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In particular it will be examined in which direction this concept will probably evolve. More Options Prices excl. Add to Cart. View PDF Flyer. Contents About. By: Peter Hilpold.

United Nations Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect

Pages: i—xiv. By: Alex J. Pages: 38— Pages: 60— Pages: — Quality matters. Beyond Responsibility to Protect This book explores the extent to which Responsibility to Protect shifts our understanding of both the potential and practice of international law. ISBN Details The history of international law is replete with concepts that have generated change: individual criminal responsibility, common heritage of mankind and sustainable development to name but a few.

PART I. The Kantian Defence of Murder p. Commentary: Between Kant and Al-Shabaab p. PART V. About the series: International Law The series International Law contains high-quality monographs and edited volumes dedicated to current issues of public international law and the law of international organisations. More about this series. Long Road Home Laura Stovel.

Enforced Disappearance Marthe Lot Vermeulen. Thirdly, the conspicuous harm problem renders the collateral damages of the intervention highly visible and the benefits hidden. As such, even though the human cost of the NATO-led operation in Libya was low, the uncensored media coverage did not serve the cause of the interveners who appeared as atrocities accomplices.

Fourthly, the end-state problem enhances the dilemma between an early withdrawal without solving the deep causes of the crisis and the criticisms associated with a semi-permanent protective presence, the negotiation of a settlement or the facilitation of a regime change.

Again, this problem is noticeable in the case of Libya where both regime change and troop withdrawal have been challenged. Finally, the inconsistency problem emphasizes a paradox. Both the decision to intervene or not will undisputedly lead to criticism. In sum, the military component of R2P seems to be trapped in its own logic. This has strong repercussions on its operationalization that strengthen division even more.

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On the one hand, the IC is not legally accountable but simply morally responsible to act in case of a humanitarian crisis. On the other hand, the ambiguity and inconsistency of paragraphs and are likely to lead to R2P misuses. Therefore, the introduction of the R2P in did not solve the politicization and efficiency problem linked with military intervention on humanitarian ground.

As such, the Third Pillar cannot be considered as viable. Therefore, the very fact that the Third Pillar cannot be assessed viable makes the whole doctrine deficient Butler, Bazirake, J.

What Is the “Responsibility to Protect”?

A critical reflection on the conceptual and practical limitations of the responsibility to protect. The International Journal of Human Rights, 19 8 , pp. Berrang, S. Brauman, R. Guerres humanitaires? Paris: Textuel. Butler, M. Is R2P failing Humanitarian Intervention? Capie, D.

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The Pacific Review, 25 1 , pp. Fiott, D.

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    Ambiguous and inconsistent terminology and the Responsibility to Protect. International Relations, 28 4 , pp. Kuhrt, N. New York: Palgrave Macmillian. Nash, K.

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    Responsibility to Protect: Evolution and Viability. Master of Art. Georgetown University.