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Oh yes, network. After 7 years of networking I can safely say that networking is just and excuse to pass time when nothing is working. Then there are the career coaches. That was a waste of my time. All that came of them is something I already knew. And that is age discrimination is rampant and perfectly legal in my state and not one single politician wants to do anything about it. At one workshop the facilitator wanted everyone to be an entrepreneur and have their own business.

Great but that was not for me. He said that I had mental issues for not wanting to be an entrepreneur. So at the end of the day, you wind up settling for a menial 20 hour a week part time job at minimum wage with no future, chance of advancement or benefits just to put gas in the car. My name's Jake on April 18, at pm. Something has to change in this society if it means that laws against age discrimination have to be enforced. No one should be declined for or fired from a job, just because of age, disability, or even appearance.

People should be accepted to a job based on their ability to complete their given task, and not be discriminated for anything out of their control. On this thread are hundreds of people who have been victims of mistreatment and discrimination, while other people who have it easy, because they were just the cheap, underqualified employees who manage to fit into the narrow, blind scope of large corporations. We need to have our voices heard, and we need society to change, to accommodate all people of all kinds.

Dm on April 17, at pm. Feel very demoralizing, sent hundreds of applications. Recently moved to USA. Had several interviews with no offers. I got 18 years of experience, masters in Engineering and a bunch of certifications. I was very successful in my country, worked in IT as a head of a department and know my stuff very good. But I am struggling to start my career in the US. Amazon, Microsoft and other big companies- never even a single reply.

Spent dozens of wasted hours answering recruiters questions. I am overqualified for entry-level positions and not qualified for management roles. Just keep optimizing my resume and sending more and more. Started to work as a freelancer, Seattle is not very friendly for newcomers. The economy is Good and low unemployment is all BS.

Thanks my family is supporting me during this long search. Dave R on April 17, at am. Great comments Sue! I think you hit all of the major areas and had great advise for all. I would love to take you up on the resume review, can I get a good email to send to you?

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Thanks DR. Torrance Ray Benberry on April 16, at pm. I know exactly how you feel. Thanks for sharing the faith! Good luck to you and may God bless you. It fills like I have filled out hundreds of online applications but clearly not as many responses as jobs I have applied for. You mentioned you would look over a resume for free. Were you serious or making a point of not wasting money? Sue on April 10, at pm.

Good advice though. So questions: Is it really that difficult for the older adult to find work? Are we looking in the wrong place? One person said we should dye our grey hairs lol! But there is nothing we can do about wrinkles. My experience was surprise — the people who interviewed me with one exception were older…some older than me or at least they looked older. I thought I did really well on at least three but no offer. The ones who were younger…I balked. That said, her boss looked like she was in her 60s and very grey. So go figure. So do we forget this when we have jobs? Companies want to make a profit.

Those people are like sharks picking off the weak to earn their own keep. But there are several great templates out there. Keep trying, everyday. Send out at least one via email. Walk in the door of a company and drop off a resume. Go for a walk. Go jog in the park, smile at people. Go visit a relative. Good luck to us!

Bob Hoffman on April 02, at pm. If I refuse to tell them until after my interview, they tell me they must have it prior to the interview. As a result of my age I have been replaced by a couple of people who have been in my spot in line! Sara Smith on March 23, at pm.

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This is disheartening for me and everyone who is looking for work. I have been searching for a job since November I was hired but part-time basis for 24 hrs per week at a company that design packaging for bottles in december.. When they started to decrease my hours. I knew they were not going to hire me, I am sending out resumes ten times a day. It is part of discrimination or you can not speak other languages.

I have bills and rent to pay. It is very scary because it is an unknown environment whether you are going to be homeless. Alex Hiraldo on March 20, at pm.

Landing a job these days are not promised. My resume is in top shape which employer pointed out but if its not one thing its another. Salaries are depressing or jobs are way too far. I have experience in two separate fields and I cannot get companies to bring me on board for some strange reason. I do calls, thank you letters, smiling on interviews, the whole nine yards.

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And most importantly, rent has to be paid and you have no income. How scary….. Michael Huber on March 16, at am. How depressing, I wish I could say knowing that I am not alone made me feel better but for some reason I feel worse. I feel like a lot of posted jobs are already spoken for and the whole process is just for the appearance of fairness.

I think the economy is a leveraged, debt based scam. We are all experiencing the consequences of globalization in real time having our standard of living obliterated. Sherry on March 10, at pm. I feel for all of you struggling like me for a job. It is soo discouraging! I am 48 and boy has it been hard on me. I know my age has so much to do with not getting hired and there is so much age descrimination then ever before.

But oh well, that is just not the way it goes in this strange world! Doreen on January 28, at am. Finding this board has restored my faith in myself! I thought it was just me. I kept hearing all of this stuff about lowest unemployment and a great economy, and I have not been able to find a job since May! I have never had such a difficult time finding even a simple customer service position. There is no such thing as entry-level anymore.

Are you kidding me?

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The only position that has been offered was working as a caseworker with murderers and rapists in their homes without another person to go with me. There is a reason why cops work in pairs, folks! I go on the computer and I feel like I want to vomit. I had to move out of my apartment and my savings from a bad car accident settlement is nearly gone. The market is saturated. Too many people without jobs so companies can get a highly-skilled worker with education and experience for butkiss because they have no other options, but to take it.

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Mike M on December 17, at am. I have to downsize my job prospects. Its been over a year now. Marie on January 07, at pm. I have a doctorate degree, but over No actual retirement in sight for me for many many years. Nikara on December 10, at am. Discrimination is real. The law should not allow employers to ask; age, gender, status, or ethnicity. We have a workforce that is spread all over India with just one mission to fulfil - finding the right people to meet your specific needs.

You may need people with a certain level of experience in a particular domain, or in a specific location. No matter what you require, our competent staffing services division will find people who will meet the unique needs of your company. As a staffing agency with almost 20 years of experience, we understand that every company has its own culture, values, and expectations from its employees. The better we can understand your unique way of functioning, the easier it will be for us to tailor our search and narrow down the field of potential candidates for employment at your organisation.

Our first step is identifying qualified professionals from several sources. The breadth and depth of our networks make our job-candidate matching process robust and dependable. We recruit employees from a wide variety of sources including job boards and other online networks, personal referrals, and professional networking. After we identify a suitable number of candidates, we then shortlist them on the basis of experience, skills, and the fit of each of our potential candidates.

The screening process could involve a face-to-face meeting and background check. We are a staffing company which is different from others.

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Our process does not stop just because a candidate has been placed. We will continually monitor the performance of the employee to ensure that we are giving you the best quality service in the industry. Ever since inception, Alp Consulting has been highly regarded for our innovation and expertise in the staffing industry. Now we are one of the most reputed and technologically advanced staffing companies in the country.