "added because of transgressions" Gal. As we progress in our Christian walk, our concept of love must look more and more like 1 Cor.

This is also the new commandment that Jesus gave John Can we love like Christ? Of course, not. That is why He has promised to write his love in our hearts and minds Jer. Our knowledge of sin does not depend only on the Ten Commandments. Not trusting God would be sin Rom. Even those who do not have the law "are without excuse" Rom. Here is the problem with your proposal JC, our love is flawed.

It is usually nothing more than indulgence, but "the law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul". Read also Ps , and see how the law is magnified. God's law is the complete and perfect definition of true agape love, not the cheap, sentimental and indulgent love most exhibit.

I think that the way we may know who is the author of our Love is if our thinking and feelings are according to the law of God and the Character of Christ. Don, IF the Holy Spirit is the Author of our love, then the law is magnified and displayed in all our words, actions and thoughts. The love from the Holy Spirit is the fulfilling of the law.

Look how much God exalts His law before sinners. Why do you think that is? If "love" was all we needed, why the law? Why is it sheltered in the Most Holy Place? Why is every sinner condemned by it and every saint justified by it? Why is the law constantly being honored in the psalms and proverbs if "love" is superior? Why does the wise man warn all that "ever work Eccl , Again, without the law, any spirit can deceive us into thinking it is holy, when the Law makes it clear to any who treasure it, whether the spirit is of God or not.

Justified by the Law, Robert? We must allow you to correct that theology. The believer's life is Christ living in him or her. There is no law against that life! Robert, I think you are right that the law is necessary to help us to realize our need of the Love of God but I don't believe that it has the power to save us from our sins unless coupled with the Love of God via His Spirit. We have no power of our own to manufacture this Love that justifies us with the Law of God character of God. Our choice is the only thing we are given which can allow the Holy Spirit to produce the motivation of God's Love in our hearts to perform the law properly.

The law is very important but it cannot save us or justify us except that we are motivated by God's own Love. The keeping of the law is the natural result of receiving God's Love and walking in it. Men were saved before the law was written on tables of stone. By faith in God and by the work of the Holy Spirit in the heart mankind learned of the law as it applies to our human nature.

It was written in the heart. The promise is that it will be written in the heart of everyone that allows the Holy Spirit to perform it in the heart by God's Love. My statement that the saints not sinners are "justified by the law" should read: "commended by the law" for better clarification. The law does both. It reveals what is sin AND what is righteousness. Solomon wrote that all works, good or evil, will be brought into judgment by the law. Correct; the law cannot "justify" save from sin the sinner. I've never said otherwise as it would be against the Truth.

What I wrote above is in harmony with Truth. If not, please share the bible passage that is violated. The law in the OT could mean any of thesethe Decalogue, the Pentateuch or any other instruction or a body of instruction. In reply to Robert who first suggested that we are "justified" by the Law then changed it to "commended" by the Law. Do you have a scriptural basis for that?

That's because we are all sinners Ro and are helpless slaves to sin without allowing Christ to be Lord in our lives. Then we are justified through the righteousness of Christ, NOT our own righteousness. We are justified by placing our trust in Him. Ro ; Gal What Law?

What Law did Jesus point to often, and expound upon in the Sermon on the Mount? What Law of liberty is James speaking of? What Law is called "holy, just and good" by Paul in Romans 7 and 8? What Law was the blessed man delighted with in Ps ? What Law was so special God spoke it Himself to the nation of Israel and then inscribed on stone for all generations? What Law is kept in the ark of the covenant? What Law is kept by the remnant who have the faith and testimony of Jesus?

Francis Chan: The Holiness of God — ALCF

What Law does Solomon tell us will judge every work, good or evil? Larry, while your question is somewhat vague, I will try to give what I think might be the answer to it. The law is where the conviction of sin comes to the sinner as Paul points out well in Romans 7. It may not come from the reading of the law as much as it might come from the righteous Example of the life of Christ, IF we are studying it, or if a genuine Christian is influencing us in some way.

