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Todd" joined Daimler Chrysler as the executive responsible for Organizational and Executive Development. He left after nearly nine years in the corporate world to form his own consulting and speaking business, IMPACT Development and Consulting where he is still president.

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This book provides 46 immediate and proven strategies for moving your meetings from intolerable to invaluable. Whether you are conducting high-level board meetings, company offsite meetings, or the monthly gathering of your public or civic group, this book will give you the tools to increase productivity, and satisfaction, for all involved.

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6 Strategic-Leadership Skills that Can Increase Team Productivity | CMOE

For better results, provide background information on the agenda so that everyone attending has the same information. What about when you are asked to attend a meeting without an agenda? Tip: For frequently held meetings such as a weekly status meeting on a project, you can save time by creating a meeting template.

Once you have that in place, preparing an agenda becomes a matter of filling in the blanks. The people in the meeting room make or break your effectiveness. I have been in MANY meetings where the key person — a manager or executive — is not present. As a result, no significant decisions can be made. For Meeting Organizers: limit the number of people attending the meeting.

The purpose of meetings is to make decisions and get work done.

Three Basics of Productivity

For the most part, meetings are not the best way to simply share information exception: meetings are helpful to share sensitive information. For Meeting Attendees: read the attendee list before you walk into the room. Do you see any unfamiliar names? Surprises are not your friend when it comes to meetings. Watching the clock is important in an effective meeting. When nobody takes charge of managing time, it is easy to become careless and unfocused.

Remember — when people attend a meeting they cannot do anything else. Make the time count! For Meeting Organizers: starting the meeting on time and ending on time or a few minutes early! If you are running a large or complex meeting, consider asking a colleague to serve as time keeper. If managing meetings to the clock is challenging for you, the parking lot habit see 4 below will be a game changer!

For Meeting Attendees: start by arriving early at the meeting I suggest 5 minutes for in person meetings and meetings for conference calls. That means avoiding back to back committments on your calendar whenever possible. The first time I saw a meeting facilitator use a parking lot, I was impressed.

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This helpful device performs two useful functions. First, it serves to keep the meeting focused on the stated agenda. Second, the parking lot acknowledges important points raised by attendees.

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  • Warning: The Parking Lot habit must be combined with the Follow Up habit if you wish to be truly effective. Otherwise, you are likely to gain a reputation for simply making a show of acknowledging other people. From time to time, major decisions will be discussed in meetings. It could be a decision on which projects to fund or which projects to cancel. Serious decisions like this require the pre-wiring habit. In essence, you communicate with people one-on-one before the meeting about the decision before the meeting occurs. While time consuming, this approach increases your chances of success and avoids surprises other meeting attendees.

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    Taking notes in meetings is an essential skill yet I am often struck by how often people forget to do it. The key reason to take notes in a meeting is to record any questions or assignments that have been directed to you. Take notes in a paper notebook e. Taking notes for Meeting Organizers: if you plan to send minutes or a summary of the meeting to attendees, say this at the start of the meeting and explain what you will include.

    Sending out meeting minutes, even a few paragraphs or bullet points, is a best practice. Taking notes for Meeting Attendees: bring a copy of the agenda and use that document to guide your note taking. Focus on the decisions made in the meeting and items that require further investigation or action on your part. The art and science of follow up is vital professional habit and it also matters in the context of meetings.

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    When it comes to meeting tips, following up in a timely basis is a great way to manage stress and make a good impression on others. For the best results, I suggest following up e. For very important matters, make a note on your calendar or task management tool of choice to continue following up until you reach a resolution. Your email address will not be published.

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    The organisation I work with would benefit from many tips in this insightful article. Thank you! One of the finest articles I have seen on the subject! These tips will get you there. Thanks for the post. I am about to try to use all these techniques in my companies first meeting ever!!!

    8 Tips for Running More Effective Meetings - The Distilled Man

    Wish me luck!