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Sun Tzu. Thus, when able to attack, we must seem unable. Hold out bait to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him.

If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is quick to anger, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. Read widely in the east since its appearance 2, years ago, The Art of War first came to the West with a French Jesuit in It has been studied by generals from Napoleon to Rommel, and it is still required reading in most military academies of the world.

Although it was meant to be a practical guide to warfare in the age of chariots, many corporate and government leaders have successfully applied its lessons to battles in the modern dog-eat-dog world. Sun Tzu covers all aspects of war in his time, from strategy and tactics to the proper use of terrain and spies. In this version, Sun Tzu's lessons are brought to life with commentaries from ancient Chinese history, which illustrate both the philosophy and the principles of his teachings.

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Today, men like these still strike from the shadows. They are highly prized intelligence agents, military operatives, and assassins. One man is all three. Two days ago, that man was crossed—badly. Now, far from home and surrounded by his enemy, Scot Harvath must battle his way out. With no support, no cavalry coming, and no one even aware of where he is, it will take everything he has ever learned to survive. Harvath wants revenge.

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Espiritualidad emocionalmente sana. Peter Scazzero. En este libro, Scazzero resume su jornada y los signos reveladores de una espiritualidad emocionalmente enferma. La Sombra del Viento. Oraciones a mi Rey. Sheri Rose Shepherd.

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Rick Warren. Victor Hugo Manzanilla. The Magicians. Beyond that, Quentin's life is dull until he finds himself admitted to a very secret, exclusive college of magic in Upstate New York, where he receives a thorough and rigorous education in the practice of modern sorcery. Game of Thrones. Based on the characters from Archie Comics, Riverdale is a bold drama with a subversive take on a surreal, small-town life.

As a new school year begins, the town of Riverdale is reeling from the tragic death of high school golden boy Jason Blossom — and nothing feels the same. High Maintenance. To his clients, he is simply known as 'The Guy,' a bike-riding pot-delivery man played by Ben Sinclair who brings viewers into the homes and routines of a variety of NYC characters, each with a different compelling reason for doing business with him. Bless This Mess. A single camera comedy about a newlywed couple who gives up their drab and unfulfilling lives in NYC and moves to Nebraska to live a simpler life.

The Flash. This lightning-paced super hero drama follows the high-speed adventures of the Fastest Man Alive. Moriah have been rejected from contemporary versions of the Passion. Retained, however, are tableaux which show Joseph riding a sedan chair as vizir of Egypt and another which supposedly represents the scapegoat offering of Yom Kippur.

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Following the tableaux, the stage is swarming with action as priests and Pharisees bring mobs from every direction. Pilate gives Jesus another hearing then offers the people a choice between Jesus and Barabbas. They demand and receive a final judgement on Christ. Act 14 The Way of the Cross. The final segment of the Passion is introduced by a more sublime image of the Akedah , or binding of Isaac.

In this tableau, the boy, like Jesus, carries wood on his back as he and Abraham climb Mt. Another frieze, showing Moses and a bronze serpent intertwined about the cross has been deleted. When the chorus withdraws from the stage Christ bears his cross to Golgotha. As he passes through the streets he encounters his mother, Veronica, and Simon of Cyrene. The women of Jerusalem weep for him.

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  6. Act 15 Jesus on Calvary. For the first time the chorus appears in black traditional mourning garb. There is no tableau.

    Pasion del Gallo Indomable (Signed)

    He is mocked by members of the Sanhedrin and the soldiers and utters his last words. The legs of the criminals are broken. A soldier pierces the side of Christ with a lance and blood gushes forth. Jesus' followers slowly and reverently take down the body and lay it before his mother in a replica of the Pieta.

    The Sanhedrin insists that guards be posted before the tomb which is to hold Christ's body. Act 16 Resurrection and Apotheosis. For the first time, action precedes a tableau. Roman guards see a light at the tomb. Mary Magdalene and the other women encounter an angel and recite the same lines as Quem Quaeritis. The final tableau shows Jesus resplendent in white with his apostles, angels, the Virgin Mary, and Moses. The Passion ends with a proclamation by the chorus. It was staged a total of days and ran from May 15 until October 3 that year.

