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Thus literary theory has turned the attempt to generate writing which articulates and foregrounds the environment into a puerile, untheoretical pursuit. What other were the Saskatchewan ones? Posted by rob mclennan at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

The Factory Reading Series at Vimy! The Alphabet Game: a bpNichol reader, eds. Edmonton readings; the past few days Friday Novem Fast Forward: New Saskatchewan Poets, eds. First Name. Last Name. Once I place my hands on a keyboard, the world fades away leaving me with my characters. This time, however, was different. Instead of simply hovering in dreamlike state, I was aware at all times of what was going on 22 INK!

Perhaps this was due to the novelty of the location and the easy distraction that it offered. My preferred genre is generally High Fantasy and writing about a tomato had nothing to do with magic, sword fights or dragons. I had to struggle with the urge to have the tomato spontaneously combust or have the small child charm the tomato into the air. This could have easily led to more brainpower being exerted on restraining my ideas than on the act of focusing. It is very possible that simply letting my imagination run wild would have led to a very interesting story, but the goal that I worked towards instead helped me with a skill that is lacking within me.

I started my mini farm expedition as a detective—I was on a mission to search for interesting things. But the Fairfield Farm is vast. I had way too many colors on my palette—which do I choose? Where would be suitable for my purposeful daydreaming? Should I sit down in the middle of the ground and study the grass? Or perhaps, I could lean against a willow tree and feel the cool shade.

Alternatively, I could taste the greenhouse cherry tomatoes or observe the noisy pigs. The watch on my wrist seemed to nudge the detective in me. Choose anything you see and make it the right evidence. There were many beautiful sights before my eyes—the yellow green range of hills in the far background, rows and rows of kale to my right, and a vast field of tall grass that swayed with the gentlest breeze.

Particularly engaging was the crystal blue lake lying at the foot of the hills far away. My view partially eclipsed by the distant trees, I could not see the whole body of water, but a glimpse at its surface shimmering like diamond told me that place would definitely give me ideas.

The only discouragement, of course, was the long walk. I could very well stay here by this tree and find meaning in—or rather, impose meaning upon—the things around me. I stared down at the golden grass. As clouds passed overhead, its color changed to a darker green. I scrib-. Magic approaches you before you know it, and you just have to notice it at the right time.

I turned around to view the tree. I could just as easily produce poetry on trees—its shade, its stationery position, or its resilience. I wrote them all down. But something did not feel satisfactory. I looked at the lake once more; the glistening water was alluring and promising. Before I knew it, I was walking down the long path leading towards the lake. Now I had a set goal in my mind: the lake, the lake, the lake. It seemed to offer me a vague promise, that I would magically grow ideas in my head once I arrived there.

Feeling rather proud of myself for not catering to the trivial subjects—after all, writing about grass and a tree at such a humongous farm seemed like an awful waste of space and resources—I hastily marched down the grassy path. Along the way, I passed a couple of my classmates, standing dead still and taking notes on something only they could see.

I felt a little hurried, but I reassured myself: the lake was the treasury. It would provide me with everything. I quickened my steps. I had to come to a dead halt, however, upon sighting a rather conspicuous tree. But it really was a tree with utterly barren branches, completely naked of the green luxuries that its neighbors enjoyed in plentiful amounts. To its left, right, and back were trees with lush leaves, the foliage making the trees appear larger than they really were. But smack in the middle of such summer was a winter pariah, standing forlorn like an umbrella stripped of its cloth.

I could not help but stop and take notes. The second halt came approximately five minutes later when I had ventured further into the realm of unexplored; I could have screamed at the top of my lungs and no human soul would have heard me. And in a way, I was relieved that nobody was watching, because the obstacle in front of me was quite ridiculous that even I had to laugh at myself.

Lying ahead was a long puddle of rainwater from yesterday, almost resembling a small stream. I felt my wet socks before I noticed the puddle and jumped back as if I had touched a dead bug. The puddle was only ankle deep at most, although it stretched for quite a few meters. Laughing to myself as I thought about Chris McCandless who failed to escape from the Alaskan woods because he could not cross a turbulent river, I sheepishly looked for a way around.

But the waist-high grass blocking the sides told me that the only option was to wet my shoes. Whatever the reason, it took great effort on my part to cross that tiny river. But oh, how different it looked once I had passed the obstacle! A mysterious feeling of triumph filled me as I marveled at the small stream that now lay behind me. I just could not shake it off. I stopped for the third time upon finding another marvelous sight. It was a wooden shed sitting at the top of a small hill.

As I approached the shed, I noticed spider webs on. The timber of the walls was old and scraggy, and the dark windows were stained with bird excrements. Carefully setting my foot, I looked through a window, blocking the sunlight for a better view. There was absolutely nothing on the dusty wooden floorboards, except for a mysterious box that seemed to contain used paper and garbage.

