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Now I've already told you too much, shut up otherwise you'll smell chloroform again! The bank robber suddenly got up and left the bathroom where Ted was chained to the radiator, but returned half an hour later looking a bit better. He was now wearing workman's overalls and carried a bin bag. As he was talking, he picked up what was left over from Ted's meal and put it inside the bag.

Er… let's say I wanted you to find out what it was like to be confined in a small space. Actually, prison is much much worse. In the space you are in now there are usually two or three people! I told you I would get my own back some time ago! I wonder why. And where has he gone now?

Isn't he frightened of being recognised and arrested? The bathroom Ted was in had a very high ceiling. Bits of earth fell into the room and suddenly a cat jumped down. She came up to Ted and rubbed herself against his trouser leg. There's nothing left from my sandwiches. Maybe if I shouted long enough someone would hear me.

Or Rowles could hear me and finish me off sooner rather than later! Anyway, now I'd better kick the earth under my chair, so that he doesn't realise it comes from the grating up there. Then Ted, looking at the cat, had an idea. Back at home Daisy went for a walk along the high street to get some fresh air. As she passed a florist's she remembered that there was a sick old lady in hospital and decided she would buy her a few flowers.

Daisy thought that if there were still some policemen guarding Rosemary she could leave the flowers with them anyway. On the way she passed the Registry Office where she should have got married and averted her eyes as she couldn't even bear to see the place. Martin's Street to the hospital. As she walked up the grey steps to the entrance a cat ran past her out of the door, a beautiful black cat with marvellous green eyes. Once inside the old hospital she noticed some ancient framed photographs which were hanging up in the entrance hall. Nurses of long ago were dressed in their starched collars and important-looking doctors in three-piece suits.

Daisy checked to see when visiting hours began, which turned out to be in half an hour's time, so she decided to have a cup of coffee and a snack in the canteen, which was almost empty of customers. She had had very little lunch and thought it was about time she tried to pull herself together. She put extra sugar in her coffee to give herself some energy and began reading the police report on Rowles which Sandy had given her. Barnardo's after his father died in an accident, his mother was an alcoholic and had already left the family… died at the age of twenty-nine.

Worked as a builder, arrested for petty theft… convicted… arrested and convicted again. Worked in a street market, arrested for possession of stolen goods. Put on probation and worked as a Health Care Assistant. Daisy ate some of her toasted sultana bun and sipped her coffee. She knew that Andrew was back at Scotland Yard following other lines of investigation and Sandy was also wearing himself out too.

Everything that had happened kept running through her mind. La boda que no tuvo lugar. The wedding that wasn't. And would she ever see Ted again? Daisy, still sitting in the hospital canteen, fiddled with her mobile to find Pam's number as she wanted to reassure her she was all right, but Pam's line was engaged. I keep pressing the wrong keys. The same words he had used when he had telephoned her! Daisy froze, then realised she must have recorded the fateful call made by Rowles in the registry office by accidentally pressing the record button of her mobile.

Still feeling very shaky, she drank the rest of her coffee to pep herself up, then she pressed the play button again and listened to the recording very attentively. There were three sentences spoken by Rowles but Daisy noticed that the background noise suddenly stopped at the end of each new sentence leaving a gap of complete silence. This, in Daisy's experience, could only mean one thing. Inmediatamente se puso en contacto con Sandy. The call probably did come from Spain but it was only a recording of Rowles' voice, not him actually speaking to me, as there are two gaps of silence between the three sentences, which wouldn't be there, had he been talking to me viva voce.

I must inform the others immediately! Daisy, still in the hospital canteen, felt a little stronger and decided to buy a corned beef and tomato sandwich. Clearly it was a clever idea on the part of Rowles to make the police believe he had escaped to Spain, so they would not bother to look for him in the UK. Logically, Rowles could be just anywhere, but, just as logically, he could still be in England, and if so, what might be the reason for his remaining here?

Now Daisy was almost back on track. As she was paying the cashier, her eyes fell on his watch.

It looked just like the one she had bought Ted. Then it came to her. The cashier's watch, like Ted's, didn't have the original metal strap but a leather one! Almost overwhelmed by this discovery, Daisy nearly dropped her purse. And if it is, he might still be alive! The cashier, who was a young man of about eighteen, reddened as he took the money and became very embarrassed. If you don't want to get into very serious trouble, tell me where you got it, otherwise I'll call Security!

