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Fang, J. Margot, M. Brozovic, et al. Fassett, S. Kadish, J. Head, et al. Mouret, F. Mignard, , Monthly Notices Royal Astronomical Society , , , "Detecting the Yarkovsky effect with the Gaia mission: list of the most promising candidates. It would generate a catalog of objects and accurate infrared measurements to provide a better understanding of small bodies that cross our planet's orbit.

Amy Mainzer of JPL is principal investigator. By using two heat-sensitive infrared imaging channels, NEOCam can make accurate measurements of NEO sizes and can gain valuable information about their composition, shapes, rotational states, and orbits. See also: 4 May Presentations: In Session 1 : - D. Morrison, "Historical overview of the cosmic impact hazard. Crowther, R. Report on the international NEOShield project to address impact hazard mitigation issues, contained in a proposal to the European Commission FP7 Space Programme Call , entitled Prevention of impacts from near-Earth objects on our planet.

In Session 2 : - A. Harris, , "Update of estimated NEO population and current survey completion. Yeomans, A. Chamberlin, , "Comparing the Earth impact flux from comets and near-Earth asteroids. Wainscoat, R. Jedicke, L. Denneau, et al. Hestroffer, D. Bancelin, W. Thuillot, P. Hildebrand, B. Gladman, E.

Tedesco, et al. Abell, R. Mink, J. Garvin, et al. Michel, , "Physical properties of Near-Earth Objects that inform mitigation. Benner, L. Benner, , "Radar tracking and Near-Earth Object characteristics. Milani, F. Bernardi, D. Farnocchia, G. Valsecchi, , " RQ36 impact risk and modeling the long-term Yarkovsky effect. Chesley, , "Asteroid impact hazard assessment over long time intervals. Longo, L. Gasperini, E. Bonatti, et al. Mueller, , "Creating awareness — the impact hazard in public education. Curricula content, students' interests and concepts and educational implementation.

Boslough, , "Airburst warning and response. Gisler, , "Calculation of the impact of a small asteroid on a continental shelf. Isvoranu, S. Danaila, V. Badescu, , "Dynamics of tsunamis generated by asteroid impact in the Black Sea. Ferrier, J. Moschetta, et al. Grundmann, S. Mottola, M. Drentschew, et al. Zimmer, E. Messerschmid, , "Target selection and mission analysis of human exploration missions to near-earth asteroids. Sugimoto, G. Radice, J. Sanchez, , "Effects of NEO composition on deflection methodologies. Foster, J. Bellerose, D. Mauro, J. Belgacem, , "Mission concepts and operations for asteroid mitigation involving multiple Gravity Tractors.

Melamed, , "Development of a handbook and an on-line tool on defending Earth against potentially hazardous objects. Galvez, I. Carnelli, , "ESA asteroid mission studies: what have we learnt? Wagner, B. Zhang, C. Granier, E. Ball, L. Kochmanski, S.

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Howe, , "Near Earth Object interception using nuclear thermal rocket propulsion. Housen, K. Holsapple, , "Measuring the momentum transfer for asteroid deflections. Golubov, Y. Klesh, T. Yoshimitsu, T. Kubota, , "Improved navigation techniques for asteroid landers and impactors.

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Jewitt, H. Weaver, M. Mutchler, et al. Kikwaya, M. Campbell-Brown, P. Pinter, A. Scott, T. Daulton, et al. Natheus, M. Gaffey, S. Turrini, G. Magni, A. Usui, D. Kuroda, T. Technical presentation: - W. Foust, , thespacereview. Herd, A. Blinova, D. Simkus, , Science , , , "Origin and evolution of prebiotic organic matter as inferred from the Tagish Lake Meteorite. Schmitz, P. Heck, C. Alwmark, et al. Bailer-Jones, , Monthly Notices Royal Astronomical Society , , , "Bayesian time series analysis of terrestrial impact cratering.

Christou, D. Duffard, K. Kumar, S. Pirrotta, et al. Hergenrother, R. Le Feuvre, M. Wieczorek, M. Magri, E. Howell, M. Nolan, et al, , Icarus, , , "Radar and photometric observations and shape modeling of contact binary near-Earth asteroid HW1. Vaduvescu, A. Tudorica, M. Birlan, et al.

