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There was a small handwritten sign at the front of the case. Play with me, please! She realized that it was really warm in the shop and decided to go look at something else.

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A quick search located a corner full of more traditional lingerie made of silk and lace, so she stayed there, instead. Her head popped out from one of the aisles farthest back with a huge grin on her face. How did she get back here? She glanced back that the silk corner, almost expecting to see herself there, then back at the sex maniac. It was getting warmer and warmer in this place, she realized, and idly tugged her tee-shirt out of her pants. There was sweat beading on her forehead, and she was breathing warm and deep as she looked at the mannequin.

Why did they leave her breasts out? Was it to keep from mashing them flat or to give her pores room to breathe, maybe? There was an electric tingle at her own chest, and she looked down to find her nipples both standing at attention, and her own hand cruelly pinching one of them. Blushing, she pulled her hand away and decided to go see what the twins had found, idly rubbing her hands over her breasts as she glanced back at the sex maniac. She rounded the aisle and found the twins circling around a mannequin on a round platform, staring at it in awe-struck wonder.

It was a girl mannequin, and it was wearing Her head was shaved but for a single mohawk stripe along the middle, and she was wearing a bit and bridle with straps all around her head and under her chin to hold her jaw closed around the steel bit and a pair of blinkers by her eyes. They raised her way up onto her very toes and the hooves shined bright gold. Her waist was cinched in a broad leather belt with four straps that seemed to function as a corset and as an anchor for all the straps that criss-crossed over her form.

Some of the straps went under and over her breasts, lifting and separating them, and holding them in place. Two others went down between her legs, to either side of her smooth sex, leaving it exposed for all to see, then they joined at a ring and a single strap came up between her cheeks to connect to the back of the belt. The ring was placed perfectly over her anus, and through it came the long artificial hairs of a tail that was held in place by a butt-plug under the ring. Her arms were held behind her back in a cruel-looking rig with leather mittens that locked at the wrists and were secured together way up between her shoulder blades so that her elbows came together.

Her arms, from wrist to elbow, were then strapped together and the whole rig was secured with more straps to the belt and over her shoulders.

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This all had the effect of arching her back and thrusting her chest out, proudly displaying her tits Bright golden large-gage rings that were at least a couple of inches in diameter and sported bright golden bells hanging from each. Sara could just hear the bells tinkling in her head as the pony-girl pranced around a meadow Her hands were back on her own nipples, tugging and stroking them as she panted heavy.

The twins were stroking themselves all over, staring at the display and were blushing furiously. One hand wandered down to her own sex and rubbed, relieving the building ache there. It was the complete and utter helplessness of it. A wild thing captured, stripped, her will broken, trained to be nothing more than a pet But not like this. Maybe the twins would go for this, but not her Slowly, without disturbing the twins, she turned and walked out of the aisle.

She wanted to see the sex maniac again The very idea of it drew her in She wondered idly if the thing had a dildo inside and absentmindedly started to rock her hips against her hand. Everyone was quiet for a long while, staring blankly at the objects of their fantasies and stroking themselves, until the silence — and their concentration — was broken.

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Sara jumped and turned towards the high-pitched voice to see a girl in a sort of deputy costume standing near the back in the middle of the floor. She had two long blond braids down to belly, bright emerald eyes, and perfectly tanned skin. She wore a black leather vest over her ample chest and a pair of black silk panties cut high that had a Texas longhorn skull printed on the front. The vest held a silver star on her left side and three store name tags on the right. Her belly was left bare and was perfectly flat and trim.

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She had a pair of black leather chaps over her tanned legs that went down to a pair of black leather boots with intricate silver stitching. Each boot had a holster inside with a pair of guns, and she had a fancy black leather double-holster hanging off her hips with two more. Strangely enough, she was standing there looking at Sara in open-mouthed shock. Come out here so I can see you! Is that your natural color? I gotta ask this, I just gotta ask!

You ready? Just because this They looked more like science-fiction laser pistols with different colored barrels and an odd glow coming from somewhere deep inside the handles. No six-shooters? The deputy looked down at her guns and then up at her, shrugging. These are so much more fun. Soon, I was offered light drugs like marijuana, acid blotters and ecstasy. Drugs helped me avoid my problems and allowed me to fly through the days either without feeling anything at all or by letting me feel things that had nothing to do with my daily life.

I would take them with boys who offered it to me in exchange for sex and they all thought that it was the drug I was after when I think I wanted some love and affection. The drugs were just a nice bonus. When I turned 16, my dad died of rectal cancer gone general. I had known he had problems on the toilet for years but we never thought it was something that awful. He refused all treatments and chose to simply die at our home, peacefully. In reality, he simply screamed orders at my mother all day long since he rarely left his bed.

He had a colostomy and it disgusted him profoundly until he died. She mourned for him for years like a normal widow, but in an excessive manner.