I found it! It was around a cat's collar! What do you mean? She's always roaming around the hospital. I'm fond of animals and I stroke her sometimes and give her something to eat. I started work at midday today and there she was waiting for me to give her some milk. As I stroked her, I noticed there was something fixed around her collar. It was this watch! I swear - I know it sounds phoney but it's the God's honest truth! Then in a flash Daisy remembered something in the police report - Rowles had worked as a Health Care Assistant - and here she was, in a hospital where a cat had been carrying around Ted's watch attached to her collar!

Therefore Ted might probably be somewhere there in the hospital! Ahora el muchacho estaba casi llorando. Now the lad was almost in tears. Is there anything else you can tell me about when you found the watch? When I saw what was written on it, I just threw it away. Daisy nearly burst with impatience. Daisy snatched the piece of paper from him and perused it carefully. Yes, it seemed to be in Ted's handwriting. He probably hadn't had time to write any more. Everything has been renovated. Daisy suddenly felt desperate. My grandfather used to work here in the hospital during the Second World War and told me that during the bombing they put the patients into what had used to be the nurses' sleeping quarters, which was below ground level.

If you turn right, out of the main door, and continue walking for about three minutes until you pass the Newton Ward, there are a lot of bramble bushes and thick hedges. Behind all that lot, there are some steps which lead down to the old entrance of the air raid shelter.

It's all been sealed up for years! Daisy estaba ahora aturdida. She picked up her wrapped corned beef sandwich, put it in her bag and walked out of the canteen determined to find Ted - leaving the flowers she had bought for Rosemary on the table where she had been sitting. Rowles seemed in a better mood than before. Para sorpresa de Ted iba vestido con un uniforme de enfermero esta vez.

To Ted's surprise he was dressed in a nurse's uniform this time. There is nothing in your record that mentions it! Rowles' eyes flickered. Rowles didn't snap at him as he expected. He looked hesitant as though he didn't quite know what to say, then he changed the subject. What are you up to?

Surely you're not hoping for a ransom… nobody I know has a lot of money. Ted realised that he must steadily make Rowles angry to get something out of him. Rowles raised his eyebrows, but didn't answer. That's what's happened to me all my life. Then he realised he had said too much and became silent. Ted softened his tone understanding that Rowles had let something out at last which might be the clue to why he'd been kidnapped. You're ill! Rowles sat down on the other chair in the bathroom. Ted no pudo terminar la frase. There was a strange silence as though time had stopped, then Ted took a long breath.

A place where there is all the medicine you will need.

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Daisy went in search of the old air raid shelter. She had decided not to phone Sandy yet because she knew hundreds of policemen would be surrounding the hospital in a twinkling, and that might mean Rowles would kill Ted in revenge. She followed the young man's instructions carefully and walked past the Newton Ward but by now it was beginning to rain and was quite dark. Fortunately Daisy had a small torch which she always kept in her bag. She pulled the strap of her bag over her head onto her right shoulder so she could be more free in her movements and shone a light around, but could see only brambles and close knit hedges.

Daisy looked around for a stick to help her get through the brambles. She managed to find one and pushed some of the brambles to one side but got badly scratched on the thorns just the same. When at last she got through to the other side, Daisy found herself in front of the roof of the air raid shelter all thickly covered with ivy.

Daisy prodded through the wet foliage for quite some time when suddenly her stick seemed to go through something. She cleaned the area of wet leaves and discovered there was a grating through which she could see a light. Daisy got down on her knees, shone her torch through and saw Ted looking up towards her! Daisy's eyes misted over and she wanted to shout out to him but remembered that it wasn't a very wise thing to do as he might not be alone.

Instead, she turned the torch on herself so Ted could see who it was peering down. When Ted recognised that it was Daisy, he shook his head vigorously as though to warn her. Daisy shone her torch on and off to signal that she had understood and replaced the foliage, so that light couldn't be seen from the outside.

