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Landon fought against the North and bringing a Northerner into the house? Not your best idea dearie. I felt bad for Landon. He is so depressed. I felt bad for Julia especially learning something will not spoil it , but I was proud of her in the end after learning the full truth.

Sallie was a silly girl, but I did like her. The baddie was certainly a baddie. He made my skin-crawl. It took a while to get to the espionage because there was a lot of character-building and world-building that needed to be done first. I get it and in the end, I'm glad I had to wait because when it happened I was drawn more into what would happen and how everything would be fixed. But during I was aching for more action to go on! I want a sequel and I want the Lion of the South to go on some more raids. Sure, I know the outcome of the war, but it is fun to see the Lion get some good hits in before the finale of the war.

In the end, this was worth the read if you love spies and historical stories. It takes a bit to get to the espionage bits, but it was worth the wait to get the world-building and the character-building. So good! If you loved the Scarlet Pimpernel, then you are going to love this book. Julia Dandridge is back to visit friends in the state of Virginia. Around them, the Civil War is raging, and many families have been torn apart by the ravages of war. As she attempts to fit back into the mold of familiar surroundings, she is struck by the coldness of her once dear friend Landon Graham.

Instead of welcoming her back to the home she lived in as a child, he seems angry that she is even there. Living with the w If you loved the Scarlet Pimpernel, then you are going to love this book. Living with the weight of the death of his brother, Landon cannot seem to rejoin the world that he once so enjoyed. Instead he drinks heavily and hides himself away in his room. With Julia there, small snippets of the past seem to slip through, only to be replaced with the cold contempt that has become his norm. But the war is not one where women sit silent. Many women are involved in listening to the conversations around them and gain valuable information that can be used for military intelligence.

Julia has been told that her brother is being held in prison, and that he will be hanged as a traitor if she does not help figure out who the Lion of the South is. The Lion of the South has been raiding behind the enemy lines, making off with prisoners and officers alike. No one knows where he will strike, and he seems to come and go like a ghost. Julia is offered her brothers life in exchange for the Lion of the South. As she prepares to give the information, she finds that someone she is extremely close to may be involved, and may cause her to not only lose a brother, but the love of her life as well.

I enjoyed reading this book, but from the middle of the book on, it read just like the Scarlet Pimpernel in a different setting. Thank you to Netgalley for an early copy for my honest review. Nov 17, Christi rated it really liked it Shelves: , reviewed.

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I chose not to read the synopsis of The Lion of the South before I read it. Sometimes I like to let the story play out instead of anticipating what will happen. Even without reading the recap this book is incredibly predictable but sweet. It did take a few chapters for me to get my bearings, which made it hard for me to not only understand what was going on, but it also led to a slow read, which was frustrating. Once I got further into the story it became quite enjoyable. The only complaint I have as far as the rest of the story is that it felt a little rushed and I think it could've been a little more developed.

You see the story played out through the eyes of Julia and Landon, the main characters, but you also see the whereabouts of the Lion himself. I must admit that the sections where we see the Lion's plans and plots were convoluted due to it not being written from the Lion's point of view and I found myself skimming through quite a few of those parts. Your heart goes out to both Julia and Landon and all that they have suffered due to the war and root for them throughout the entire book, while also trying to guess the identity of the Lion.

The Lion of the South is perfect for anyone who loves a good Civil War book, though it does not delve into the issues of the war itself, but how it has affected the characters themselves, which I found refreshing. This book is historically accurate, written with beautiful imagery, and overall a good, clean read. All opinions are my own. Feb 10, Barb rated it really liked it. Julia Dandridge returns to the southern plantation where she was raised and finds things in a sort of chaos. Her beloved friends, and especially the man she was fond of, Landon, were not the same people she had left years ago.

During this time, just when the South seemed to be losing the war, a knight in shining armor began a campaign of stealth and sly raids against the Yankees. No one could catch him, no one knew how he knew just where to strike. The Yankees were desperate to find him because his actions were rousing the people of the South to think that they could achieve victory.

Who was this man? Julia has found that her brother is a prisoner of war and she is approached by the Union Intelligence Service. She is caught in a compromising position. If she does not do as she is bid, then her brother will die, but her information may cause more harm. I think that Ms. James has written a wonderfully suspenseful novel. I very much enjoy this time period and she has captured the essence of life during that time.


I highly recommend reading this book. Mar 31, Tami rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley , net-galley , , historical-fiction. The story is set in Virginia during the second year of the war. The main character, Julia Dandridge, is an orphan who has returned to the home of family friends where she spent much of her childhood. Julia had been taken under the wing of Landon Graham, the oldest son in the household and they developed a deep bond until Julia and her brother were taken away to live with distant relatives. When Julia and Landon meet again after all their years apart, there is a tension in the air that foreshadows a looming romance.

Landon attempts to keep Julia at a distance causing Julia to believe that he no longer cares for her. Little does she know that Landon is hiding a big secret. As I got deeper into the story, I began to have a sense of deja vu.

