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For example, you might always use a time-out for hitting. Even very young children will be upset if they see other children not being treated in the same way as them.

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Keep consequences short The advantage of short consequences is that you quickly give your child an opportunity to try again and to behave in a way that you like. For example, if you turn off the television for 10 minutes because children are fighting over it, they quickly get another opportunity to solve the problem in a different way.

And a long consequence can end up being worse for you than for your child — for example, a child deprived of her bike for a week is likely to get bored and cranky! This gives him a chance to change his behaviour. The exception to giving a warning before a consequence is where you have a well-established family rule. There might be important rules where a consequence immediately comes after your child breaks the rule. When you do need to follow through with a consequence, it will work better if the consequence happens as soon as possible after the behaviour.


Consequences just feel unfair to them. Skip to content Skip to navigation. About consequences A consequence is something that happens after your child behaves in a particular way. Behaviour and consequences When it comes to consequences, there are three common scenarios: Your child behaves in a particular way and gets a positive consequence. This increases the likelihood of the behaviour happening in the same circumstances in the future.

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For example, you praise your child for sitting and eating his meal at the table. A proposition collected from the agreement of other previous propositions; any conclusion which results from reason or argument; inference. Dexter Mills, better known as Consequence, is an American rapper. Song lyrics by consequence -- Explore a large variety of song lyrics performed by consequence on the Lyrics.

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