Daisy was thinking of what to do next when suddenly someone appeared from behind the brambles and shone a blinding light onto her face. Daisy recognised the voice instantly. It was Rowles with a revolver in his hand! Daisy wanted to shout for help but Rowles made an ugly gesture with his gun and told her to walk to the left as far as the end of the old nurses' home. Here, almost in the dark, Daisy could scarcely make out that there were some steps leading downwards. The bank robber indicated with his revolver for Daisy to go down the steps, at the end of which was a massive iron door.

He seemed to know the place well, even in the semi-dark. Your bridegroom is waiting for you! After walking through the doorway, Daisy could see there was an unlit corridor full of spiders' webs. Rowles closed the door, then locked it from the inside. Walking along the corridor, they finally arrived at a room which revealed itself to be the toilets where Ted was seated chained to the radiator. But this time, Inspector, I'm not guilty! She must have scratched herself on the brambles!

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Daisy nodded that it was true. Now he pushed her onto a chair near the radiator. He then moved the small table in front of them further away and spilled the contents of Daisy's shoulder bag onto it. He then picked up Daisy's mobile and pocketed it. Rowles looked at the bottle of nail varnish and shook his head. And with this the bank robber made off. Look, your poor hands are all covered in blood! But now there's no time to waste, my love… the man's terminally ill and if he doesn't kill us first, he may die and we'll be left here to perish just the same!

Ted couldn't understand why Daisy had said this, but realised that there must be a good reason for it. He tried first with his right foot, but found he couldn't reach the table. He then crouched down into his chair, extended his left leg as much as he could and carefully managed to budge the table by an inch or two with his foot. He repeated this several times until he could wind his left foot right around the table leg.

As the table got nearer to them, Ted tugged a bit too violently and it nearly overturned, but Daisy managed to steady it stretching her left leg out and then pulled it gradually towards herself with her foot. Al fin pudo alargar la mano izquierda y alcanzar un objeto que estaba en la mesa.

At last she was able to reach out with her left hand and pick up an object which was on the table. Good heavens, it's a mobile phone! Now I can ring Scotland Yard - but tell me where we are exactly first! Daisy furnished the information while he was dialling the number. Suddenly they heard a noise in the corridor leading to the toilets. Dos paquetes de cena caliente de hospital. Two hot hospital dinner packs.

Enjoy it! Rowles opened their warmed pre-packed food containers, stuck two plastic forks in them and put them onto their laps. Ted y Daisy empezaron a comerse la comida. Ted and Daisy started to eat their food. The water was rather simple too. It had been turned off years ago and the whole thing was rusted up a bit, but practically all I needed was a wrench!

There was a brief pause in the conversation whilst Rowles opened two cans of fizzy drinks for his prisoners. Well, let me satisfy your curiosity. A letter full of the love of a son for his dear mother! This was the letter the police found in that old lady's pocket, who I suppose you know by now was a homeless.

The two Samaritans who took her to hospital were of course my friends who had been looking for an ill woman of the right age who couldn't express herself properly. Martin's and disappeared, but, anyway, this certainly saved her life! Daisy and Ted looked at each other signalling their surprise at this complicated but ingenious trick. They also noticed that Rowles seemed sincerely proud he had been instrumental in saving the old lady's life.

Naturally, my friends returned to the hospital later, found the room in which the homeless lady was recovering from her operation and left a gun and a bag strapped under her bed. In the bag there were all the things I would need, a torch, some overalls, some rope and some tools. When the warders took me to the old lady's room, she was only half conscious. I immediately pretended to embrace her but in reality I felt for the gun under her bed, freed it and then pointed it at the two warders and managed to shut them in the adjoining bathroom.

I then tied one end of the rope to the old lady's bed and threw the rest of it out of the window so that they would assume I had escaped this way. In reality, I changed from my prison clothes into the overalls, which were of the type used by the hospital maintenance staff, and then I was able to wander around the hospital unhampered.

So I reached the boiler room, got a hammer out of the bag to dislodge the old rusted bolt and walked through the communicating door which led into the old nurses' home. At last I was free! Now Rowles looked at his prisoners as though he wanted to be applauded. You've even got your medicine here in the hospital! I was going to qualify as a nurse but… well, fate took me in another direction! I can steal food, medicine and anything I need - and not pay a penny for it! So who did? They dutifully kidnapped and chloroformed you the night before your wedding, put you, still unconscious, into a body bag and brought you here, where I was to kill you in my own time!