The Holy Spirit can bring this conviction, but does so through the knowledge of the law, which is why God spoke it Himself and inscribed it into stone as a lesson for all generations. From there, our focus must shift to Christ who is the propitiation for sinners, and as we become more familiar and acquainted with the knowledge of God, we will advance in holiness if we yield to the prompting of the Spirit and Word that will make us "wise unto salvation.

Read Ps mem and see what it says concerning the law and it's affect on the willing soul. Seems the law is the beginning and end doesn't it? Jesus is the "end" telos of the law Rom , so it must be our "end" as well as our beginning. As He fulfilled it, so will all who are filled with the Holy Spirit after being emptied of self. For the guilty, the law condemns, for the soul sanctified by faith, the law commends the righteous deeds now seen in the life filled by the power of the Holy Spirit Rom If I could chime in I think we complicate things unnecessarily. There is no sin that does not violate the Law of Love Matthew That's why The Scriptures tell us in Matthew "On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

Now you are talking. The law of love IS the creator God's law. Violate it selfishness and you die. The other laws or rules were all added because of selfishness. No "propitiation" is need here, whatever that means. Larry, unless you have lived a sinless life, you need the propitiation of Jesus' death for your everyone's sin.

This is why Jesus died, to be our propitiation where the law demands justice upon sinners, which we deserve. Grace is what God showed toward us in allowing Jesus to propitiate for us, and being without sin, His death was not forever, though He suffered the wrath of God that puts sinners in an eternal grave. If we don't accept Jesus sacrifice for us, we will propitiate the law with our own death, and that death will be without any hope of resurrection because we deserve it Eze , Rom IF this still makes no sense, look up the definition of propitiate and it should make perfect sense then.

What law is the schoolmaster to bring us to Christ? I answer: Both the ceremonial and the moral code of ten commandments. Reply to Roberts comment about propitiation. I don't believe that. Not Biblical. Not about legal. About transformation. To me, it is not like a "chore list" but rather the outcome of letting Christ live out his life within me. Psalms explains the law as having been written in our hearts, an internal motivator rather than external. The law is the outcome of our relationship to Christ, rather than a list of "have to"s.

I find approaching it with that attitude to be essential in my walk with God. And it is easier to keep the law for love that it is for legalistic reasons. Maurice Ashton's marriage certificate illustration helps explain it so well. Thank you Maurice. What more is there to say? God doesn't change and neither does His law.

Rom ''Wherefore the law is holy, and the commandment holy, and just, and good'' If the law is holy then only holy beings can keep the law. But l am carnal sold under sin Romans Keeping the law doesn't necessarily makes us holy, but Holy ones definitely keep the law When this gift is manifest in us, it will bring forth fruits that replicate the character of God. Oh Lord we need the Holy Spirit in us to transform us into your likeness. That's right, Mandlenkosi.

The Holy Spirit is a gift from God to us. Without Him we cannot know the Love of God for ourselves. We can have this gift any time we permit Him to motivate our basic thoughts and feelings with His Love. In this state we cannot transgress the law of God because we are not motivated to do so. I have bad news for you, Mandlenkosi Zulu. That is why we must have the imputed covering of Christ's righteousness in place of our failed filthy-rags efforts in that regard. Grammy, I don't see Mandlenkosic I agree with you that Christ's righteousness covers us every step of the way, as long as we do not turn our backs on him.

If He did when He lived in person on this planet, can He still do it now in those who make up His body here?

Five Essential Components of Holiness

Who said we can't keep the law? We are told to be perfect like God. If we can't, why try? Why not just give up and let the so called "imputed" righteousness cover us up so God can't see us? Is anybody able to perfectly obey the law? Nobody I know has been able to do that. My inability to be perfect and keep the law perfectly just serves to underscore my desperate need of the Savior and the covering of His imputed righteousness. Nobody I know has been able to do that! Is anyone able to keep the law perfectly?

