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Julia: I love"A fuzz of peaches," "A house of oranges,and "An ear of cauliflowers.

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Daz: "A gathering of Moss[ses]" and "A golightly of Hollies" are delightful additions to the list. Anonymous: Admittedly, some of our bureaucrats are practically vegetables The radio show, "A Way with Words," recently featured our collective terms. Google the individual show's title, "A Roberta of Flax" to listen to it. The show's listeners have contributed many, many more examples via their comments on the website.

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Yeah, I'm late to the party. A column of rose s A fordamerica of carnations A kiss of tulips A tandem of daisies A crock of buttercups A shiner of black-eyed susans A matron of mums A pupil of irises A munster of lilies A hubris of dandelions A mnemonic of forget-me-nots An erin of shamrocks. Better late than never, AppleJuiceFool! BTW, we're currently working on a sequel to Terms of Vegery obviously we are hindered by neither good taste nor ordinary shame. Post a Comment. Subscribe to Post Comments [ Atom ]. Designed and built by Aaron Rester. Subscribe Through the wonders of modern telegraphy, you may now receive updates from this site in your electro-mailbox.

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Sanscravat's Digestive Tonic. A wreck of Hesperis Friday, June 4, A Wreck of Hesperis. Which was soon followed by:. It will run on smartphones, but the smaller screen sizes may have minor formatting issues. Utterly brilliant, Gary! THis is hilarity! THough I'm going to resist the temptation to start doing this myself now! Well played, Padmavyuha! How about a horse of radishes?

Read More. It has taken me a little bit of time to process and reflect on the As many of you know, we are trying for a third baby. We have been School broke up for our eldest son on December 14th last year and he started Every year I set a word for the year. It is something I have been As nears the end, I have been able to decrease the intensity of my When will it get easier? A question I have been asking myself a lot lately In the last two weeks my much awaited for new book arrived.

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I have also You see, there are foodies. Then there are mindful foodies. And they know that eating something made with love nourishes and grows the soul. And the easiest way to get there?

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With The Vegery. They wrap without cracking, and the texture is more-ishly delish. But the best thing? An instant connection with nature that tastes invigoratingly fresh, pure and wholesome. Our insides need just as much care as our outsides, and everything from The Vegery has live microbiomes and lots of natural fibre to keep the raw enzymes doing their thing.

Gluten free.