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Time limits provide students with structure and enhance and maintain a positive learning environment. Teacher has implemented appropriate measures to address challenging behaviours. She has instigated open communication and sought advice from relevant pastoral and KLA leaders to deal with classroom discipline problems quickly, fairly and respectfully, initiating contact with parents and actively seeking support.

Teacher also gives extensive feedback on all aspects of student achievement and behaviour to pastoral and academic stakeholders and parents. Comments address a number of Descriptors and provide examples of how teacher demonstrated and continues to meet quality teaching. Teacher ensures student safety in his classroom, during fieldwork and when students are interacting in virtual environments. He takes care to ensure that excursion risk assessments are completed to meet all requirements.

Digital learning tasks are carefully designed to ensure that students are responsible and ethical in their use of ICT. During an observed lesson, teacher modelled appropriate internet searching and referencing skills for students to apply to their own research. Teacher keeps accurate and focused records of student achievement that she uses when reporting to parents and at stage and learning support meetings. She is aware of school policies and meets deadlines for mandatory reporting.

Teacher uses SENA testing, running records, and literacy and numeracy continuums to assess students accurately and then differentiate her instruction. Teacher provides timely and effective feedback to students and parents about learning and behavioural goals. Comments are concise but reflect on knowledge and practice and how assessment data is used to inform teaching practice. Teacher clearly plans for assessment using both formal and informal assessment.

Teacher participates in professional moderation of assessment with the teaching team to ensure consistency in teacher judgement. Teacher analyses assessment data and responds to areas of need by modifying future programming. Teacher provides opportunities for students to reflect on their learning and determines the most appropriate form of feedback. Teacher is professional in reporting to students, parents and carers with accurate and clear information about achievement and areas for development.

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During an observed lesson, teacher led her students through a structured reflection process when returning student work that she had assessed. Comments reflect on actions, understanding of data and effective communication to key stakeholders. Teacher reflects on her teaching performance and develops an accurate self-analysis as a result, enabling her to identify areas in her practice where she feels professional learning would be helpful.

Teacher is actively committed to keeping up with current educational initiatives and pedagogy. She seeks advice from colleagues and supervisors and listens and learns from the expertise of others. Teacher involves herself in professional learning opportunities using the aspects of the school management plan, professional learning courses, staff and stage meetings, and school development days. She completes between-session tasks from workshops to integrate her learning into classroom practice.

Refers to specific engagement in PD as well as collegial discussions to share knowledge and develop teaching practice. Teacher frequently engages in professional discussions with other colleagues as a means of improving his teaching practice. He has effectively incorporated comments from lesson observations as a means of furthering his professional development. He actively seeks resources that will enhance teaching and learning for students.

He has participated in a range of professional learning activities throughout the year and has demonstrated the ability to incorporate his learning into his teaching practice and to share knowledge and resources with his colleagues. Teacher regularly reflects on her practice using the APST as the benchmark.

She actively engages in school-based professional learning opportunities and has effectively implemented strategies from the guided inquiry workshop to improve student learning outcomes. Teacher effectively participates in her annual review process, applying the feedback received from colleagues to her practice. This was evident in the observed Year 7 English lesson, where her use of open-ended questioning was significantly improved.

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She has contributed to collegial discussion online and in team meetings, and applied constructive feedback from lesson observations to improve her pedagogy in the classroom. Teacher has provided feedback to her colleagues through our National Partnerships program in reciprocal teacher reflection and discussion. Teacher has communicated effectively and appropriately with parents of the school community by various modes of communication, including letters to parents, Facebook, information evenings and whole-school assemblies.

Teacher has engaged in wider communication outside the school community to benefit the teachers and students of the school. Identifies demonstration of most Descriptors throughout the whole school community in a number of ways. Teacher has established and maintained relationships with parents of her students based on mutual understanding, respect and trust. Teacher welcomes parent involvement in her classroom and maintains open dialogue with both parents and students. She respects the confidentiality of student information and follows mandatory guidelines with regard to student welfare, reporting and communication with stakeholders.

She regularly networks with other early career teachers and specialist staff within and outside her school to share teaching experiences and improve classroom practice. The personal information captured in this form is used for the sole purpose of sharing this page. It will not be stored, used or disclosed by NESA for any other purpose, unless it is authorised by law. Web Content Viewer Display content menu Display portlet menu. Media Releases. News Stories. Official Notices. Supervisor report sample Display content menu Display portlet menu. Download this page Print this page Share this page.

Share this page. Write a message. Complementary Content. Addresses most of the Descriptors. Effective comments on differentiation. Integrates programming and lesson planning with ongoing PD of knowledge and pedagogy. No reference to 2. Strong example of how feedback informs practice and forms of assessment. Some tendency towards 5. Concise comments that link to a number of Standard 3 Descriptors. Addresses 4—6 Descriptors in the Standard. Identifies specific actions that demonstrate the Standard.

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Standard 2: Know the content and how to teach it

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