Guide North York Moors Through Time

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Yet as the pictures we reproduce today demonstrate, time has moved on here as elsewhere.

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Paul, who lives in York, has been doing lovers of local history proud recently by producing a string of Through Time books: first Knaresborough, then Villages Around York, then York Then And Now, and now this. As usual, the historic photographs of the North York Moors long ago that he has collected are juxtaposed alongside modern photographs taken by freelance photographer Mark Sunderland of the same scene today, to show just how much — or sometimes how little — the Moors themselves and the towns and villages that huddle on or around them have changed.

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It is even more visible in a later photograph, which shows three men on horseback in the foreground and the White Horse behind them. The horse was covered in the Second World War so as not to provide a landmark for German planes. North York Moors through time.

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See photos images. Some sites, like this, have changed beyond recognition, but the majority of the photographs show how timeless some areas really are. Other sites, meanwhile, have gone for good, the memory of a distant past.

North York Moors Through Time

The book also illustrates the importance of transport in the area. Abbeys, the seventh century Lilla Cross, one of the oldest Christian monuments in northern England, and Upleatham Church, which claims to be the smallest church in the country, are testament to the power of religion in the area.

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The North York Moors are also illustrated as the stuff of legend and mystery. One observation that readers who regularly travel the road between Pickering and Whitby may notice, however, is that the Saltersgate Inn has now been gutted and is just a derelict building. Stepping back through time on the North York Moors.

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