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So whereas the physical and psychological attributes of a romantic partner can give you justificatory reasons to love a person romantically, your parental connection to your child is the only defensible justificatory reason for loving the child. The unique justificatory reason you have for loving your child carries with it a duty to love your child.

Of course, you have the freedom to give up your parental rights or terminate your parental status, at least assuming that certain conditions are satisfied. Brogaard, B. Dutton, D. Grau, C. O'Neill, O. Prusak, BG. This article offers a superficial explanation for the genesis of the development of romantic love, at least on an intellectual plane, but does not explain human love for one person versus another.

Most people I know have one very special intense love for a certain person, which may persist for a lifetime, which love seems to defy explanation when compared to subsequent relationships and loves.


The special lover may not be as good looking, or have nicer personality traits, or be more compatible than later lovers, but remains powerful in the person's heart forever; just the sound of his voice makes her heart want to burst. She may go on to marry other people, have fairly happy marriages, lives, and families without the beloved, and some never have so much as another word with, or ever again see, the beloved for the remainder of a lifetime.

So what is the explanation for that? It would seem maladaptive from a purely intellectual standpoint.

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What is it about that person when later lovers seem superior? Thank you for the article.

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However, I don't follow this. Romantic love is not rational in the first place; whether or not it is reciprocated does not seem to make it more or less rational or more or less valid by any other measure either. If there is any 'choice' involved in romantic love, even there it can be a rational choice to continue loving someone who does not reciprocate. Other kinds of love -- such as practicing universal compassion, for example -- may arguably be considered a rational choice.

I have provided an extended argument for the position that love can be assessed for rationality in my book On Romantic Love Oxford University Press, Not much hinges on the use of the term 'rational'. If preferred, one can substitute 'reasonable' or 'healthy' or some other fitting evaluative term for 'rational'. I provide a definition of 'rational' pertaining specifically to emotions in my book.

I'm afraid I don't follow this either; doesn't "lovable for me" just mean that I can love that person? I certainly can i. It can even be rational, and justified, to do so. For example, I may love someone with different temperament, so we fight often. I may love someone who doesn't reciprocate.

I may love a difficult person. I may love an ill person physically or mentally ill which takes its toll on my well-being. Thanks for your great comments!

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I agree that the former formulation was unfortunate. What I had in mind was a sense of the word relevant to the constraint on the rationality of love. The report also notes the importance Generation Z places on convenient, quick and efficient shopping transactions.

Gen Z is set to become the most financially driven generation. So it is vital small businesses keep up to speed with what this generation deem as important.

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To remain competitive amongst this generation of spenders, small businesses need to provide the seamless, quick and convenient service this young generation expects. Small businesses will need to consider their business reviews and be proactive in making online consumer reviews work in their favor.

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Given that Gen Z consumers prefer in-store shopping, a retailer would be wise to provide customers with a choice of shopping in-store and from an ecommerce site. Your email address will not be published. All rights reserved. When an adequate time comes, their first mode of search for humans is through vision. They see the color of the clothing as a signal.

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Research shows that dark and red colored clothing is more attractive to mosquitoes than light colored outfits. Dark and red colors make you stand out compared with the color of the horizon. Your motions also distinguish you from your still surroundings. To avoid mosquito bites, you may want to avoid wearing dark and red colored outfits. And maybe the best possible way to avoid mosquito bites all together is to stay indoors at dawn time. Research has found that mosquitoes have a preference over blood group. People with Type O blood are found to be twice as attractive as those with Type A blood.

Furthermore, over 85 percent of people produce a secretion that signals what blood type they are. Mosquitoes are drawn to those secretions more often, no matter which blood type you are. You may want to change your blood type or your ways of generating secretion But wait. So wearing protective clothing or using mosquito repellent on your skin can be an applicable choice. Your genes make you more attractive to mosquitoes. That has been found in many studies that are not only related to the flying bloodthirsty fiends but also about other living animals.

Research on twins suggests an underlying genetic mechanism that may affect whether you get eaten alive in the deep woods, or escape without suffering from apparent harms.