I'm not through yet.

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I even persuaded the Samaritans that it would be easy for me to dispose of your body in the mortuary, Singleton. Now, if you don't mind, I'm tired and I'm going to lie down next door. You'll have to wait a while for the next instalment. Bye bye! Ted swiftly pulled out Daisy's new mobile phone from his pocket and immediately started dialling his friend's number. It's Singleton!

Andrew, now I must put the phone down, Rowles could come back any time. Remember, he's extremely dangerous! Andrew, can you hear me? I am afraid Andrew didn't hear a word I said! The Detective-Inspector put the mobile back into his pocket disappointedly. It's our last hope! Ted started working on his chain vigorously, but with Rowles next door he was afraid the bank robber might hear what they were doing. Ted kept filing away, but it was a slow job. Hide the file in my bag! Hope the food was to your satisfaction!

I have a pressing problem and now I feel you will be able to help me solve it. Ted and Daisy looked at each other questioningly. Rowles sat down as though their conversation would take quite a time. When I knew I was going to prison again I had to look tough in the eyes of my future cellmates!

You have no idea what it's like being in prison. You have to defend yourself day and night! But as you see, I haven't treated either of you too badly. That you just wanted to spend a few days with me, and that using chloroform on me was justified? Rowles se puso serio de nuevo. I put the word out and two… friends let me know that they would help me - at a price. Personally I don't believe in killing anybody, and I certainly don't want a murder on my conscience.

So, as I knew I was going to die anyway, I promised to do the deed. They were happy with that and told me to go ahead with the escape plan. I had to be very clever not to let them know that I only intended to kidnap you, Singleton, not kill you, and then, when the time came, to let you… free. And the funny thing was, that your getting married was merely a coincidence! Daisy and Ted were stunned at hearing this. The prisoners looked at each other trying to make sense of this apparent change of character on the part of Rowles. Remember, Singleton? Ted nodded slowly. You can do me a big favour!

Rowles stopped laughing abruptly. She's a beautiful girl and lives with her adoptive parents who are good to her. She knows nothing of me - and she must never know anything. I've stashed away quite a few quid, and I want it all to go to Clare for her education. Daisy and Ted could hardly believe their ears. Tu abogado, por ejemplo. Rowles suddenly bent over in pain and went deathly white. A couple of minutes later the pill seemed to have worked and Rowles managed to sit comfortably back in his chair. Then he began to look very ill again and became doubled up in terrible pain.

I feel really bad. Es que no puedo creer que solamente te importe tu carrera, tu carrera. TATA: Claro. No era necesario. El amor es lo que mueve al mundo. Se ve que nunca has amado. Corre, Tatiana por favor. TATA: Bueno, no, no mucho. TATA: Es que no lo puedo creer. SARA: Pues igual que yo.

Porque yo estoy dispuesta a adoptar a tu hijo de mil amores. Todo bien. Gracias, mi amor. No te voy a dejar. Si lo que quieren es morir juntos, pues van a morir juntos. Por supuesto que no. Bastante me han hecho sufrir ustedes dos como para acabar con este jueguito tan pronto.

Me voy por la puerta principal para que mi Rudy se vaya acostumbrando. Y el Fontaine Bleu comparado con El Imperial es una choza. No sea baba helada. No se le vaya a meter una mosca. Nos tenemos que comer un pollito. Le alvierto algo. Es una guarra, una marrana. Y segundo, que tengo manos para defenderme. Porque me despreciaste. Me hiciste quedar mal con todo el mundo. Ya la has hecho sufrir mucho. Yo no me voy a ir sin ti, mi amor. CLARA Well then you have to right with your left hand, because your writing looks like chicken-scratch.

Look at it. I mean the Fontaine Bleu is not the best building in Mexico. My family is going to buy me an apartment there. I hope he starves to death. Go with God. I was paid to breathes to make someone think that, breathes that they were going to die. What else? Or if you want to you can do it slow, I have.. You robbed me of all of my money.

That in fact, she was so comprehensive that she would understand perfectly well if you felt an emotive need to go back with Ms. I think that you need to finishiate that relationship as soon as possible. You have to finishiate, compatriot, you have to do it in an expeditious manner, you understand me? You see, understand just one thing, Miss Barbara is a very young lady, practically prepubescent. You see, she is a woman who enjoys her great beauty. She will find someone who knows how to love her in a prompt and expeditious manner, you understand?

