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There is no Purgatory, no halfway house to rescue you when you die.

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There is no second chance. If you die in sin you will burn.

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There is no salvation without the Father. The Pope is an abomination! So repent my brothers and sisters, forsake your sinful ways! Put down your drugs, put away your pornography and lascivious thoughts, and accept our Lord, Jesus Christ as your God and Savior. Tags: greaneys , religion.

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Comments Anonymous. I didn't know this phenomena had a name. My Polish husband is convinced I attract these types and I'm too polite. Thanks Tony for clarity!

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Working in a busy, busy school. Trying to keep my 2 boys on track in and out of their own school.

Ignoring the growing ache in my back and the two molars that scream when I drink anything cold. Or hot. Attempting to release a new EP.

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Just writing that sentence makes me smile. On my way up Amsterdam I gave serious thought to turning back and heading home. Crawling into bed and shutting down.

Scary Story - A Conversation with a Stranger on the Bus

The pigeons were circling the Church of the Holy Name; her cross-tipped spire, green against the blue sky stopped me in my tracks. As I reached for my phone to snap a photo, the 96th St. Crosstown Bus came.

My public trans sport with a flirty stranger on the bus

Its orange lights a bright contrast to the dim morning light. I was distracted by the beauty of that moment. Just a slob like one of us.