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It doesn't mean that nobody will ever love you anymore. Remember that only ONE person has rejected you at the moment, and it only hurt so much because to you, that person's opinion symbolized the opinion of the whole world, of God.

Seeing God Through Your Pain and Suffering - James River Church

I want to get hurt. I understand his reason for causing me pain. But mere understanding does not chase away the hurt. It does not call upon the sun when dark clouds have loomed over me. Let the rain come then if it must come! And let it wash away the dust that hurt my eyes! I would hurt you back. But sometimes it was what she wanted most, to tell someone; often, though, she just wanted to escape those horrid feelings, to escape herself, so there was no pain, no fear, no ugliness.

How to Overcome Past Pain and Let Hope into Your Life

Caring hurt more than a knife to the leg, more than a few broken ribs, more than anything that bled or broke and healed again. Schwab, A Conjuring of Light. The fulfillment of such miracles depends on whether we let our wounds pull us down or lift us up towards our dreams. It doesn't mean you won the argument.

Often, people are just busy reloading their guns. No one should suffocate beneath pain on top of pain. So I did nothing. I processed. I healed emotionally, physically and spiritually. At the beginning of the year, I was trying really hard not to feel anything. My heart was numb. Well, the dam broke this summer, and I was feeling things so intensely for a while that I thought I might be going crazy.

Every day was up or down. But through all that, I was able to process some very buried emotions that needed to come out. I detoxed from past wounds that had poisoned me for years. My heart cleared and cleansed, and I settled down, and I found peace. But it only came by being completely emotionally honest, which is always scary, because it feels so out of control.

Needless to say, when I started the summer, I was in a really bad place. Gradually, a change has come. I can feel it in the beat of the rain and the whispers of the wind. Something changed this summer. I was trying to send you links on here but PT does not allow me to share links in the comment section. So if you send me a private message, I can email you back with links.

Hi Dr. Cohen I really enjoyed the article. I am a non-traditional student at a State University working on my Bachelor's in Psychology. I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that we, as social beings, need to let some of the negative things that we carry around with us To often we are imprisoned by what others think and what we self-affirm as the way things SHOULD be in a world that in reality is only concerned with their own little piece of it. I enjoyed reading the tips you suggested and look forward to more of your articles.

I appreciate your comment! I am glad that my article resonated with you! Good luck with your Bachelor's in Psychology! Sometimes is very hard to let go.

Jesus told us pain and suffering would be a part of our lives

I have been married for 9 years but have been together with my wife for 15 years. We separated 5 months ago because she was not happy with me anymore and me neither with here and we felt both in a very deep depression. I tell my wife for over 2 years that i dont love here anymore, even separated from here, and she took me the only anchor i had left and now seeing this woman i love and care about every day is extremely hard. Worst is i cant break contact with my ex wife because we have a 4 year old son. The point is, i try daily to let go to my feelings for the other woman but heart does not listen to reason and all this emotional nightmare is Hi, Thank you for your comment and expressing what you are going through.

Letting go is very difficult especially if the hurt has not stopped. That is where it is helpful to continue to read and possibly seek out someone to talk to.

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Wish you all the best. I really like the way all the tips have been listed. I've printed it up and keep it in my purse and reread it when I need to reflect on things. Thank you. Awesome article, thank you. It articulates everything i think and have learned over time yet find so hard to actually do.

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Its a good reminder and refresher. Thank you! I appreciate your comment. Yes with most things it's easy to know it but very hard to apply it.

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  6. Thank you for this blog it helped me to make some realization just like what Mr. Fikry at almentor has told me. Both of you were such a blessing to me. Thanks a lot!

    Bible Verses About Pain

    Fawzy told me at almentor. This article is such a great help to me. The ideas made me realize a lot of things. I should take risk to be able to learn new things and have a set of new experience just like what i have learned at my days in almentor under Mr.

    Fawzy's class. My purpose out here today is to share this article to the world about how Dr. Zakuza from India. Zakuza helped me in getting back my EX-girlfriend that broke up with me 4 months ago.

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    I tried all i could to make her see reasons with me that we can continue our relationship but she neglected and turn down my decision. Thank God for giving me the thought of going into the internet for help, i searched properly and i saw different reviews of Dr. He gave me reason to live again and he prepared a spell and told me that my Ex-girlfriend will come back to me within 12 to 16 hours. Can you believe it, my EX-girlfriend came back to me and our wedding will hold before the end of this year.

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    Getting Past Your Past - Enjoying Everyday Life

    Cohen, Ph.