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Have a watch of their video for single ' Oops Said Hi '. Our own supreme overlord, Brian Coney, will also DJ at the show. Check out his most recent single, ' Gold '. Tickets are available from Entertainment. Formerly the man behind the Get Cape. Wear Cape. Releasing four albums in his decade as Get Cape. Check him out at his Amazing Grace studio, performing ' Get By '. The next in line for a Getting To Know.. Feast Presents bring two UK grindcore acts to Galway's Roisin Dubh on April 9 for a night of blast beats, crusty riffs and all the filth to be expected from the genre.

Check out ' I'm Your Creation '. Taking inspiration from hip-hop, IDM, rock and contemporary classic music, amongst other genres, the band's impossibly idiosyncratic and original sound and live show is completely at odds with much of what is on offer from the music scene right now. Check out their debut vinyl release, ' Donegal '.

Having played innumerable nigh on ecstatic gigs in Belfast and beyond, the band's bold, atonal yet extraordinarily tight and danceable craft must be heard and seen to be believed. With a new bassist in Andrew Melville, do not miss this band at the peak of their powers. For now though, check out their 2 EP's. More acts are to be announced.

Doors open at 8pm, and it's a BYOB event. He's been writing new material in recent months, so expect more on that front. Ah Here. Check out their excellent new single, ' Time Is Money '. Check out their debut single, ' Contact Sport '. Princess consist of Aoife Frances and Liam Mesbur started to make music in the summer of They now write and produce all their music themselves, with a little help from their friends. Mixing dream-like experimentation with elements of Krautrock, ambient-noise rock and psych-garage, Princess crea te simple song structures balanced against sonic rise and fall with a firm grounding in melody, rhythm and experimental noise, informed by artists like Stereolab, Silver Apples, James Holden, Pere Ubu, Television, Can and Suicide.

We named the epic dream-pop of 'Molly' as the best Irish track of too, if that helps. Check them out on Bandcamp , where most of their music is free to download. They've just released new single ' Black Window. Headlining are Derry alt. The four acts play Belfast's Pavilion on April His debut was a massive success, shifting a million copies and being nominated for a Mercury Prize. Best known for producing some of the biggest acts of all time Bob Dylan, Neil Young, U2 alongside Brian Eno, Willie Nelson and many, many more Lanois has also released soundtracks and albums of his original music.

Check out album highlight, ' The End '. The original muscal revue features the company's new ensemble, with some views on modern society - think the Bromance and pet-dressing, with self-parody.

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The show runs from 7. Check out the video for their early single, ' The Urges Theme '. Also on the bill are OKO , led by guitarist Shane Latimer, who use the jazz-rock blueprint to explore krautrock, electronics, ambience and funk with too much eclecticism to stay in the box for any considerable period of time. Check out their performance at 12 Points Tickets are available entirely free from Entertainment. Things kick off at 6pm. It's over forty years now since Hammond wrote his first hit, and not a decade has passed in which he hasn't scored the same feat with multiple singles.

He's responsible for the sale of over million records, with over 30 number ones. Initially formed in as a doom band under the name 'Pagan Angel', they recorded some demos and EPs which garnered label interest and an ensuing tour with Cannibal Corpse. Check out the live session for ' White Out ', taken off Heavy Electricity. Support comes from young alt. Tickets are extremely limited advanced tickets and only one ticket per person. RSVP here. First come, first served basis. Black Emperor play Vicar Street in what's sure to be a a grandiose show on April Don't Bend!

Check out ' Mladic ', one half of its two hypnotic tracks. Doors open early at 6pm. Check out their new single, ' Forget The Numbers '. Sea Legs was initially supposed to be a small project, but snowballed following a creative spurt in their recording base in Donegal. Check out our recent live session with Ciaran Lavery. You can pick up a copy of their record through PledgeMusic.

Check out the video for last years single, ' Build '. Check out his label, Deserted Village , for an example of his talents. Check out his intense recent single, ' Never Catch Me ', which features hip-hop's current hot property, Kendrick Lamar. Known for their frequent orchestral accompaniment and electronic-infused anthemic indie with stadium-sized hooks, they released their eponymous debut LP in , with albums in and Check out the video for recent single, ' Wrong '. Check out their single, ' Circles Out of Salt '. Formed in , they were something of a transition between classic hard rock and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, led by singer Phil Mogg.