Zeng, H. Baoyin, J. Siregar, , arXiv Anton M. See also: Cowen, , Nature , , , " Dawn nears Vesta. Ref: - C. Russell, C. Raymond, A. Coradini, et al. Jaumann, D. Williams, D. Buczkowski, et al. Marchi, H. McSween, D. O'Brien, et al. Schenk, D. O'Brien, S. Marchi, et al. De Sanctis, E.

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Ammannito, M. Capria, et al. Nathues, L. Le Corre, et al. Raymond, R. Jaumann, et al. Morocco Fireball seen 18 July over Tata Morocco. The fireball yields rare Mars meteorites. The large brown iron-nickel meteorite juts out from beneath a larger granite slab and the portion above ground measures about 2.

Appendix: A Gallery of Archetypes

The meteorite's mass could range between 25 to 30 tons, which would make it one of the largest meteorites known. If so, this space rock would surpass the current largest one in China, a ton meteorite that was discovered in in the same region. See also: 26 July Connors, P. Wiegert, C. Veillet, 28 July , Nature , , , "Earth's Trojan asteroid". Its orbit is stable over at least ten thousand years. Additional literature: - M.

Dvorak, C. Lhotka, L. Possible regions of stability for other Earth Trojan asteroids. Houtkooper, , Planetary and Space Science , 59, , "Glaciopanspermia: Seeding the terrestrial planets with life? Karatekin, V. Dehant, , Planetary and Space Science, 59, , "Effects of impacts on the atmospheric evolution: comparison between Mars, Earth, and Venus. Among the presentations: - L. Jones, , "A synergistic strategy for robotic and human NEO exploration. Koschny, G. Biele, , "Present and future exploration of primitive bodies at the German Aerospace Center. Randolph, , " NEO Surveyor. Callahan, K.

Smith, H. Cleaves, et al. National Academy of Sciences of the U. Baoyin, Y. Chen, J. Presentations: - J. Nuth, , "SBAG roadmap. Science issues. Zolensky, P. Weissman, , "Sample return roadmap. Fernandez, , "Roadmap: population identification characterization. Green, L. Johnson, , "Planetary Science Division activities with small bodies. Abell, , "Roadmap for human exploration of small bodies. Kerr, , Science , , , " Hayabusa gets to the bottom of deceptive asteroid cloaking.

Krot, , Science , , , "Bringing part of an asteroid back home. Nakamura, T. Noguchi, M. Tanaka, et al. Yurimoto, K, Abe, M. Abe, et al. Ebihara, S. Sekimoto, N. Shirai, et al. Noguchi, T. Nakamura, M. Kimura, et al. Tsuchiyama, M. Uesugi, T. Matsushima, et al. Nagao, R. Okazaki, T. Nakamura, et al. Dell'Oro, S. Marchi, P. Paolicchi, , Monthly Notices Royal Astronomical Society , Letters, , L26, "Collisional evolution of near-Earth asteroids and refreshing of the space-weathering effects.

Moreno, J. Licandro, J. Ortiz, et al. Thomas, D. Trilling, J. Emery, et al. Average albedo by taxonomic complex in the Near-Earth Asteroid population. Yang, J. Goldstein, E. Scott, et al. Willbold, T. Elliott, S. Other presentations: - J. Brophy, F. Culick, L. Friedman, et al. Brophy, L. Friedman, F. Culick, et al. Culick, July 9, , "Asteroid retrieval mission feasibility study. See also: 28 September , 27 September Congress in Bauer, et al.

Elvis, J. McDowell, J. Hoffman, R. Binzel, , Planetary and Space Science , 59, , "Ultra-low delta- v objects and the human exploration of asteroids. Forgan, E.

Introduction: Data Politics Beyond Liberation and Protection?