    It started at am and ended at pm with a meal break. Admission fees were first charged in Since , the number of visitors has ranged from , to , Most tickets are sold as part of a package with one or two nights' accommodation. The play continues to be staged every ten years, in the last year of each decade — that is, the year whose numeral ends with a zero; hence, the next performances will be in However, these regular performances at ten-year intervals have been punctuated with additional performances such as those of over and above the regular schedule to commemorate the th anniversary of the original vow, and again in over and above the regular performances of and in celebration of the th anniversary of the first performance.

    There were at least two years in which the scheduled performance did not take place, and one that was postponed for two years:. Oberammergau's original parish church proved to be far too small for performances of the Passion Play, so it was decided to hold the Play in the graveyard of the church, before the graves of the villagers who had died in the plague.

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    4. The fame of the Play must have spread quickly to the surrounding towns and villages for as early as , records show that seats were to be provided for the audience. Over the following years sets and stage mechanics were added to the simple wooden stage structure. By the middle of the 18th century it was obvious that the graveyard was also too small and a new venue was found on a field close by; however, the stage had to be specially built every year of the Play.

      The first permanent stage seems to have been built in to a design by the then-local parish priest. In he was asked to help build a new, larger stage on the site of the present theatre. When it rained the audience got wet: umbrellas would have obscured the view of people sitting behind them.

      However, in a new, purpose-built theatre was built and, apart from some of the scenes on the side of the stage, it would have looked much as it does today. It was ready in time for the performance, with the six-arched hall capable of holding over spectators. The theatre was enlarged in time for the and seasons and whilst it was considered ugly and uncomfortable it was praised for its superb acoustics and sight of the stage. It has now been transformed - new more comfortable seating has been installed along with under-floor heating; cloakrooms have been extended; the foyer made accessible for wheelchair users; exhibition areas added; safety and toilet facilities improved.

      Previous versions of the play were anti-Semitic in character, blaming the Jews for the "murder" of Christ. A review in the Jewish newspaper " The Forward " stated: "It is undeniably true that the play was virulently antisemitic through most of its history, and that it gained an extra dose of notoriety after Hitler endorsed the production. In the s, Oberammergau invited representatives from Jewish organizations to revise the play, and revisions were approved by a Christian theological advisor.

      He was supported by the artistic team that, along with him, staged the Passion Play: deputy director and dramatic adviser Otto Huber, set and costume designer Stefan Hageneier and music director Markus Zwink and conductor Michael Bocklet - all from Oberammergau. The play started each day at This was an innovation, since previous productions had been performed in the morning and afternoon with a break for lunch.

      The changes to the play since World War II have included the manner in which the play presents the charge of deicide , collective guilt, supersessionism and typology, as well as the following:. The special jubilee season of the Oberammergau Passion Play in , marking the th anniversary of the original vow to stage the play every ten years thereafter, was the first and only performance after the Nazi regime's rise to power the previous year. Among other things, the Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda ordered the official poster for the jubilee season amended to include the message "Deutschland ruft dich!

      Official propaganda described the Passion Play as "peasant drama An attempt to rewrite the Passion Play script to bring it into line with Nazi ideology was rejected, however, by the more conservative element. Will she kill herself? Or, will she eat some ham? But, there was nothing vaguely derivative about this mysterious, sparkling new work. Sanger, by the way, was superb in his absorption of the title character. Azzurra Ardovini in Young Man! The young man of the title is played by a girl — in this case, the captivating presence of Azzurra Ardovini — who spent the opening section, angrily and unhappily alone in a dingy room.

      Marivi Da Silva in Young Man! But, not so; instead of leading the young man up the stairs to a Paris rooftop for a suicide by hanging, this interloping seductress does it with a shot of heroin. O Maria is set in the kitchen, where virtually all family life, across southern Europe, takes place. The image of the Virgin Mary is channelled into the Sevillana home of an unhappy couple Ardovini and Da Silva who are quite literally bound together by societal and religious convention.

      He must be the only man to have played a drag artiste and the Virgin Mary on the same show! Phil Sanger in O Maria.