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From event structure to syntactic categories in Basque. Ibon Sarasola, Gorazarre. Homenatge, Homenaje. Journal of Portuguese Linguistics. Special Issue. Salaburu, P.

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Sarasola ed. DEA research work. Berro, Ane. FLV, 50 urte. Workshop on Voice. LaGraM Seminar. Structures Formelles du Langage. Language Contact from an I-Language Perspective. May 2. Berro , Ane. May , , Baiona. IKER Mintegia. Hizkuntzalari Euskaldunen I.

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UEU, Uztailaren 4a, Eibar. The core idea is that the locus of agreement with the Nominative object is v —its Case licensor: lda arises only if v can probe the Nominative argument in the absence of the Dative argument. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Long-Distance Agreement in Icelandic: locality restored. Original Paper First Online: 02 March This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Adger, David. Core syntax: A minimalist approach. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Google Scholar. Alexiadou, Artemis, and Elena Anagnostopoulou. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory — CrossRef Google Scholar. The subject-in-situ generalization and the role of case in driving computations. Linguistic Inquiry — Movement vs. Anagnostopoulou, Elena. The syntax of ditransitives: Evidence from clitics.

Berlin: Walter de Gruyter. The syntax of embedded clauses in Icelandic and related languages. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Iceland. Case in disguise. In Variation in datives: A micro-comparative perspective , ed.

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Phi-syntax: A theory of agreement. Doctoral Dissertation, University of Toronto. Person licensing and the derivation of PCC effects. Bhatt, Rajesh. Long distance agreement in Hindi—Urdu. Bobaljik, Jonathan.

Agreement as a post-syntactic operation. In Phi-theory: Phi features across interfaces and modules , ed. Bobaljik, Jonathan David, and Dianne Jonas. Subject positions and the roles of TP. Boeckx, Cedric.

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Intricacies of Icelandic agreement. Unpublished manuscript, Harvard and University of Maryland. Long-distance agreement in Hindi: Some theoretical implications. Studia Linguistica 23— Bowers, John. Chomsky, Noam. Minimalist inquiries: The framework. In Step by step , ed. Martin, D. Michaels, and J. Urigereka, 89— Derivation by phase. In Ken Hale: A life in language , ed. Kenstowicz, 1— Beyond explanatory adequacy.

In Structures and beyond , ed. Belletti, — New York: Oxford University Press. On phases. Problems of projection. Lingua 33— Diesing, Molly. Diesing, Molly, and Eloise Jelinek. Distributing arguments. Natural Language Semantics 3: — In Ronald P. Washington: Georgetown University Press. Smith, Michael Brockman. Svenonius, Peter. Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics 5. Ideal speakers and other speakers: The case of dative and some other cases.

Torrego, Esther. Variability in the case patterns of causative formation in Romance and its implications. Linguistic Inquiry 41 3. Parametric change in the grammatical encoding of indirect objects in Brazilian Portuguese. Troberg, Michelle. Wang, William S. The Lexicon in phonological change. Berlin: Mouton De Gruyter. Williams, Edwin. Linguistic Inquiry Woolford, Ellen. Lexical case, inherent case, and argument structure. Linguistic Inquiry 37 1. Yang, Charles. Internal and external forces in language change.

Language Variation and Change Universal Grammar, statistics or both? Trends in Cognitive Sciences 8 Three factors in language variation. Lingua 5. Anna Pineda is a postdoctoral researcher in linguistics at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Catalonia present. She has won several academic and research awards, such as the Cum Laude Award to the best dissertation in Human Sciences written in Catalan and defended in any of the universities of the Catalan-speaking countries. She has contributions in several prestigious journals and publishing houses and has organised and participated in many scientific events.

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