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Should You Boost Your Choline? | Berkeley Wellness

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Fatty Liver Disease And Choline

Sign in or Join now. Ginkgo Ginkgo Biloba Supplements Review. Then, between and , they underwent tests of memory and other cognitive abilities, and had MRI brain scans.

Choline: An Essential B-Complex Nutrient?

In general, the study found, men and women in the top quarter for choline intake performed better on the memory tests than those in the bottom quarter. The differences in test performance were small.

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Those areas are thought to be a sign of blood vessel disease in the brain, which may signal a heightened risk of stroke or, eventually, dementia. None of that proves that choline, per se, protects memory or wards off unhealthy brain changes.

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  5. One possibility, Au noted, is that some other nutrients present along with choline are responsible. Experts generally recommend that men get milligrams of choline per day, while women should get milligrams. But rats are rats. And more studies in humans are needed to back up the current findings, Au said. For now, Au said people concerned about brain health should pay attention to overall lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet, regular exercise and not smoking.

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