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USD 7. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview At some point in their lives, most women become mothers.

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Becoming pregnant and bringing a new life into the world can be a scary and overwhelming process, full of the unknown. Product Details About the Author.


More: 15 trendy products new moms swear by. You love a cool glass of pinot and the Sunday paper, catching the latest play and keeping up with your favorite TV shows. Your friends would call you sophisticated, cultured, caring.

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  5. Who have you become? Your sense of self is completely gone. You feel like a human milk machine and bouncy chair for a demanding demon baby who just cries and poops and sleeps in short enough stints to leave you completely drained. More: 26 brilliant hacks for new moms And then you actually have the baby.

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    More: 7 tips for new moms to get some sleep 3. More: 15 trendy products new moms swear by 5. Some things may also be true for baby girls. If any of these things don't apply to your child, feel free to have a good laugh at everyone else's expense and move on. Right after delivery many moms are surprised to see their tiny baby boy with some very enlarged male parts, but before your partner takes any pride in how well-endowed his son is, know that it's not permanent.

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    You hear a lot about how difficult baby girls' diapers are to change, thanks to all those folds and having to remember to wipe front to back. And while that is true, no one tells you about all the crevices in boys' teeny-tiny walnut-like testicles. Of course you will be showered with urine, that's a given — at least until you figure out how to be fast enough with the fresh diaper to catch his geyser before it erupts. But no one tells you that the baby can still get you good even with a diaper on, thanks to boys' innate ability to pee in any and all directions.

    Things No One Tells You About Having A Baby

    The trick? Tuck that shooter down before wrapping. Circumcisions aren't medically necessary, but with 58 percent of baby boys in the U.

    If you opt to get your boy's foreskin removed, the doctor will likely tell you to keep it clean and covered. But your job is not done there, as the foreskin can reattach somewhat to the head of the penis. This means as his mom, you have to check it regularly and pull it back or else he may have to have the surgery repeated. Now there's a fun mommy-son bonding moment! He was actually whimpering. But our son thinks it's the most fun ever. Sometimes a penis is just a penis.

    But when it's on an adorable chubby-cheeked infant sometimes it's a winky, a tinkler, a pee pee, a wee wee, a weezer, a peter, a ding-a-ling, a tallywacker, or some other ridiculously cutesy nickname. Elementary-aged boys are known for their love of bathroom humor.