Martin, , International Journal of Astrobiology , 10, , "Extrasolar asteroid mining as forensic evidence for extraterrestrial intelligence. Li, X. Zeng, , Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics , 11, , "Utilization of H-reversal trajectory of solar sail for asteroid deflection. Medvedev, , Solar System Research , 45, , "Determination of the orbits of near-Earth asteroids from observations at the first opposition. Pratesi, V. Shuvalov, I. Trubetskaya, , Solar System Research , 45, , "Numerical simulation of high-velocity ejecta following comet and asteroid impacts: preliminary results.

Vaduvescu, M. Birlan, A. Tudorica, et al. Wolters, A. Ball, N. Wells, et al. Some contributions: - M. Morbidelli, W. Bottke, et al. Bernardi, G. Valsecchi, D. Farnocchia, , p. Binzel, , p. Busch, L. Benner, D. Scheeres, et al. Consolmagno, D. Britt, R. Macke, , p. Consolmagno, C. Opeil, D. Britt, , p. DeMeo, S. Greenstreet, B. Gladman, R. Gayon-Markt, M.

Delbo, A. Morbidelli, , p. Granvik, J. Vaubaillon, R. Jedicke, , p. Greenstreet, H. Ngo, B. Gladman, et al. Jopek, , p. Mueller, D. Hasegawa, M. Abe, , p. Naidu, J. Busch, et al. Perozzi, A. Rossi, G. Valsecchi, , p. Schunova, M. Granvik, R. Jedicke, et al. Statler, , p. Emery, , p. Valsecchi, G. Gronchi, , p. Draconid meteor shower , left-overs from the tail of comet Giacobini-Zinner, observed from ESA Falcon research airplanes.

Halevy, W. Fischer, J. Eiler, , Proc. Meeus, M. Drummen, September , Zenit , " Ganymed in aantocht. See also: 13 October Osinski, L. Tornabene, R. Grieve, , Earth and Planetary Science Letters , , , "Impact ejecta emplacement on terrestrial planets. See also: 17 October Sierks, P. Lamy, C. Barbieri, et al. Breiter, A. Benner, P. Taylor, et al. Hicks, J. Somers, T. Truong, et al. Kimberley, K. Masiero, A. Preliminary albedos and diameters. Popescu, M.

Birlan, R. Binzel, et al. New Arecibo Observatory and Goldstone radar observations on 7 and 8 November confirmed a spherical shape. On 19 January , asteroid YU55 will pass Venus at a nominal distance of 0. Hicks, K. Lawrence, L. Taylor, M. Nolan, E. Howell, et al. Moskovitz, B. Yang, L. Lim, et al. Lim, J.

Timeline Italy thru

Emery, N. Moskovitz, M. Warner, R.

Agenzia investigativa Atlantica: Investigatore Privato Roma

Stephens, J. Brinsfield, et al. Moskovitz, et al. Mueller, T. Miyata, C. Kiss, M. Gurwell, et al. See also: 12 August , 8 November The workshop did frame the Global Exploration Roadmap, with overviews of NASA's plans for human spaceflight, including exploration missions to an asteroid and Mars. Charles F. Bolden Jr. The NEOShield project, which formally commences in 1 January , covers investigation of physical properties of NEOs, mitigation methods, technology development, demonstration missions, and a global response campaign roadmap.

Bancelin, F. Colas, W. Thuillot, et al. Alecian, K. Belkacem, R. Valls-Gabaud eds. Bancelin, D. Hestrofer, W. Thuillot, , in: G. Clark, R. Binzel, E. Emel'Yanenko, S. Naroenkov, B. Ksanfomality, , Solar System Research , 45, , "Dynamical evolution of the nucleus of comet Hartley 2 and asteroid Itokawa. Lomakin, M. Martynov, V. Pol', A. Simonov, , Solar System Research , 45, , "Asteroid hazard, real problems and practical actions.

Lu, , Scientific American , , 16, "Stop the killer rocks. Prado, A. Perret, O. Boisard, , Advances in Space Research , 48, , "Deflecting Apophis with a flotilla of solar shields. Sandford, , in: J. Bachiller eds. Vemazza, P. Lamy, O. Groussin, et al. Draft recommendations of the Action Team on Near-Earth Objects for an international response to the near-Earth object impact threat. Burleigh, H. Melosh, L. Tornabene, et al. Margot, , Astronomical Journal , , 24, "Near-Earth binaries and triples: origin and evolution of spin-orbital properties.

