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Smith stopped going to school around the age of Beginning his life on the sea as a teenager, he signed on to the crew of the Senator Weber in For years, Smith rose up the ranks and qualifications, earning certificates as a second mate in , a first mate in , and a master in The first vessel he commanded was the Lizzie Fennell , a 1,ton ship that moved goods to and from South America. Smith made the leap to passenger vessels in when he went to work for the White Star Line.

By , he was the first officer of the Republic. Two years later, Smith married Eleanor Pennington. The couple welcomed their only child, Helen, in Eight years later, Smith took his first command of a passenger ship, the Baltic. He went on to serve as the captain of several other vessels in the White Star Line.

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From to , Smith commanded the Majestic. At 23, tons, the Baltic was one of the largest vessels at the time. His next ship, the Adriatic , was even larger. By this time, Smith was held in high esteem by his company and was well known and well regarded among travelers on the North Atlantic route between the United States and Europe. The White Star Line planned to add even grander ships to its fleet. To compete with the Lusitania and Mauretania owned by Cunard, the company announced it was building two new ocean liners in The order for the Gigantic was made later and was then renamed Britannic after the Titanic disaster The first of the two vessels, the Olympic , was launched in with Smith in command.

His ship was damaged in September when a British Royal Navy cruiser crashed into its side. In , Smith became the captain for the Titanic. Two days later, the ship docked in Southampton and was prepared for its maiden voyage across the North Atlantic. It was heralded as one of the biggest and most luxurious ships of the time. On April 10, , the Titanic left Southampton and stopped in Cherbourg, France, to pick up more passengers and mail.

It made one stop in Queenstown, Ireland, the next day before setting out into the Atlantic. There the ship took on more passengers as well as mail to be delivered to the United States. Erckmann-Chatrian's "Madame Therese" translation is another good story of this period In "A Romance of Dijon" Black and "The Dream-Charlotte" Black Miss Betham Edwards has depicted earlier phases of the Revolution; the last-named novel takes us away from the Capital, to show us how the forces of the time affected the simple folk of Normandy.

Barr New York, Maxwell, Phil. Seawell American quarrel with France Constellation cruises, Putnam, Pidgin America—time of Aaron Burr C. Clark Publishing Co. Hale America—time of Aaron Burr Blackmore Time of Nelson Trafalgar. Perez Galdos trans. Barthol, Berlin and Spain—Charles IV. Henty Peninsular War. Westall Austria, early Nineteenth Century Hofer. Henty Napoleon's Russian Campaign.

Eggleston America—War of Indian War, G. Putnam's Sons.

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Tauchnitz edition, Buchanan Napoleon and his time Elba. Caine Napoleon and his time J. Henty Napoleon and his time Waterloo. Stevenson French prisoner in England, — France, France and America, Grant Richards. Daughter of Louis XVI. Francis Mrs. Plot to rescue Napoleon, Bristol Riots. Vachell First years of Queen Victoria's reign.

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Hants and California. John Murray. Stepney Rawson France. Period of tile '48 Revolution. Ruffini Italian Revolution, Thos. Henty American Civil War period. Samarow trans. Prussia v. Austria, H. Hetzel et Cie. Nothing like exhaustiveness is claimed for this "Supplementary List;" the method of study therein indicated might be indefinitely extended, but the few works given form an almost necessary starting-point.

The purport of this book being primarily in the direction of Historical Romance proper, I have confined my attention here to a few works on the borderland of my. Ferrier Scotch character, beginning of Nineteenth Century J. Walter Scott. As likely to assist Parents and Teachers, I propose to give two lists covering English History from the Norman Conquest for Boys and Girls respectively; but a passing allusion may, first of all, be made to tales dealing with more ancient periods. Turning to the Early History of our own isle, I would specially mention Mr. Crake; Mr. In preparing the following lists, I have had in view, for the most part, the average Juvenile taste; doubtless many of the more advanced works might be offered in special cases, but, in regard to that, the Parent or Teacher can alone judge.

Some of the tales entered in I. A reference to the General List will, in most cases, reveal a more exact specification; for the sake of convenience, the tales are here grouped according to Reigns only. Of the romances dealing with American and Foreign History to be found in the foregoing pages, many are suitable for young readers; but the sequence not being very close for any lengthy period at least , separate lists would appear superfluous. Such writers to mention only a few as Fennimore Cooper, Mrs. Austin, G. Eggleston, Kirk Munroe, and Elbridge S.

Henty, have all illustrated—in more or less adequate fashion—the course of events in Foreign Countries. Hollis William II. Lothrop Publishing Co. Henty George III. Caine George III. Jump to: navigation , search. Notes about this list PG ebooks listed are in English unless another language is specified. Due to the source text used, nothing published post is listed here at present. Books currently without a PG edition are listed here with the publisher of a pre edition. If you have one of these books without a PG edition, please consider helping us fill the gap.

Other language editions of an existing PG text are also welcome. Categories : Bookshelf Fiction Bookshelf.