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I soon realized that the plot was modeled after The Scarlet Pimpernel, which I read earlier this month. All the spying that was going on certainly made things interesting. Readers who enjoy historical fiction romance will like this book. It was fun to see how the author molded the story of The Scarlet Pimpernel into a southern romance.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Patriot Press for allowing me an advance copy to read and offer an honest review. Apr 18, Tamara Morning rated it really liked it. Julia Dandridge grew up in Virginia. Amid the Civil War, everything changed. Now Julia is back, desperate to escape the prying eyes that keep tabs on her in Washington. She is also eager to see Landon, but Julia Dandridge grew up in Virginia. She is also eager to see Landon, but finds the bitter, drunken man a far cry from the compassionate, noble young man she knew. With everyone desperate for news of the Lion of the South—a heroic figure whose daring exploits bring hope to the Confederacy—Julia finds herself forced to choose between loyalty to the society she grew up in and the brother she adores.

The Lion of the South is set during the Civil War, but it leaves the issues behind the war strictly alone, focusing instead on the lives affected by war and its impact on society. This is a simple, sweet novel that reminds me rather strongly of The Scarlet Pimpernel. The book is a bit predictable but is a light and easy read nonetheless. Galley provided by Patriot Press in exchange for an honest review. More reviews at Tomorrow is Another Day Apr 23, Candace Tidwell rated it really liked it. Jessica James you did it again! James is one author that never disappoints. This book kept me enthralled from the moment I read the first sentence.

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I love reading her books because she always has the strong female lead that takes the unbeaten path no matter the danger to herself. Patriotism demonstrated at its finest. Jessica immerses you in history although she's writing nonfiction. She takes you back in time when women were shackled with limitations due to the period of time but she shows you Jessica James you did it again! She takes you back in time when women were shackled with limitations due to the period of time but she shows you that they still paved their own way. The storylines she creates are based on actual events.

Names are changed and some things may be embellished but her books are still based on history. I'm inspired after I finish reading.

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I'm captivated by the history lesson and love diving into the suspense filled pages. I highly recommend this book and any of her other previous novels if you are looking for a strong male and female lead that will not leave you disappointed. Feb 20, Sarah Z rated it really liked it Shelves: 1st-reads. I received an ARC of this via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. My actual rating of this book is a 3. Even though I read this book in one sitting, I kept waiting for more to happen.

There was intrigue, angst, love, loss, war, but this was above all a love story. The tension between both Julia and Landon had me on the edge of my seat only to be let down with such a hasty trite ending without even one kiss! It was also obvious early on who the Lion of the South actually was but I still I received an ARC of this via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. It was also obvious early on who the Lion of the South actually was but I still enjoyed reading about his humourous exploits. It had just enough elements of the civil war in it to make it interesting without being overly technical.

I enjoyed it, I just wish there had been a bit more to it. Something about this book was just off. It was trying too hard to fit into multiple genres. I also find using books to compare a new book to can set it up to be a disappointment. The relationships were hinted at but not really built well for an entire book to flow nicely. I felt at times I was reading a reallly good book and at other times I was reading a story someone wrote in high school in response to a his Something about this book was just off.

I felt at times I was reading a reallly good book and at other times I was reading a story someone wrote in high school in response to a history lesson on the Civil War. I had to look to remember the characters names of a book I finished not even a week ago. I read this as an ARC from Netgalley so maybe the final will have some editing and polishing. Another great novel by Jessica James Different perspectives from both sides of the Civil War have always fascinated me. This was another fine story from this author with a different twist to it.

My only suggestion would be to cut back on the fillers which would shorten the book considerabley. Such a fantastic story doesn't need so many repeated long descriptions. Jessica James remains one of my favorite story tellers and I look forward to her next works. War Hearts are weary and the war ravages on while struggles of honor and loyalty are tearing the lives of people asunder.

It is intrigue and family struggling to make sense of what has little sense and trying to survive and thrive and heal from the horror of civil war. The lion of the South Very good story! I enjoyed this book so much I am planning to read more of Jessica James books about civil war and what happened to do many people who loved through this horrible experience. Jun 17, Tricia rated it liked it. I took off 2 stars because the author seems to have forgotten the evil character Priscilla. She gets a few sentences then is never heard from again.

So much more could have been done with her and Preston Moxley.

Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Lacewood by Jessica James

Too much of the book is spent in Welbourne whining and reminiscing. Filled with historical detail, this book transports the reader more than a century back in time, to the civil war era. Read full review in the March issue of InD'tale Magazine. Wonderful Historical Fiction Jessica James has done it again. With engaging characters and suspense that builds to the last pages, this tale of a legendary hero makes it hard to put down. Apr 22, Darlene A. This is the second book by Jessica James that I have read and enjoyed it as much as the first one.

She's a keeper. So this book was a win win for me all the way. A soap opera with very little substance. Her best Civil War book is Noble Cause, every book since then on the Civil War has not been of the same quality, and this would be the worst one yet. May 27, diamond. Slow at times and predictable, did a lot of scan reaading skipping the descriptive information and concentrating on reading the story part. I ended up skimming much of the book. Too much repetitive narrative. Great book I loved this book. It keeps you guessing until the very end. Looking forward to reading another book of hers.

Didn't find any editing errors. Try it out - I certainly enjoyed it. Another excellent novel from Jessica James.

