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Husband and wife teams are treated as two separate participants and therefore they pay for two registrations. The minimum number for each BOLD location is 40 paid registrations. The maximum number of students for any one BOLD class is , including leadership. What if I have a previously scheduled vacation that will conflict with one or more of the BOLD steps?

Naturally, missing any portion of the overall program will mean that you miss key information which is only gained while in the classroom setting. Step 2, which is the first classroom after the First Step to BOLD, is the most critical because this is where we build teams and establish the commitment and expectations regarding the program.

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Missing Step 2 should be avoided if at all possible. If you miss a week between Steps your team captain will make every effort to assist you in catching up on the missed exercises or classroom information.

BOLD: Business Objective, A Life By Design

Keep in mind that missing a week does not preclude you from participating in BOLD and completing the assignments for that week. If you are going to be absent, please email the BOLD Coach in advance letting them know the date and reason for your absence. You are encouraged to attend in the location that is most convenient to you. However, once you register for a location you must continue to attend at that location and may not transfer mid-way through the program to a different location.

Much of what we do in BOLD is experiential and often times involving your team.

The Designing Your Life Workbook: kejycerubolo.tk: Bill Burnett, Dave Evans: Books

After the First Step, it is up to the coach on a case by case basis if a guest will be allowed. It is highly recommended for rainmakers to attend with their team of buyer agents. Naturally, buyer agents can attend with or without the rainmaker, although our experience is that it is better when all players are involved on a weekly basis together.

The goal is to condition you to have productive habits which will create a consistent and steady stream of income for you throughout the year. If we show you how and give you the tools and scripts for making 20 contacts per day, are you willing to put aside any limiting beliefs you have around this and trust the program that has caused thousands of agents just like yourself around the country to be BOLD believers? Each week as you arrive and check-in you will receive the workbook materials necessary for that particular week. Coaching BACK.

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I felt like a lot of pressure was taken off… What am I gonna do when I retire? Click the dots for more videos. Fun, Informative, Enlightening Selections from our most popular blogs. Expert Guidance for Your 3rd Act Easy to follow strategies for a fulfilling reinvention. Books and Resources Books, workbooks and other resources will help you plan for your 3rd Act and live a fulfilling life of your dreams. Learn More.

Visit Our Bookstore. Kudos for The 3rd Act What our clients say about us.

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Upcoming Events. Want to know about future events? Our favorite experts share their wisdom. For the first time, I began to see that wealth is not an accident, but an action. Yes, I expect you to tweet that! I worked hard on that line! Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Rich Dad, Poor Dad this week.

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The Total Money Makeover helped me to look at my personal finances with more seriousness and gave me a passion to pay off debt, live more frugally, and save more money. I was in control of my spending. My spending was not in control of me. As an entrepreneur, some months are financially better than others. Whereas Rich Dad, Poor Dad taught me that wealth was mine for the taking, The 4-Hour Workweek taught me that life was mine for the taking. Part productivity handbook, part inspirational and part lesson in entrepreneurship, The 4-Hour Workweek refuses to be classified as anything but what it truly is: life-changing.

I think critics of The 4-Hour Workweek tend to focus too much on the specifics of the book. However, there are ways you can improve your business and life through efficiency and optimization. For example, I hate talking on the phone with tenants, so after reading The 4-Hour Workweek , I hired someone part time to answer phones for me and show vacant units.

The cost to me is tiny compared the amount of mental space it cleared up in my life, time that I could spend doing business activities I actually enjoy doing. To sum up The 4-Hour Workweek : Find things in life that make you passionate, pursue them with all your soul, and enjoy a glass of red wine while you are at it.

I had used real estate investing to get out of the rat race and was able to jump into my passion: teaching real estate to others.

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