They've had a lengthy list of former members and reunions over the years, with the likes of Michael Schenker and Jason Bonham included in their various incarnations. With admission completely FREE, this show in our limited-capacity Back Bar is set to be an intimate, unmissable performance from a band who have received rave reviews for their new album, A Flickering Light of an Inner War.

He speaks for himself, really. Check out the title track to ' Destroy The Children '. Check out her recent single, ' Fall '. Doors open at 7pm, with the proceedings kicking off at 7. Check out their tunes on Soundcloud. Pure Savage DJs will provide tunes on the night too. The master harmoniser has just released her acclaimed fourth album. Check out the single ' Taking Chances '. Check out the video for ' Crevez Tous '. Bangor-born composer Ed Bennett returns to his roots in more ways than one, with the Belfast premiere of a new large-scale work for piano, multiple keyboards and electronics at The MAC on April Performed by colourful concert pianist Xenia Pestova , the work draws extensively on Irish folk music, transplanting these familiar sounds into the world of electronic processing.

His work ranges through improvisation, his own compositions, multi-tracked pieces and explorations with feedback and extreme acoustics. This performance will focus on the extreme acoustics element, so virtuosic in its control of detail and structure that it often sounds as if he must be using electronics. Every sound is experienced with calligraphic clarity.

Exact and deliberate. Tickets are available from Moving On Music. Known for their math-influences rhythmic leanings, the arty five piece take influence from a huge range of places, with a decidedly accessible, new wave feel at times. And he would be right. The night will feature guest DJs, live drums, visuals and a range of tropical tunes in afrobeat, funk, latin, samba and tribal styles.

The next night of Chordblossom's Exposure features three new up-and-coming acts to play at the Bar With No Name on May 24, headlined by anthemic alt. Formed in , they met in America and recorded two demos, leading to a deal with Crusher Records. Check it out. Following RedBeard 's recent alt. The next Co-Present on Radiomade. It's their first in five years, and is widely lauded as their best album for quite some time.

Check out the excellent, late-night vibes in single ' Come Home Baby '. Check out ' Hold On ', from their aforementioned new album. In the last 2 years, they've won Entertainment. Check out ' Humanise '. Derry alt. Check him out on Bandcamp. The indie-folk began his musical days in Nashville, releasing his debut album in Following a nomadic lifestyle, he moved to Spain to be with his wife, with his music taking appropriate influence - definitively separating him from the oversaturated indie-folk market of today.

Check it out on Bandcamp. Check out the video for ' Last January ' from their new album. Based primarily around the two main members Joey Burns and John Convertino - who first played together in rootsy Americana act Giant Sand - Calexico have been around since the early nineties, having released eight albums to date, with the most recent being 's Algiers. Rising to prominence with her 2. Her latest album was recorded by John Reynolds, her first husband, and really works as a fresh, multi-faceted pop album. The show's at 8pm.

Check them out out on Bandcamp. Check out this intimate session of ' At First Light '. Willgoose, Esq. This, their big return, sees them debut new material as well as the usual classics. They broke with the single 'Horse Outside' but have since continued to rise in popularity, gaining a television series, winning the Edinburgh Fringe Festival's Malcolm Hardee award for being the most original act, with Continental Fistfight featuring a plethora of new songs and new routines.

Check out ' Hey Mister ', from the show. The Staveley-Taylor sisters began performing open nights in their native Watford but eventually attracted some attention. Check out their pristine, Fairport Convention-recalling single ' Blood I Bled ' from their EP of the same name, for some evidence of their growing harmonic prowess. They're still very relevant. They've recently released the debut single, ' Just My Soul Responding ' from their debut album, out this year.

Have a listen to ' Where I Left You '. Support comes from members of the typically D. Regarded as one of the most talented contemporary folk songwriters of her generation, she's been often credited as fuelling much of folk music's recent popularity. Check out their intimidating video for last year's single, ' Don't Judge '. Check out their recent single, ' Nametenie '. She soundtracked and co-wrote the award-winning short film, Woman Driver. Check out his folky new single, ' Detroit '.

Check out ' Pop Song '. On the night, Animal Disco DJs will ply their trade - tropical indie electro dance tunes - as is tradition. Signed to Norton Records, the band's raw garagey blues has drawn comparisons to the likes of Captain Beefheart, the 13th Floor Elevators, Howlin' Wolf, Screamin' Jay Hawkins and the usual big '50's-rooted names. Doors open at 9pm, and the band start at midnight. Check out the alt. Her earthy, experimental acoustic playing treads many of the same paths as the likes of Bert Jansch and John Fahey. Formed in and featuring two members of Calgary art rock quartet Women, their eponymous debut album, released in January, has been one of the best-received albums released this year - check out ' Silhouettes ' and ' Continental Shelf ' - and has received innumerable comparisons to the like of Joy Division.

