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In , Malla was elected a member of the Parliament of Tortosa, the national parliament of Catalonia, divided into various opposing parties, the most important of which were that of the supporters of Ferdinand of Antequera and that of the supporters of Count James of Urgell.

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Malla also attended the coronation of King Ferdinand in the Cathedral of Saragossa, on 5 th September The King of Aragon, Ferdinand, and his son Alphonse, tried many times to persuade Ferrer to go to Constance and to cooperate again in the work for the unity of the Church, but every effort of theirs was futile. Other ambassadors had reached Constance earlier.

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King Alphonse particularly needed that money since he found the royal treasury nearly empty when he became the new King. So we suppose that by that date the King had become reconciled to him. In , Malla was appointed the administrator of the Holy Cross Hospital, the main hospital in Barcelona. During the decade , Felip de Malla also worked to reform the grammar schools of Barcelona, in order to establish a School of Arts, a first step towards the creation of the University of Barcelona which would eventually happen in The City Council and the Cathedral Chapter had wanted this reform since , and finally this project was carried out under the direction of Felip de Malla.

Josep Perarnau undertook the edition of his political letters, but unfortunately he published only the first volume , with a general introduction, and then gave up the project.

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On the other hand, the Memorial del pecador remut , and the sermons, are much more interesting in order to understand his opinions and his method in theology. Two manuscripts Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya , and Valencia, Cathedral transmit the text of two different parts of the same work.

Malla often uses dialogues, or fictitious interventions spoken by Jesus Christ, God himself, the Virgin Mary, and also biblical prophets, apostles, other characters in biblical history, Greek philosophers and the Sibyls. In this section of the work, the Sibyl is a key figure, as her voice is the voice of pre-Christian wisdom, waiting for redemption.

Indeed I am incomparably higher than any other science and human scripture, I preach and declare the way of truth, I call people to the celestial home, the land of the living, from which death, ignorance, and vain cupidity are totally banished. I keep people away from worldly lusts, so I bring them to their true, sincere, genuine, and sure happiness, which is the source and principle of all good eternally united to eternity.

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After which, she delivered me a book she held under her armpit, closed in direction of her heart, where the New Testament had been written with golden, shining and beautiful letters. It is also possible, however, that some amanuenses or copyists created that alternation only in the manuscripts. On 9 th July Felip de Malla should have given a sermon during the funeral of Violant de Bar, the widow of King John I, but he felt faint, could not finish preaching and died a few days later.

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In February the King wanted Malla to speak at the beginning and at the end of that poetry contest, which took place every year in Barcelona the texts were copied in the manuscript of Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya, ms. She is like the greater light of the world, and gives heat, splendour, and treatment of honours to those who serve her. Die lune quarta Januarii anno Domini millesimo quandringentesimo decimo septimo et huius concilii tercio sedit concilium sine solennitate et parata sedes alta ad ambonem ante non retro pro recipiendo legatum unum regis Aragonum magistrum Philippum de Medalia, sacre pagine professorem, qui primo litteras dicti regis presentavit credenciales.

Finito sermone dixit credenciam, quod ex parte regis Aragonum fuit missus ad regem Castelle et illum sollicitavit de substracione fienda per eum Petro de Luna, de mittendo ad hoc concilium, de uniendo se et regnum suum concilio, de pubblicando litteras convocacionis.

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It was a very long sermon, rhetorically polished, but also poetical, with an alternation of Holy Writ and narrations, all in one. When the sermon was finished, he confided that the king of Aragon had sent him to the king of Castile, and he had urged him to subtract his obedience to Peter de Luna, to send a legation to this Council, to aggregate himself and his Kingdom to the Council, and to publish some letters of convocation.

Felip de Malla achieved that the said king of Castile published a convocation for the Council throughout his Kingdom, and resolved on sending a solemn embassy to the Council. That embassy had already left the Kingdom of Castile, and at the moment was in Aragon, and had a good and broad authority. Ambrosiana sup. Monuments historiques ISSN: Planning ISSN: Human Ecology. Faces ISSN: of Footprint ISSN: Forum ISSN: Disegno di architettura ISSN: Ekistics: the problems and science of human settlements ISSN: Cahiers de la recherche architecturale et urbaine ISSN: Canadian architect ISSN: Columbia document of architecture and theory ISSN:?

Construction History. Cornell journal of architecture ISSN:? Blueprint ISSN: Aestimum ISSN: Antipode ISSN: Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.

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