Lacewood is available now!

This installment of the Phantom Force Tactical series continues where the last one ended with fast paced action sequences, adrenaline-inducing chapters, and characters filled with guts and glory. The characters are realistic and heroic and the plot is superb. I look forward to the third installment.

Happy reading! Oct 10, Carolyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: james-jessica. I was on the edge of my seat reading the first book in this series.

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I passed that to nervous wreck with this one. Once again, I could not put the book down. Just awesome! Can't wait to read Colt's book, which is next! May 27, Patricia rated it really liked it. Danger in love Fast moving story of courage love heroism all in a in. A read that is full of surprises. A well defined plot. Jun 12, Nicole Quattro rated it really liked it. Overall well written. The last 30 pages or so became unnecessarily far-fetched but the characters played out well. Mar 26, Jennifer Robb rated it liked it. The characters are intriguing and there's lots of action. I could feel the trust between the operatives and felt sorry for Colt who had lost the love of his life previously.

I could also feel the trust Cait had in Blake, her husband. Apr 20, Peter Parkhurst rated it it was amazing. Loved the book. Anyone liking ex military ops will like the story. Feb 04, Peggy Baker rated it it was amazing. Awesome keeps you on the edge of your seat right to end. On to book 3. Oct 12, Monica Sarff rated it it was amazing. Gripping story Intense plot lines and strong characters. Brave men and women carry this page turner through harrowing ordeals. Recommend this ok. May 25, Cheryl rated it it was amazing.

Couldn't put this book down. Take one of this series with you on your next flight! Apr 03, Stephanie Williams rated it really liked it. Very good characters and a riveting plot make for an exciting read! Author does a great job of pulling it all together! Apr 11, Kendra Morgan rated it it was amazing.

Worth the Read There's nothing like knowing someone has your back. It's also great when the bad guy gets his due. Bad guys only win through the indifference of good men. Apr 08, John Karlson rated it really liked it. Good read, good writing - worth your time. Enjoyed these first two books. Series will keep your on the edge of your seat - third one is going to be for summer beach reading. Apr 08, Mary Rowe rated it liked it.

The interactions and narrative with the two male protagonists was a bit overdone; the hostage-captor situation a tad thin just a reader's opinion. The formatting and editing in this e-book was fine at least nothing glaring grammatically or punctuation-wise. Apr 11, ben rated it really liked it. Good page Turner, but at times the narrative description bogs down the story While I read it cover to cover in one sitting , there where times that like some other great military writers it bogged down with to much attention paid to painting a picture that was in my opinion established early as to the what and the why these men and women do what they do.

Apr 05, Kim rated it really liked it. I received this book free from Amazon and I am voluntarily writing an honest review. Life is good for Blake Madison. He is married to Cait the love of his life and will soon celebrate their first anniversary. He has two great kids and is raising them on his family's homestead that has been in the family for generations. He is co-owner of Phantom Security with his best friend and ex Seal brother Colt and are closing the deals on several lucrative contracts.

It cannot get much better than this unt I received this book free from Amazon and I am voluntarily writing an honest review. It cannot get much better than this until he returns for his morning run with the family dog and his small daughter tells him 3 mean men took Cait away. May 02, Winona Bowling rated it it was amazing. What a page turner!! I was hanging on from page 1, this by far Going to get Book 1 now Apr 02, Will Decker rated it liked it.

I'm going to be generous in giving this story 3 stars. I found the plot not only formulaic and predictable, but the characters borderline stupid. The emotions are told to the reader without any true depth. The action scenes are poorly choreographed and lack color. You get the feeling that what's happening to the characters might be tense and dramatic for them, but it isn't conveyed to the reader. And why does almost every other sentence have to be a cliched remark?

As a reader, I found myself co I'm going to be generous in giving this story 3 stars. As a reader, I found myself constantly trying to urge the characters into action while they stood around and berated or congratulated each other for no reason. It grew frustrating fast. And the POV was all over the place.

I'm not sure who the main character of the story is and I read the book. As a veteran, this story disappoints! Dec 01, Sheila added it. Mar 27, Dan Simmet rated it it was amazing. I really enjoyed this book. Lots of action and good story line. Looking forwards to reading the next book in the series. Mar 30, Philip Reiter rated it did not like it Shelves: thriller , fiction.

Probably the worst alleged 'thriller' i have ever read. I do not wish to belabor anyone with my response to this book. Apparently, the author has written a gazillion books and is considered a success. However, she will remain out of my reading field. Apr 18, Marilyn rated it really liked it. Good the men who started an agency that was finding people who were drangerous to people and companies. Apr 04, Robert C. Overall Good Story Although the story moves in a logical progression, there are too many drawn out explanations and descriptions that slow it down, which otherwise could have been blended into character and scene descriptions.

Also, the feelings and thoughts of both male and female characters sound "feminine"; somewhat typical of many female writers. Otherwise, a good story.

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Mar 30, Varied Books marked it as on-kindle-to-read Shelves: kindle-freebie. Apr 17, Melanie rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in I really enjoyed this continuation of Blake and Caitlin's story with the welcomed addition of Colt.