Margot, , Astronomical Journal , , 25, "Binary asteroid encounters with terrestrial planets: timescales and effects. Presentations: Session 1. Visible and near-infrared observations. Howell, R. Vervack, et al. Birlan, M. Popescu, F. Colas, A. Session 2. Thermal and radar observations and dynamics.

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  • Emery, , "Thermal characterization of surfaces of small asteroids. Green, , "Constraints on thermal inertia of FG3 using a rough surface thermophysical model. Campins, J. Morbidelli, et al. Michel, , "Possible formation mechanism of binary asteroids and which assumptions can we make on their regolith properties. Session 3. Shape models and meteorite comparison. Vernazza, , "Among the yet unsampled meteorite classes, which one will we learn the most from?

    Llorca, J. Madiedo, et al. Carry, , "Roadmap for characterization of Marco Polo-R targets. Session 4. Mission information. Cheng, L. Benner, R. Koschny, , " MarcoPolo-R programmatics, science requirements, and engineering requirements for target characterisation. Barucci, J. Cano, et al. Harris, L. Wall, , Space. Presentations: - D. Lauretta, B. Cheng, , "Status of Marco Polo-R. Near Earth Asteroid sample return mission. Zolensky, , " Hayabusa sample preliminary analysis. See also: 27 January Sanchez, C. McInnes, , Advances in Space Research , 49, , "Synergistic approach of asteroid exploitation and planetary protection.

    Todd, P. Tanga, D. Coward, M. Among the presentations: - W. Bottke, D. Vokrouhlicky, D. Minton, et al. Goderis, J. Belza, Ph. Johnson, H. Marchi, W. Botke, D. Kring, A. Morbidelli, S. Schmedemann, T. Kneissl, G. Michael, et al. Technical presentations: - L. Close approaches of Prado, , "The case of Apophis. Williamson, , "NEOs, the media, and risk communication.

    Report of a workshop. Minimum miss distance 6. See also: 20 February David, , Space. Babadzhanov, I. Williams, G. Betzler, E. Bland, P. Bevan, et al. Margot, , Astronomical Journal , , 59, "The role of Kozai cycles in near-Earth binary asteroids. Jedicke, , Icarus , , , "The population of natural Earth satellites. Jewitt, , Astronomical Journal , , 66, "The active asteroids. Oslo Meteorite. A piece of a meteorite crashed through the roof of a garden hut in the middle of Oslo Norway. The rock weighing grams, which split in two, probably detached from a meteorite observed over Norway on March 1.

    The meteorite was identified as a breccia, or a rock composed of broken fragments. Foust, , SpaceRef , 7 March , "Making the case for human missions to asteroids. Collins, , Science , , , "Moonstruck magnetism. Wieczorek, B. Weiss, S. Stewart, , Science , , , "An impactor origin for lunar magnetic anomalies. Nakamura, A. Makishima, T. Moriguti, et al. National Academy of Sciences , 11 , E, "Space environment of an asteroid preserved on micrograins returned by the Hayabusa spacecraft.

    Among the papers: - P. Barbee, R. Mink, et al. Bierhaus, L. One suspect has been arrested in connection with the animal cruelty investigation at Fair Oaks Farms , after an undercover animal welfare investigator released video of employees abusing calves, the Newton County Sheriff's Office announced on Wednesday. In the video from inside Fair Oaks Farms, the biggest dairy producer in Indiana, employees appear to be kicking, pushing and slamming newborn calves to the ground.

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    CNN attempted to seek comment from Gardozo-Vasquez, but it was unclear if he had legal representation. Last week, Fair Oaks Farms founder Mike McCloskey said five employees were responsible for committing multiple instances of animal cruelty. Four were Fair Oaks employees, and they have all been terminated, McCloskey said. As families leave Paris, fingers point at Airbnb.