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Lost Pick Mine of Old Arizona: Hidden Gold Remains Hidden – Arizona Oddities

Artifacts from the period were said to be found in this area, such as a musket, shovel, bullet mold, musket balls, and other like relics. If the treasure ever existed, no one will ever know, that is unless such a treasure should ever be found. Even today people return to this area to try their luck at locating the treasure.

Lost Indian Gold Mine in South Carolina

As of yet, no treasure has been found and the story of the hidden treasure lives on only as a legend. You can unsubscribe at anytime. Legend of the Lost French Gold.

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Soon after, a skirmish took place and eight of the ten Frenchmen were killed. Hints of the Treasure The story seemed to be lost until , when a nephew of one of the two Frenchmen who escaped the ordeal found memorandums of his uncle's adventures. The Search Continued This was not the end of the search.

More from About North Georgia on Facebook no account required. They scoured North Georgia, taking over Cherokee Indian and Spanish mines that had not been used for one hundred fifty years or more.

A One Trillion Dollar Hidden Treasure Chamber is Discovered at India's Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

They fought with the elements, themselves and the Cherokee to mine this yellow metal that means so much to so many. All of that gold just a short drive away. Over the years, many treasure seekers have ventured into the lower deserts of California searching for the lost gold mine of Thomas L.

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Pegleg Smith. The tale of his finding gold, which has been repeated again and again, begins when Smith and a traveling companion cross the Colorado River, coming from Arizona. On the way, a severe sandstorm knocked them off course and they became lost.

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When the wind stopped blowing, they climbed one of three small hills to get their bearings and Smith picked up some small black stones which he thought contained copper. He later found out that the small black stones were pure gold encrusted with some dark mineral. As the story goes, when Smith was close to death, he entrusted the location of his mine to another colorful desert character, Fig Tree John.

He was known to wear a silk top hat and a Civil War coat, but most of the time, it was reported, that even though he was so formally dressed, he walked barefoot across the desert. He also, according to legend, entrusted a second man with the map to his mine. A few years later a man wandered into the boardinghouse of Mrs.

Bruckman in St. Louis, Missouri requesting to rent a room. Bruckman had concerns that she shared with her daughter Ellen about bringing this man into their home. He paid her well for the room and she needed the money.

When he first arrived he was very ill. He had a pronounced limp and darkened skin, which he told her was from walking in the sun of the western desert.