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Christmas in Vienna 12222

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Andy Williams. The Christmas Song. White Christmas.

Irving Berlin. Oh, Holy Night. Silent Night. Franz Gruber. The lights were on, and we determined that this was our last chance for help. To avoid overwhelming those in the inn, Kathy, Camey, and the missionaries stayed in the van while I took the three younger children inside.

Holiday Romance – Mallory Kane, Author

I explained our situation to the young woman at the front desk. She could see the beleaguered faces of my children, and she kindly asked us to wait while she called the innkeeper, Mr. Francis Darroze. Camey came in to see how we were doing. As we waited for Mr.

Darroze to arrive, I silently said a prayer of thanksgiving.

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We might not make it back to Bordeaux for the night, but how good of our Father in Heaven to lead us to a nice hotel! I shuddered as I realized how easily we could have spent the night in the van in a remote area of France. I could see a restaurant in the next room, and I was amazed to see it open on Christmas Eve. We would have a good meal, a hot shower, and a comfortable sleep. He was the owner of the hotel, a man of importance in the community. His warm eyes and quick smile communicated that he was a gentleman as well.

I told him of our dilemma, of the 10 of us in the van, and of our destination in Bordeaux. As he noticed my accent, I added that we were Americans and in one sentence told him why we were in France. He instantly sought to help us. About 10 miles 16 km away was a medium-sized city with an active train schedule.

He called to ask about the next train to Bordeaux but found that it would not leave until Christmas morning. All rental-car companies in that larger city were closed. The disappointment was evident in the faces of my young children. I asked Mr. Darroze if he would have room in the inn for our family and the four missionaries to spend the night. Darroze looked at the children. He had known us only a few minutes, but his heart was touched with the brotherhood that crosses all oceans and makes us one family.

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  • The spirit of Christmas giving filled his soul. But you do not want to spend Christmas Eve here in the inn. Children should be home as they await the excitement of Christmas morning. I will lend you my car, and you can go to Bordeaux tonight.

    Holiday Romance

    I was amazed at his thoughtfulness. Most people would view strangers, especially foreigners like us, with caution. I thanked him but explained that there were 10 of us and a small French car would never be sufficient.


    He hesitated momentarily, but his hesitation was not to diminish the gift but to expand it. It is used for farming and has only the two seats in front. It will travel at only about 45 miles per hour 70 kph , and I am not certain the heater works well. But if you want it, I will drive you the 10 miles to my farm to get it. The children jumped for joy.

    I reached into my pocket for my cash or credit cards. He quickly shook his head and his finger in disapproval. You can bring my van back to me when you get time after Christmas. It is Christmas Eve. Take your family home.