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“I never wanted to die, I only wanted to end my pain.”

After graduation, I pursued a career in television news. I began at a local affiliate in a small city. Several years later, I worked my way up to a major cable news network. My relationships have changed for the better, too. I now have the active social life that I was never able to have as a teenager with anxiety.

Ninth-Story Blues

I know the feeling will pass, and I will be OK. Her positive affirmation, along with my coping strategies, make the most difficult of circumstances seem manageable. You have the power to change your life, if only you will give yourself a chance.


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Sep 14, AM. Daniel 7 books view quotes. Sep 11, PM. Kara books view quotes. Sep 06, PM. Deep books view quotes. Sep 04, PM. Mary 7 books view quotes. Aug 29, PM. We rationally know that there are lots of things to live for, but depression is an irrational illness. We have plans for our future, dreams and ambitions. The dark thoughts in our head make no sense.

Click To Tweet. Depression is cruel. It whispers to us and tells us that people would be better off without us. Our families would never get over it.

Our pets would miss us. These things can be huge motivating factors when it comes to staying alive. They niggle at us. Consume us. Our brain acts as a friend and an enemy.