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I am compelled to ask is, "Do you know Jesus--the One human that lived without sin our example to follow? And do you believe Enoch stopped sinning before he was translated to Heaven? And do you believe it is possible for us to stop sinning by the same power that gave Jesus victory over sin--which He imparts to us? Do you believe that the Grace of God is powerful enough to give us victory over all sin in our lives? All things are possible with God.

The camel can go through the eye of the sewing needle. Our sins can be covered by the blood of Jesus and we can be saved from sinning. Just ask a reformed alcoholic who's life has been transformed by the grace of God. Why is it that many Christians have overcome "big" sins but not mundane, day to day sins fostered by insecurity and selfishness? I have had the exact same experience Grammy, which is why I must die to self and let Jesus live through me.

It is not my best plus Christ. My best isn't worth a used menstrual cloth. I must die to self so that it is "not I but Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. When Judah told Joseph to let him trade places with Benjiman, and he would be his slave, he wasn't trying to be perfect and get a pat on the back. He just loved his father Jacob and did not want to break his heart again by Jacob never seeing Benjiman again.

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Likewise many are not trying to keep the law to be perfectionists, but because they love Jesus, and He says if you love me keep my commandments. Too many times their hearts have been broken. A broken and contrite heart God will never despise! Psalm Many want freedom from addictions caused by sin. They are not proud or legalistic. They just love Jesus with all their hearts. This is why after proclaiming all men sinners, Paul gave the remedy for sin so we can stop self destructive behavior wich breaks our hearts and God's.

The remedy is not my best plus Christ's best. The remedy is Jesus alone! Paul knew there would always be legalists trying in their own effort for their own glory. This is why Paul made it clear only Jesus is righteous, and we can have victory only be allowing Him to work in us for God's glory. Grammy, indeed, we need Christ's imputed righteousness. He wants to take them away! The prophecy re Christ was that "He shall save His people from their sins.

When Christ lives in and through the believer, do you doubt that He can keep His own law of love perfectly? Do you doubt that He who has done a good work in you will also finish it? The law is like the stones set up as a memorial in Israel Joshua 4. God knows our frames, that we are frail and faulty spiritually but dust, Psalm He expressed His law in words that we can constantly go back to and read to refresh our memories of what 'holy' 'good' and 'right' are in His sight.

The law is where we can go to see what we've been rescued from sin. It clarifies what the work is that's being done in us Philippians The law reminds us of the loving and just character of the God we serve. It encourages us that by the power of His Spirit, as we have surrendered all to Him, it's the guarantee of what we're becoming. If the Law is the transcript of God's character, how come we say that the Law cannot save. Are we suggesting that God's character cannot save?

Aren't we saved because of God's character of love? Didn't that sign saved me from an accident? Of course, someone could argue that it was the one who ordered the posting of that sign that saved me, but the sign itself was an instrument used to save me from a car accident. If I am about to enter into a sinful relationship, and I remember God's rule that reads: "You shall not commit adultery," and I resist the temptation, did not said rule save me from pain and remorse?

This is what the Holy Spirit does for us, otherwise we wouldnt even see the law. We wouldn't value or understand the law or the importance of observing the 'law'. But it goes beyond that. God wants His law to be placed in our minds, and written on our hearts. Jeremiah Once we open our hearts to God, we allow Him to fill every space there is. But Christ lives in me. The law is the standard of righteousness that allows sinners to see their need of a Savior. Only Jesus Christ saves. Obeying that law prevents you from a particular bad consequence. But it doesn't make you sinless or prevent the consequences of your other sins.

Only Jesus was sinless. And only He can save. Another way of looking at it: If a murderer obeys a traffic sign, that does not change the fact that he is a murderer. Neither does obeying any Law of God change us from being sinners into holy beings worthy of salvation. We are saved by grace through faith alone. Being saved, we allow Christ to live in us and demonstrate His character through us.