His fingerstyle of playing caught on in a big way and gave him much acclaim, along with his trademark Hank Marvin-style Stratocaster. He, along with Dire Straits, sold over million albums, and has won four Grammy Awards, the Edison, Steiger and Ivor Novello awards and three honorary doctorate degrees in music from various UK universities. You know you want to.

Check out recent single, ' Under The Shadows '. She describes herself approach as straddling the boundaries between literary, poetic and pop scenes, having become the UK Slam poetry champion in , and the first poet to ever record in Abbey Road Studios. Hollie has so far played the likes of Glastonbury and the Albert Hall, with national airplay.

There will also be a DJ set from Cushla. These Irish dates are a late follow-up his last stint at the Belfast Empire in , with themed performances throughout the year. Check out his charming recent single, ' Elephant Graveyard '. Check out their demos on Soundcloud. Tickets are available from LittleGem. Heralded by Tom Robinson as the greatest band he'd witnessed in , they achieved great things with their single, ' America ', playing Glastonbury and touring all corners of the UK. Check out the video for their single, ' Tear It All Apart '.

The show runs from 8pm through until 3. This will be a unique opportunity to experience Jam City expanded into a fully-formed live project, for his second album. Have a listen to his Soundcloud too. For anyone not in the know, Dirt is a new regular gig night on Saturday nights upstairs at The Bar With No Name which sees a headline set at midnight from a mystery band. This time, we'll see two of the most active, hardworking touring acts from NI share the stage. Check out her performance at Abbey Road. Formed in West Yorkshire by the three Jarman brothers, Gary, Ryan and Ross, they were lumped in with the likes of the Libertines and other post-Britpop indie rock acts from the start.

They ploughed on, however, and Johnny Marr joined the band in until his departure three years later. Check out the video for lead single, ' Can't Deny My Love '. The multi-instrumentalists have won fans like David Lynch, Ewan McGregor and the Eagles of Death Metal - the diversity of that trio hints at the eclectic, genre-spanning appeal of the three piece.

The show kicks off at 8. Check out the video for ' Heartbeats ', the first single from the EP. It's worth your while watching ' Context ' for a Rosetta Stone of Lee, if you have the time. The show kicks off at 8pm. Watch the video for title track, ' Way Out Weather '. Check out ' The White Balloon ', from the aforementioned album. Check out this live set from Sexsmith for Paste Magazine.

Check out his classics ' The Message ' and ' White Lines '. Gone All Year's eponymous debut four-track EP was released late last year and is available on iTunes. You can download the band's new single, 'Easier' for free on Bandcamp. Support comes from alt. Check out ' Tear Down The Wall '. As individual members - many of whom are prolific session musicians - they have the unbelievable statistic of being heard on around albums, with over half a billion sold. The Dublin-based duo consist of Cian Murphy and Ross Turner, and their music is an intoxicating blend of ambient electronica, Krautrock and heady house.

Free entry and DJ support as usual. Full refunds are available from point of purchase. On Saturday, May 23 we'll be ascending the stairs of Belfast's limited capacity The Loft for a night in the varyingly cacophonous company of two of the country's very best bands. Headlined by Belfast experimental party quartet Blue Whale who are currently in the studio recording some scintillating new material the show will also feature Derry noise-pop trio Autumns , fronted by the irrepressible Christian Donaghey.

The Thin Air | Global Arts & Culture With A Local Accent

The Thin Air DJs will also provide the sounds noise, psych, experimental etc. Capacity for the show - which will be filmed - is strictly limited to 70 people. It's also BYOB, so be wise: save on bar queues and all that tawdry nonsense by coming here. First come, first served, so please get down early to avoid disappointment. Doors are at 9pm. After-party: inevitable. The ritualistic genre-spanning act are led by multi-instrumentalist Michael Gira.

Check out the video for ' Dust ', from their eponymous debut EP. True story: Robocobra Quartet are very easily one of the country's best up-and-coming bands. Melding sorcerous jazz forays with Beat spiel mastery and spasmodic punk overtures, the Chris Ryan-fronted, Belfast-based band sound unlike anything you'll hear in any bar or venue up and down the country.