Is there a problem? Let go of me! If you call the police, what are you going to tell them? That we were married and at the moment of a divorce, you thinking you were going to die, moved all of your money into my accounts, huh? It was you! Troncoso confessed. If has to do with Alvaro Dominguez and Rodolfo Cortina. Did you have anything to do with the mistake they made on my sickness? Tell me!

But you know what? You have no way to prove anything, and much less now that you are penniless, so you had better accept that you lost. So you should really think about it. You hear me? Get out! Let go of me. So tell me, what is your relationship to Miss Barbara? Rodolfo Cortina or with Mr. Alvaro Dominguez. Please excuse me Did she do something wrong? Thank you. Something tells me that Oscar is going to dump me… Oh no.

What do you mean the police are looking for me? What else, what else did the police want? I have to find Alvaro. I need you to help me, please. This is very important. Please help me, I beg you. What can I do? He took all of my money, Alvaro, he took all of my money, understand? Look, I suggest, I suggest that you speak to an attorney first, and I can recommend one if you need me to. This was a robbery and I have to report him.

Think about it. He took it from me. So, the police are not going to consider it a robbery. Okay then how long is a little while, princess? Oh there you are finally, Oscar. We need to talk. What if I get it? That will mean that we really are getting married, my love? Besides, Rodolfo, has turned into a thief.

Alvaro, would you please explain to my why Rodolfo just told me that you and him are rich? And so where would you two get the money, I want you to tell me? Oh, you free loader, hmm. You know what, Jessica? That those are just pure illusion, you see, like the electric slide, the funky chicken. We have to have some fun. Because, you already know, Jessica, that I have to go to Timbuktu, sweetheart, to give my body pleasure. And then later you can tell me how everything went. Be very careful. Some of are born with fortune smiling on some but not on others.

Uh, others look for a penthouse, you know? And others just want freedom. I will never be able to forget Tatiana. Imagine is going on and we even get married, and then I spend all of the time thinking about Tatiana. Goodbye, Barbara. That stupid hood rat! He has the nerve to dump me. The worst part is that I barely got any money out of him.

I have to ask Rodolfo for money so that I can go before the police start to investigate. That idiot! CLARA I remember you telling me, that you had money and that you were going to pay my family everything that you owe them, so that means you have money. Where did you get it from, huh? Answer me. You took my money too? Of course I have nothing to do with whatever Rodolfo did to you. I hope you understand please. Leave me alone!

Do you know why? And just leave me alone, I just came to pack my bags. Spiteful person and on top of being spiteful! I hate you! I have to warn him about what Tatiana told me. So then what is the problem now? Because I have to inform you that Troncoso is back. The moment of what? See you later. Where are you going, in the middle of the party? ALL ad lib Ah! Bye, adios.

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Oh, to the beach! Are you ready to play in the jungle? HENRY Compatriot, please, tell me please that you already told her that everything is terminated in the relationship. Very Good! You go in and you can finally talk about fixing things. Her I go. PATY Good luck! You want me to go with you to the United States? But how do you play that or what? Just the two of us… alone? I have money and you like that. Plus you have that thing that I love so much. So what do you say, are you coming or not? That miserable man is never going to fully accept my, my gorgeous daughter.

The only thing she needs is to get with the program, and she wise up so that Rodolfo will fall at her feet, just like I did with you, Alicia. Okay so now what? Will you go with me, yes or no? He finally found what his, my love. PATY Yes.

I know that he loves me because, because I can feel it in my heart. But you see, I feel like he needs me. Move over, girl, ashh. PATY That poor girl. But why are you doing this, Rodolfo? Rodolfo made it all up. I have a right to know, why are you doing this? Throw it. You stay there. TATA What are you doing here? SARA Oh stop. I came to bring you a letter that came to my house by mistake. TATA Yeah, well I went to a casting to be one of their models and they just contract girls in advance and… inhales Oh no way.

So that means that they want me as an exclusive model for the new season! Did you hear that? TATA Oh, no, no, no, no. This damn punk! SARA Stop, calm down. SARA I said calm down. Just calm down! Stop, breathe.