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Search for Books. Project Gutenberg appreciates your donation! Why donate? Page Footer This page was last edited on 23 April , at Jun 17, Joe rated it it was amazing. It's a broad survey that substitutes breadth for depth but doesn't cut out the entertainment factor. It reads like the page liner notes for a 1. Mar 10, Richard O'Neill rated it it was amazing. This was an excellent read. As a lover of rock music, I've read many books on the subject, so for a book to tell so many stories that are new to me was surprising.

I can't wait for Volume 2. Mar 10, patty rated it really liked it Shelves: public-library , read , music. This fact-filled romp through time moves along at a steady pace, but not for me, the reader. I was compelled to stop and listen to many tracks as I made the journey through the book. So it took me awhile to finish reading it. Loved the little anecdotes tucked in here and there. I look forward to reading Volume Two. Feb 20, Susan rated it liked it Shelves: nonfiction.

Full of information but read too much like an encyclopedia. Mar 05, Richard rated it it was amazing. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Ed Ward has crammed an encyclopedia's worth of information into pages. Page after page, I found myself saying, "Hey, I know of that guy. So that's where he came from. No wonder I liked it so much when it came out. The reader can exer I cannot recommend this book highly enough. The reader can exercise his memory or wait a few pages and find out he performed as view spoiler [Gene Vincent hide spoiler ].

Almost every paragraph is so chock full of relevant detail, it's nearly overwhelming. I got this book from our local public library, as I do most of the books I read. This one is going on my "want" list - very unusual. It's that impressive. I look forward to Volume 2. PS- As another reviewer correctly stated, the book does contain some errors of fact. This bothered me a little bit, but overall I still give the book 5 stars.

Mar 03, Jeff rated it it was ok. There is a great deal of information in this book. History of rock and roll, who would not be interested. Of course, this being the first volume, covers the beginnings up to Depending on your personal preference this would be the most interesting period or the best is yet to come.

Still this book is just set up in a very poor way. It is like talking to a chronic name dropper. Basically for three hundred pages we read about this happened, then in Chicago this singer from this band released There is a great deal of information in this book. Basically for three hundred pages we read about this happened, then in Chicago this singer from this band released this song. This led to this singer in Philadelphia doing this. It is a very haphazard way of doing things.

One does get a great deal of information. While reading I created a playlist on Spotify of songs mentioned in the book. It is a strong listen of the history of early rock and roll and its various influences. And, while I think the book could have been organized much better, there are strong sections on the rise of Sun Records, Sam Phillips and Elvis, Motown, legends such as Chuck Berry and Little Richard, as well as the Payola scandal. An interesting read with good information, but could have been so much better Jun 14, Dave Capers rated it really liked it.

Incredibly thorough and I'm sure I'll refer to it frequently.

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  6. The trade-off is it reads like a textbook but it's a worthwhile trade-off. Oct 09, Ken rated it really liked it.

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    Four-and-a-half stars really, and Goodreads should allow for half-stars. The first volume of Ward's history takes us up to the rise of the Beatles in , and ends just before they arrive in New York in February, It's an ever so readable story about the people who started it all, and those who moved it forward. Ward does a terrific job of putting the music in the context of the times it appeared in, which is something I always look for in a book like this.

    I suppose the best thing I can s Four-and-a-half stars really, and Goodreads should allow for half-stars. I suppose the best thing I can say is that when I finished it I wished I had the second volume at hand so that I could continue reading. I hope it's not a long wait. Apr 13, Zach rated it liked it.

    Like all expansive histories it hits too many points and thus misses the point. Knowing each session player on each record and each recording studio and not describing a single feel. Oct 24, Jeff Campbell rated it liked it Shelves: music. For my personal reading and that of other music trivia geeks I give this book a 4. However, I only give it a two for those less knowledgeable about music hstory. Therefore an average of three. The problem is that names and events are dropped constantly and their significance isn't always made clear. On the positive side, this book is chock full of great information and the songs mentioned kept me busy on YouTube and Spotify.

    I discovered some new gems along the way. A couple of errors lowered my personal rating to a 4 but I am very glad I read this book. I will reiterate and try not to sound like a pompous ass doing it that I highly recommend the book for those with a pretty good base of knowledge already but others should stay far, far away. Jun 03, Bill O'driscoll rated it liked it.

    Some three decades ago, I read the Rolling Stone history of rock 'n' roll that Ward contributed to, writing the "early years" chapters. Re-read it recently, too -- good stuff. So I was eager to see how he'd expanded his understanding over the years, and I was a bit disappointed.

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    Must be said first that Ward's knowledge of the material on the song level -- and his grasp of the importance of things like regional record labels back in the day -- are second to none. And he hits all the key point. Bu Some three decades ago, I read the Rolling Stone history of rock 'n' roll that Ward contributed to, writing the "early years" chapters. But along with misdemeanors like his misquoting a Chuck Berry song dude!

    Especially so with the city fathers types cracking down on the "race mixing" that rock n roll eventuated in the 50s, and the reverbations that caused.

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    To focus on obscure singles however interesting and ignore such big-picture stuff, is hard to forgive. Jun 24, Steve rated it it was amazing. First, obviously the first thirty years of the story is just setting things up, covering broad developments in blues and country and western, just to create a context. But then Ward tells more detailed stories of the most important records over the next thirteen years, occasionally moving into biographies of singers, musicians, producers, and record company moguls.