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She stopped making meals altogether, but continued buying the same groceries as when we were three in the house, letting a lot of the food spoil. Sorry it took so long to get there. He was one of the guys who used to give me drugs but he liked to have it a little rougher. We started visiting a local BDSM dungeon where he would tie me up and whip me or spank me. In the beginning, I thought it was weird, but it was something to do and he really seemed to like me.

Plus, I was stoned most of the time and barely felt anything. He was just a guy I frequently saw. I should have followed him, but I guess I was already too stoned to do so. I met a few people. A few weeks later, I began returning alone, if only to feel welcomed somewhere. I simply was a reject of society, a complete wreck. But I met Frank fake name. Frank was one of the masters visiting the dungeon.

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He was single but he wanted a full time slave girl to live with him. He wanted a full time slave to keep in his loft in a committed relationship. I think he had noticed me the first time I went to the dungeon with my ex, but perhaps he looked at all girls as possible future slaves. All I know was that he paid a lot of attention to me when I was there alone.

He did a lot of bondage demonstrations using me as a model and even practiced his suspensions on me which I kind of liked. I had stopped seeing my ex since he had gotten banned and I was now cut off from my supply of both drugs and sex to get my mind off of my solitude. So I began to open to him and one day, after he proposed for the 40th time or so to have me as a slave full time, I simply said yes. I left with him to reach his loft. The rest of the loft was occupied mostly by home-made bondage equipment, apart for a king size bed. He told me that he wanted a house slave.

We went over my limits but I am not sure I was really sure of what I was getting into. I mostly checked no on his list on a few things I was scared off, stuff like branding and needles or tattoos. He did have to explain a few of them to me. I guess today that my motivation was mostly to live somewhere with someone who would care for me and Frank was the closest I could find.

We talked a lot and the next day we went to my house so I could pick up my things and say goodbye to my mother who was obviously unconcerned that I was moving away. Frank carefully helped me pack my few things in boxes for storage and in all seriousness, asked me to strip naked. At first, I felt ashamed, but a few soothing words from Frank helped me calm down. He boxed my clothes too and I ended up not wearing anything until the day I decided it was enough, 16 months later. Well, I did wear panties during my periods, but otherwise, I was fully naked around the clock, for more than a year.

Frank works in a factory on shifts. He sometimes works the night shift, sometimes works the day shift, etc…. What is to be done? The loss of memory and its fragmentation is the same pattern seen in those with alters who lack integration with the core personality. Alters, by contrast, appear to be structured to handle and absorb trauma, retaining a level of rationality and coherence, even in the split. This is not to propose some new agey, generic dissolution of individual, on the contrary, the individual psyche needs to be unified, coherent and integrated.

If God exists, then the faculty that exists for unification and integration through the knowledge of God cannot be ignored. All these elements relate to various instances of childhood trauma in relation to his father figure, embodying the masculine archetype, and thus turning it into a perversion. Although the film does not explicitly mention the occult or forms of witchcraft, the imagery in the psychosphere is explicitly alchemical and at least representative of esoteric themes. Lo away. The jumbled and inverted sexuality and gender perspectives of Stragher have given way to a host of confused alters who presumably exhibit bi-sexual tendencies given his necrophilia and childhood desire to be a woman.

Lo as the Virgin Mary and some Hindu-esque Lakshmi. Stabbing the demon with a sword oddly phallic and hermaphroditic , J. Lo reintegrates the core persona and rids the possessed stragher of his demonic overlord. Presumably the underdeveloped core persona got a glance at that J. Lo backside, and realized a nice derriere should not be ritually sacrificed.

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Lo from sex slavery. Preposterous and visually alluring, The Cell is both repulsive and spiritually insightful. Good article, crappy movie. Babalawos carry a lot of weight in society over there. Even Castro was said to indulge in it despite banning religion at one point. It would not surprise me in the least if JLo was practicing Santaria in an attempt to boost her career. Reblogged this on TheFlippinTruth. The ad is ideological used to promote behaviour that leads to increasing acquisition of goods — typically cluster b personality disorder behaviour as shown in this Malteasers ad vomited all over UK youtube where the heroine uses Maltesers to break some very bad news to her cheating boyfriend.

This is positive reinforcement for narcissistic personality disorder NPD traits entitlement, obliviousness, depersonalisation people as disposable objects, cruelty, acting out and omniscience over the partner. They invoke the spirits. They light black candles, and red and blue candles. I only saw from a distance. But at services, they do special meals.

They offer meals to the bad spirits, and light candles, invoking with words. Damian Hirst, the guy who sliced and preserved animals in formaldehyde in the name of young British art. Apparently the young woman who played the victim that J. This curtailed how much she could be immersed in the torture scenes. Singh went on a tirade about it for most of his commentary. It kind of turned me off to the film in general and I never wanted to re-watch it. Pingback: Bringing the nous into the heart Patristic Charismata.

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