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It was Minister Bettino Ricasoli who initiated this policy of marked centralisation in with the "Decrees of October. In many areas of Italy, the Prefectures were the only offices of the central government. The Ministry was reorganised in by Minister Giovanni Lanza and again in and , under the first government of the left-wing of the Liberal Party.

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During these years, the Ministry acquired control of the police separate from the judicial police , prisons, and social policing meaning offices of public health. Towards the end of the 19th century, Minister Francesco Crispi strengthened the ministry and the prefectures. Under Giovanni Giolitti , in the early twentieth century, the Ministry became the key means of state action.

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It exercised watchful and strict control over the comuni and provinces , especially in matters of public order. In the arena of public health, it enforced a rationalisation of health laws in , with the so-called "Sanitary Codex". In the social sphere, the prefectures were called upon to mediate in labour conflicts and improve working conditions, in collaboration with the government labour office, and to "municipalise" essential services like tramlines, streetlighting, kindergartens, etc.

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In this area too, their powers and administrative role expanded. Although the Ministry continued its ordinary role in maintaining security, order and health during the First World War , its overall structure was not significantly modified. With the rise of Italian Fascism , there was little change. An exception is Law no. In general, Benito Mussolini controlled the ministry personally, but it progressively lost its guiding role in the administration of the state.

These offices are still part of the Ministry of the Interior.

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After the fall of Fascism, institutional changes resulted from the creation of the Republic of Italy. The main theme of these changes was the increased decentralisation of power to the Regions and the progressive transfer of competencies from the Ministry of the Interior to them over the course of the s. The main role of the Ministry also changed, or rather reverted to the role it had had under Giolitti decades earlier.

Its role in social protection was reinforced and, along with the Ministry of Labour it played a key role in welfare politics, providing support to the socially disadvantaged and guaranteeing protection in the event of disaster. The important sphere of public health was removed from the control of the Ministry in , with the institution of the Ministry of Health. In the s, the Department of Civil Protection was created, which is headed by an independent Minister without portfolio , but is based on the organisation of the Ministry.

There was also a reorganisation of the centralised structure of the Ministry and the number of General Directorates declined from even to five. Moreover, with Law no. This anticipated the future departmental structure of the ministry as a whole. In particular, Decree Law no.

Additionally, the prefecture system was overhauled and they were renamed "Government Territorial Prefecture Offices. Before that, the Ministry, as well as the office of the Prime Minister, were based at the Palazzo Braschi. The Viminale was commissioned in by Giovanni Giolitti.

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The architect was Manfredo Manfredi , who was instructed to design a fitting structure for a government headquarters. The Viminale was officially inaugurated on 9 July The building has five stories and hundreds of rooms linked by a series of hallways. Il Partner giusto al tuo fianco. Servizi mirati su misura delle reali esigenze del tuo business. Ti dedichiamo le persone giuste per ogni esigenza.

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