Their last album as The Bronx came out in , so it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect some new material. Forming in , they last year released their ninth album, Fading West.


Check out recent single, ' When We Come Alive '. He shifted genres following a relocation to the Californian desert. Check out ' Killed A Man '. Check out the video for ' Chasing Rubies '. The act have morphed from a guitar duo into a fully-fledged acoustic cinematic funk orchestration with heavy rock, brass, classical and traditional. Check out ' Prelude '. One final Radar of the academic year has been announced for Bar Sub on May Check out their latest album, Destroying.

Following the departure of their bass player, they were silent until the release of singles ' Illuminate ' and ' Apollo ', the latter of which they toured just prior to Christmas. Their third album is on its way, and is likely to be released around the time of this, one of their biggest shows to date. Under 14s must be accompanied by an adult. One of the finest festival bills we'll see on the island this year, Forbidden Fruit returns to the Royal Hospital Kilmainham on the weekend from Friday, May 29 - Sunday, May Gates open at 2pm on the day.

Last entry is at 10pm. They broke with the single 'Horse Outside' but have since continued to rise in popularity, gaining a television series, winning the Edinburgh Fringe Festival's Malcolm Hardee award for being the most original act. Check out their Take One Session.


They started off humbly, busking in Dublin from a young age. Check out the video for the excellent ' Sea Creatures ', taken from her debut album - released on June 1 through Rough Trade. Gates open at 5pm. As ever, with each paying attendee getting a voting slip at the door, the crowd vote in each heat is very important to the overall result, counting for a quarter of the vote. Gifted's next four-band bill gets together at the Empire Music Hall on June 4.

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  8. They've just released their first single, ' Somebody '. Check out her Soundcloud for a hint of her eclecticism. As one of the founders of Irish folk acts Planxty and Moving Hearts, Kildare-born singer, songwriter and guitarist has been releasing music for over 45 years, along the way being named Ireland's greatest living musician by RTE in RedBeard Promotions host the Belfast leg of Galway alt.

    They formed in and have a revolving cast of musicians. Check out Girls Names' experimental new krautrock-influenced single ' Zero Triptych ', out now on 12" through Tough Love Records, and it's worth your while checking out their prior two albums. Check out ' Wetsuit '. For this performance, the band will play a set consisting of half covers, and half of songs new and old, as well as a few rarities. Arthurs - at 28 Thomas St.

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    More recently, they've been taking a lot of influence from early free American Jazz, as well as the likes of The Residents and Can. The live music continues until 11pm, after which the final hour will be devoted to far out sounds. Since their inception, they've released two platinum-selling records, and in became the youngest ever Glastonbury headline act.

    Check out the video to ' Fruits of Gloom '. Born out of a daylong improv session which was trimmed and edited into their debut album, Furrier , Grumbling Fur have went increasingly pop-oriented with their three follow-on LPs. Tickets are available from WeGotTickets. Doors open at 6pm and the show runs until 3am. Playing regularly in NYC in the early '70s, Television, through frontman Tom Verlaine and fellow guitarist Richard Lloyd's melodic jazz-rock lead interplay, inspired post-punk and art rock alike.

    They recently performed at Carnegie Hall, drawing rave reviews from followers and non-followers of gospel music, unanimously lauded for being hugely inspirational. Check them out here. Shizznigh will be DJing at the show. Check out the gig teaser. The pioneering DJ and producer is a key figure in UK dance culture, present for early club culture nights in the late '80s alongside a young Paul Oakenfold. Check him out live at Millbank Studios. They formed back in , and have gigged across Europe's finest squats and pubs since. Check out the seemingly crack-fuelled ' Backwards '.

    The title of the book refers to her 'Don't make people pay for music. Let them. He's co-soundtracked Steven Soderbergh's 'The Girlfriend Experience' but is most frequently acknowledged for his contributions to techno. Check out ' Tension '. The next instalment takes place on Saturday, June Dean left the band shortly after, only to return in , with the band moving into sludgier and more groove-based territory. After a hiatus from before returning with Dean. Formed in , they released their eponymous debut album in November, featuring Flea on bass - and recorded in his studio. For your groove-laden southern stoner rock fix, check out recent single, ' Me and Mary Jane '.

    The show has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Refunds are available from the point of sale. Having broken through with '94 single, ' Loser ', Beck's chameleonic tendencies have seen him stride through funk, folk, hip-hop, indie rock, and almost every point between. His recent live shows - accompanied by a full live band - have included spoken word, and cuts from across his rich back catalogue.