I leaned closer to the window when a wasp sprang from a nearby flower. In spite of my boiling curiosity, I pulled myself backwards. I glimpsed at my watch; I had ten minutes to return to the bus. Looking one last time yearningly at this mysterious shed that could easily be the setting in any detective story, my favorite genre, I reluctantly headed back.

As I passed for the second time the strangely intimidating puddle of water and the pitiful tree, it hit me that I never actually got to the lake. I looked behind me—the lake was as beautiful as ever, still seeming to promise many unwritten stories and poems.

But I realized how pointless my original aim had been. I would have taken notes on everything I already knew about a lake. I ended up empty-handed except for the few notes I took on my unexpected discoveries—no outline for a story or a poem. Yet I knew the farm told me quite a few stories, and that I did a good job listening. It felt relieving to no longer be the detective.

I always thought being found was more pleasant than finding out. To my right, on the other side of the wire fence, I noticed the cows huddling together for their daily drink of water. How fascinating was that! In the distance, a few more cows were sauntering in my direction, mooing loudly. I could never write what I saw. I only saw trees I started writing rhyming phrases and I started hearing melodies that went along with the phrases. Who is your biggest inspiration?

My inspiration?

Sweet Nectar an Anthology of Poetry by Cindy Smith-Jordan

How would you classify your style? Are you working on anything now? I just cannot express how thankful I am. Every single nice comment I have ever received I am blown away by the amazing way everyone responded to it. To think what started as a simple song about a sad girl turned into something that transformed my prep year! An unparalleled story, unexpected turning points, incredible depth of characters combined with magnificent weaving of story lines and most of all, originality; especially in the names of the books.

At first you may think that this is just another ordinary fantasy book without anything special found within its pages, but once you start devouring the content, you will undoubtedly find yourself two hundred pages further than you were before you began, and you will not have even felt the time pass! The end of every chapter reveals something that truly catches your interest and compels you to continue reading so you find out more about it and finally uncover the mystery.

But the intrigue does not stop at the end of every chapter or book, since there is a climax that makes the story even more tangled and confusing, with more and more secrets added to the puzzle every chapter. One of the biggest differences of A Game of Thrones compared with most modern novels is that Martin successfully makes up for main. From experience, while reading the books, the best thing to do is to not have any favorite characters, especially from the second book on.

At a certain point I ended up throwing my copy across the room in disbelief of how far Martin dared to go - he himself said that once a character be-. Some of the characters that are considered immortal in the beginning slowly develop into very fragile characters that are subsequently killed, and many characters that are considered sinful in the beginning become good ones as the books develop further and further, so you will have a lot of changes of heart in your affection towards different characters.

Wardens of the North which is similar to North America and is the biggest territory controlled by a House in the Seven Kingdoms. They are introduced like honorable and honest people. A lot of the fans thought that the book would be about them being the House that wins everything, but this was not true. Actually, House Stark has suffered the most throughout the books. This adds an element of dramatic irony when the next character walks into a trap set by the previous one - another unique trait of these books.

Actually the directors have done incredible work on recreating the important moments in the book, and the cast is doing very well by successfully recreating the emotions and the actions of the characters in the books. The only big difference - and this maybe the only bad thing about the TV production - is the differences in the plot that occur in the second season. The story is set in a fictional world and mainly develops on the continent of Westeros The Americas and Essos Europe and Asia , where there are only two seasons - summer and winter which last from two to ten years.

Everything begins at the end of a summer that lasted for ten years, and now winter is coming. First we are introduced to the House Stark of Winterfell - the. A Song of Ice and Fire is truly addictive. I would even go as far as to argue that author of A Song of Ice and Fire is better than many fantasy writers in the past, including author of The Lord of the Rings, J. The music covers a wide span of genres including gospel, rock, and your typical musical theatre comedy style.

The plot exudes an Edward Scissorhands feel. The theme is satirical. The humor and morals are very clear. Despite my reservations, from the onset there was a low buzz about the show. Because the story and the music are so unusual, I find myself regaling others with analysis of the plot and playing the music for them to enjoy. After working on the show for about a month, I can see how the cast can really turn everything around. Everyone who is in any way, shape, or form a part of the show is putting their whole heart into every piece of it. There is a feeling of family amongst everyone, and we all work to push each other to be the best we can be in every rehearsal.

We sound amazing as we jump around the stage singing about cows, houses, and murder. Every show has a process and a basic schedule, and for Bat Boy, the process is going flawlessly. We, as a cast, are right on schedule.

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Sweet Nectar an Anthology of Poetry

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Which 'Love and Relationships' Poems Compare Well?

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Sweet Nectar an Anthology of Poetry

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