We often stumble and fall and thus reflect His character imperfectly, but if we persist in clinging to Him, He will finish the good work He started in us. There is nothing whatsoever we can add to the salvation Christ offers to us. We cannot earn it or deserve it. It is all by grace. Always and forever. Any good works done are the outworking of His grace in our lives. Thank you for making the relationship between the law and salvation so clear. There is no other way to salvation but through faith in Christ and no genuine transformation but by the Holy Spirit.

I did not say that God's Law can save us from past sins! We should not create a dichotomy between Jesus and his Law. His Law is a transcript of his character. There is a seamless connection between God and his Law. Ellen White did say that God's Commandments are like a hedge designed to protect us from evil. God's Law cannot forgive past sins, but it can protect us from future sins. Yes, indeed, the Law is a hedge to protect us. The hedge cannot save us. Remember that the hedge is not solid. It is very porous and has lots of room for free will to go through it.

The "hedge" only establishes the boundaries within which we are safe. But to take your analogy further, as I did earlier: Even if we could live within the hedge the rest of our lives, we are still dependent on Christ to save us. And, in reality, we cannot live within the hedge without the Holy Spirit's power. If the Law is a transcript of God's character, there is no need to place a wedge between the two.

The hedge, as I see it, sounds like we are being controlled vs self governed that Paul talks about. Larry, while the law is a "hedge" or wall of protection, it is only as we choose it to be so. It is only there at our request and acknowledgement, and yes, we surrender our corrupt will so the Holy Spirit can work out God's will in us.

As we are acquainted with the "perfect law of liberty", we are able to detect the temptations of Satan that would lead us to transgress it, even though it seems natural and "right" to the unconverted. The law refines and sharpens our "vision", makes us wise unto salvation, and acts as a lamp for our feet and a light for our path. It can only condemn, because we have all violated this Law. But God saves us from our sins. The Law, while being a transcript of God's character, is not God. The Law condemns us. It does not save. Jesus saves. In reply to Larry, who wrote, "The hedge, as I see it, sounds like we are being controlled vs self governed that Paul talks about.

Larry, as I suggested, the hedge is porous. It allows us to go through it, over it, perhaps under it. But it does establish boundaries within which we are safe. That is "self-control. We still need Christ as our Savior. We are saved solely and completely by His grace through faith our choice to trust Him. Nic, even if we could keep all the laws to the letter we still would be lacking the right motivation LOVE. The Bible says that this kind of righteousness is like filthly rags because it is motivated by our selfishness. Only righteousness motivated by the pure unselfish Love of God is the righteousness of Christ in our lives.

In the end God will not accept "filthy rag" righteousness as the righteousness fit for Heaven. He will say, "Depart from Me, you worker of iniquity, I never knew you. If the Law is the transcript of God's character, then there is no antagonism or contrast between Law and Love.

God's Law is the expression of God's Love. Love prompted God to write his Law on tablets of stone and to write the same Law on the hearts of believers.

God's Rules for Holiness

There is no need to denigrate God's Law. The Law is holy and the purest expression of God's Love. Our human effort to keep God's Law is evidence that said precepts have not been written in our hearts and that our connection with Jesus Christ have been either broken or never established. Nic, I would not want to denigrate God's law. I would think to denigrate our "only human" efforts to do a thing as Holy as obedience to the law without choosing God's Spirit to motivate us with His Love to accomplish it the same Love that motivated the writing of the Law.

I don't think we have this kind of Love naturally without allowing the Holy Spirit to motivate us specially with it. I can't see your personality, your laugh, your likes and dislikes. Why Ellen says we are dry as the hills I love your analogy, Larry. Thank you for that one. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Nic, if we are born again into Christ, we no longer have any need of the law as our guardian.

The Holy Spirit now has that job in the believer's life, and He does it flawlessly. To wit:. I agree with you, Grammy. As long as Christ is our motivator and we are walking after His Spirit we will perform perfectly according to His law. But the moment we walk in our own selfish motivation, we need the law as a schoolmaster. God's Law is like a mirror. It does not wash our face; it simply calls our attention to our need of soap and water.

Yes, Nic.