    Check out ' Playing With Fire '. His set is expected to include original material and compositions from his work in film. Here's debut single, ' Tuner '. The punk-turned-rock star first appeared in the '70s, fronting seminal English punks Generation X, before turning his attentions to mainstream success. Based in Plymouth, Strong brings along his own beats, tapped guitar and textural melodies, and genre-hops constantly.

    Check her out on Soundcloud. They recently released their debut single, 'Go', available on Bandcamp for free download. Check out her excellent debut EP for free on Bandcamp. June 19 sees Belfast-based alt. Check their dense, saturated riffage on Soundcloud. Also playing are alt. Check out ' Reverend Black Grape '.

    Check out the trippy video for recent single, ' The Scene Between '. With many more acts yet to be announced, check out the full line-up below and go here to buy tickets. Formed after bassist Dan Lilker left Anthrax in , Nuclear Assault released five albums in the '80s through to the early '90s before splitting in Check out their performance live at the Hammersmith Odeon.

    Doors open at 5pm, with the show going on until 10pm. Doors open at 5pm. Formed in , their lyrical and sonic content has been broad in scope throughout their five LPS, several EPsa and countless splits. Check out ' Tears '. Formed by Todd Rittmann, guitarist from noise rock band U. Maple , Dead Rider have been around for five years. Check out its recent single, ' Blank Screen '. Check out the video for ' Outdoorsman '.

    Check out his recent single, ' Reservoir '. The Who have announced the replacement dates for their 50th Anniversary tour, simultaneously stating that this will be the start of their 'long goodbye'.

    Splash Of Colour Art Comp

    This tour promises to to include songs dating back to the original pre-Who band The High Numbers, and features hits and songs which Townshend describes as 'hits, picks, mixes and misses'. More details will be confirmed as we get them. This show comes as part of their spring European tour, following the release of their self-titled fifth album, and the first since They broke through with single 'Mr Jones' from their debut album, and have sustained their success with covers of the likes of 'Big Yellow Taxi', and their Academy Award-winning 'Accidentally In Love', from Shrek 2.

    Check out the Americana of ' Earthquake Driver ', the lead single from their new album. Gates open at 6pm. Singing in both English and his native Pitjantjatjara tongue, he effortlessly ties together Western and indigenous culture. Check out ' Everybody's Talking '. Their new EP is out very soon, but you can download the debut for free on Bandcamp. The fourth and final heat of The Pavilion's Jagermeister Battle of the Bands competition takes place on Wednesday, June 24 with yet another cross-genre, five-act line-up.

    As ever, with each paying attendee getting a voting slip at the door, the crowd vote in each heat is very important to the overall result, counting for a quarter of the vote, with our own Brian Coney being one of the three judges. Check out their recent single, ' The One ', taken from their new LP. Tickets are now sold out on Ticketmaster. Stream their eponymous debut album here. They play Galway's Roisin Dubh on June Check out their newly-released debut tracks on Soundcloud. Gates open at 6. Check out their ominous classic, ' Am I Evil? Check out their new free-download single, ' Duke '.

    Check out the video for ' Change My Way '. The French-born, Spanish-origin is known for his multi-lingual lyrical content, starting off humbly busking and with touring acts in France, playing in a hugely eclectic mix of styles traditions. After his successful act Mano Negra broke up in , he's been a solo artist, touring with his live band, Radio Bemba.

    Have a listen to ' Clandestino ', from his highly revered album of the same name. There will also be a series of comedians at the event, and a Chef's Kitchen Stage, to represent the food side of the festival. This comes as part of Richie's 'All The Hits All Night Long' tour, which is as it sounds, spanning from his work in the Commodores through to present day records. Check out their latest single, 'Defending Two Castles', on Bandcamp.

    They play Dundalk's Spirit Store on June Last week, they revealed the video for their single, ' Free The Nipple '. The beguiling, eclectic album is out now, available to stream on Spotify and the usual outlets, as well as Bandcamp. Clearly taking influence from the greats, it's a brooding album evocative of Nick Cave throughout, and Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine and Portishead with no shortage of alternative rock.

    Support comes from our current cover artist, Galway electronic alt. Ahead of their highly-anticipated follow-up to 's The New Life , they've recently released two singles, the sprawling ' Zero Triptych ', and ' Reticence ', the latter of which features on their new album. The band are ever-changing, starting off as a surfy noise-pop act, moving into more gothic, Berlin-evoking post-punk. Check out their free-download debut EP on Bandcamp. Having finally shaken the shackles of her country past with an increase in synth usage, Swift's full-on pop persona has gained momentum, amassing number one singles with ' Shake It Off ' and ' Blank Space '.

