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Reports of activity also include mysterious whispers, injuries from being pushed off the bridge, sightings of orbs, and the figure of Mr. Slagle himself. While some visit the Avenue Theatre in West Plains, Missouri to catch one of the fabulous community plays put on there, some go just for the paranormal activity. Visitors have reported hearing a baby crying in what used to be a projection room, actors have spotted stage curtains moving when no one is there, and props occasionally have moved or gone missing entirely.

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Performances at the Springfield Little Theater in Springfield, Missouri are so great that even the dead rise for a standing ovation. With a rich history laced with the paranormal, the theater is said to be home to several lost entities. From the janitor who was killed in a fire in to a baby that fell to its death from the balcony and still cries for its mother, tragedy is a theme that the theater knows well. Guests have also claimed to see a middle-aged male apparition who watches from the balcony, and many guests have had experiences of an unseen force tapping them on the shoulder, only to turn around to find no one there.

Standing with its university counterparts, the Belleview School in Belleview, Missouri is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young boy. The legend says that the boy was swinging too high on the swing when it flipped over; he hit his head and died on the playground. The swing is said to swing by itself even when the wind is absent, and the boy can be heard running and screaming in the halls of the school at night.

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If you are looking for some supernatural company, head to Avilla , Missouri where you can spend your evening with the Shadow People of Avilla or hear the Legend of the Death Tree. This Route 66 ghost town is home to people and a handful of disembodied inhabitants. Other specters include those of the Shadow People, which many claim walk the halls of the abandoned buildings that line the streets of Avilla. Though the entire city of Cape Girardeau is full of ghostly happenings, the cemetery stands out because of the legend of the Tapping Ghost.

Visitors to the cemetery have reported the sensation of being tapped on the shoulder to turn around and find that no one else is there.

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Female guests have also experienced having their hair tugged by an unseen force. When you visit the area, make sure to also check out the Glenn House, the Rose Bed Inn, and the Port Cape Girardeau where other ghostly happenings have been reported. If you are looking for a friendly bed and breakfast to stay at on your ghost hunting adventures, check out the Parlor Bed and Breakfast.

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  6. The inn is quaint and gorgeous, but the real fun is in the unseen inhabitants that still dwell within its walls. The inn is said to be home to a female entity who is known to roam the halls, make noises, and ring the doorbell. Other voices have also been heard coming from the upstairs. Paranormal Inc has also recorded EVPs from their investigation at the Parlor, including the chilling sound of a woman humming there were no females present during the investigation.

    Oak Ridge Cemetery in Doniphan, Missouri is a sprawling cemetery that is home to a gorgeous statue of Belle Neal that local legends say comes to life at midnight.

    The Haunted South: Where Ghosts Still Roam

    Reports of a female apparition flitting among the graves are also common. Locals have claimed to hear voices calling out at the cemetery as well. Originally a Methodist high school in , Arcadia Academy in Arcadia, Missouri is home to numerous accounts of paranormal activity. The academy has gone through numerous iterations including being a convent, a Union hospital during the civil war, and a girls school, before eventually being restored into a vacation destination. There are many accounts of the location being home to ghosts. Visitors have captured photographs of floating orbs, vortexes, and unexplained mists.

    Now serving the city as a bed and breakfast, you can relax and unwind on your trip… if you are brave enough to rest among the ghosts who still roam the premises. Leeper Mansion in Leeper, Missouri has a very dark history and is said to be one of the most haunted places in the area. The former owner of the building, a Captain Leeper, was a terrifyingly callous man who beat and even hung African Americans.

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    On his deathbed, he claimed he was being attacked by demons and had to be restrained. He was buried in the family cemetery, but visitors still report seeing him walk among the grounds, hear doors slamming shut, and experience a malevolent growling noise coming from the room Leeper died in. With sightings dating back to the mids, the Spooklight is a long-standing legend in the area. The town borders Oklahoma, and some say the best place to see the Spooklight is after dark parked on Oklahoma East 50 Road. The light appears in a wide area and residents of the area have even reported seeing the light in their backyards.

    No matter which tale is true, the legacy of The Spooklight is ingrained in the local culture and history in the area. The southern part of Missouri seems to have a penchant for haunted universities. Located in Atoka, the Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery is infamous for its paranormal activity and is known as one of Tennessee's haunted places.

    Visitors to the old cemetery which was established in the s report encountering unfriendly spirits such as long-dead criminals, ferocious beasts, and even the ghosts of malicious children.

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    Even folks who do not believe in ghosts claim to have encounter wild animals in the cemetery late at night. Legend has it that the wife of the original owner, Nicholas Blackwell, died just two nights after moving into the house.

    According to the story, subsequent residents have not been able to stay in the home for any length of time because the home is now haunted by the ghosts of both Blackwells -- two spirits who are frequently roaming through the house, wearing their Sunday best. Is the University of Memphis haunted? One Memphis ghost story seems to say that it is. Legend has it that many years ago, a student was attacked and murdered inside the library.

    The murderer was never caught. The spirit of the student is said to still roam around the building, screaming for help.

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    It is unclear just who haunts Earnestine and Hazel's, the dilapidated bar in downtown Memphis. But with its history it once housed a brothel upstairs! The jukebox reportedly plays on its own and ghostly figures have been spotted in the bar. Their burgers are excellent as well. The Ornamental Metal Museum is located in and on the grounds of Memphis' old Marine Hospital , one of the spookiest, scariest places in Memphis.

    The basement of the museum's main building, in fact, was originally the hospital's morgue. Her stories were always rooted in history, which earned her a certificate of commendation from the American Association of State and Local History for her books on the Carolinas and Appalachia. This book was a very quick read! I liked parts of it and there were parts, such as the author's descriptions of places, that I skimmed over because they weren't as interesting.

    I actually skipped most