    They play Fred Zeppelin's on June The UK-born, Australian-raised has been active for eight years, winning the Australian Music Prize - the equivalent to our Mercury Prize - for her work. Her new album is out later this year, but check out her first song for the northern hemisphere, the delicate acoustic ' Wah Ha '. Gates open at 8pm. Check out the video for new single, ' This House '.

    The band feature members of Absolutist - check their saturated eponymous debut EP out on Bandcamp. The group rose to prominence with Hansard's inclusion in the classic film, The Commitments. They've released six albums now, with a string of Irish number one records. Have a listen to ' Revelate '. He got signed to Atlantic Records in following a demo sent shortly after turning 18, and first single 'These Streets' was released in , which proved to be the title track of his debut album, released in the following month. Gates open at 4pm. His live performances heavily involve the use of analog synthesisers with loose pre-determined structures.

    Food will come from some of Dublin's finest eateries. When she gets herself pregnant and refuses to name the father, she becomes the talk of R min Drama, Horror, Mystery. Votes: 5, PG min Drama, Romance. The daughter of a thief, young Moll is placed in the care of a nunnery after the execution of her mother. However, the actions of an abusive priest lead Moll to rebel as a teenager, Stopping the release of a lethal anthrax mutation, Votes: 1, PG min Comedy, Crime, Mystery.

    Edwina has just moved into the neighborhood known as "Widows' Peak," so called due to the prevalent marital status of the residents, who tend to be a rather exclusive bunch. The residents A teacher meets a woman who turns out to be a thief and they introduce each other to new things. Director: Kieron J.

    Not Rated min Drama, History. On its maiden voyage in April , the supposedly unsinkable R. Titanic hits an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean. Votes: R 90 min Drama, Romance. Fontaine Khaled is the wife of a wealthy but boring businessman. She spends his money on her nightclub, the hobo, and partying. She hires a manager, Tony, to run her club, but it is K 90 min Comedy, Romance.

    After failing their exam, Jean-Pierre and Alain are sent to England. But all they want are girls. TV 24 min Comedy. The always at a loss for words, Father Stone, visits Craggy Island and over stays his welcome. Father Ted and Dougal protest a blasphemous new film on the orders of a visiting Bishop with a terrible secret. PG 92 min Drama, Romance, Thriller. Trains, romance, a mysterious past. Michael Poole Sir John Hurt is an ex-conman, whose cons have finally caught up with him. Unrated 98 min Biography, Drama, Romance. The true story of a Catholic man and his Protestant wife, and the events resulting in the Co.

    Wexford, Ireland community when the wife decides she doesn't appreciate being forced to send Father Ted and Jack go on a picnic, while Dougal makes friends with a local bad boy priest. A British television anthology drama series that aired on BBC1 between and A gentle and impish look at Catholic life in post-war suburban Britain, the series follows the adventures and Twenty years in the lives of some Cambridge undergraduates, who all find that the real world of a changing Britain is a hard place. Producer Kenith Trodd was part of a team brought together to study how the BBC should respond to Channel Four's pioneering efforts in making movies for television and theatrical Anna Bouverie Lindsay Duncan, Rome chafes at her limited life as a vicar's wife in a small English town.

    Comedy, Crime, Drama. Red Troop is called in to take command of a bank siege, facing off against a former member of the flying squad aka the Sweeney turned bank robber. On the 15th anniversary of its launch, this documentary follows Father Ted creators Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews on a return trip to Craggy Island to take in its location and discuss how the series was made with cast and crew. In , Britain's gold reserves were transferred for safety to Liverpool because of the threat of a German invasion.

    The top-secret operation was known only to a handful of security men Through a chance friendship with a British soldier, she learns how sheltered she has been, and chooses to Not Rated 90 min Drama, Romance. The lives of seven friends who share a bus from their village to Dublin every day get complicated as the reasons for their discontent are revealed.

    British academics Loretta and Bridget run into Sandra, an old school friend at a book launch. Although Sandra appears to be gay and carefree, Loretta notices an undercurrent of tension The Wyatts wish to educate their children at home, but the education authorities have other ideas. Moving between and , we see how this affects the various individuals and attitudes.