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Building better relations with them would ensure their position for the foreseeable future. Harry's face became serious as he asked his grandmother. Once you know that you can turn it to your advantage. It was only a start but it was one of the most fundamental lessons. The following morning Harry was saying good bye to his family as he went to go and spent the rest of his childhood at Oldtown.

Loras had not even bothered to see his brother off while their mother was in tears and she clung to him for a few minutes as she cried gently into his shoulder. He would have felt embarrassed if this was not the last time he would see her for a while, so he gently returned her hugs. Obey your grandfather. Write every day. Harry smiled and told her. Harry looked at his father and wondered how such a man could come from Olenna Tyrell. He puffed up almost like that fish that the maesters had taught him about and said grandly. He smiled and waved to his grandmother and his mother who waved back while his father just walked back into the castle without a backwards glance which annoyed Harry even more, making him glad that he was going to be away from his buffoon of a father for some time.

As their company passed through the Reach on their way to Oldtown, Harry enjoyed camping out under the stars some nights when they could not stay in any inns. Looking out at the bright sky, Harry entertained himself by making up his own constellations like the dragon, the rose, the wolf and the lion. He felt his urge to explore intensify wondering what new constellations he might see on shores far from Westeros if he ever got the chance. When he got up the following morning he decided to take an early morning swim in the shallower areas of the River Mandor where its current was not as strong.

The knights that were supposed to be watching him were too busy having their breakfast or packing up the camp so with a daredevil smile he stripped down and dived into the cool water. Swimming was no problem he had always enjoyed the water having been taught to swim from an early age and the current was gentle. He dived beneath the surface of the water and looked at the strange environment underneath its surface. The fish swum past and the plants moved in the slight current and he smiled, enjoying the cool water when suddenly a glint on the riverbed caught his eye. He swum down to the area and brushed aside the mud and saw a strange looking ring, he pulled it free of the mud putting it onto his small finger and brushed more of the mud aside and saw a bastard sword's hilt and a rather strange looking lump of stone.

Harry surfaced briefly for air before he returned to shore and the left the ring before diving back under the water and dragged first the sword and then the stone to the bank. Seeing that the knights had yet to notice his absence, Harry dried himself off before he started cleaning the mud off of his scavenged items. The sword drew his attention first but that was to be expected of a young lad with dreams of adventure and glory. Wiping away the mud Harry was excited to the ripples in the steel which was coloured black, Harry knew from the maesters who had taught him that this was only be seen in Valyrian steel and he wondered if the sword had a name.

Cleaning away the last of the mud from the hilt he saw a shining cross guard of black steel decorated with golden interlocking rings. The leather on the grip was ruined from years under water but the remains had once been bright blue it appeared. Harry's eyes widened as he realised that he was holding Orphan-maker , the Valyrian steel sword of House Roxton, lost during the second battle of Tumbleton during the Dance of Dragons.

How in the blazes it had ended up in the Mander Harry did not know but he was grateful all the same. The rest of House Roxton had perished in that war so no-one was left to lay claim to the sword. Harry thought with glee that this was his sword now. He tried to lift it only to be annoyed at how heavy it was. He comforted himself however with the thought that once he had grown enough it would be easy to lift. Reluctantly putting the sword aside he turned to the odd shaped stone he had found and wiped it clean of the mud.

It was then he saw the strange colours of the stone; it was a bright bronze that gleamed in the sun and when the mud had been washed from its various edges Harry noticed it was almost like the stone had scales and felt warm to the touch even after all the time in the water. A dragon egg, Harry thought with awe. He had often dreamt of flying high above the clouds maybe this was a sign that he might. Reluctantly he then turned to the final item he had retrieved from the river, the mysterious ring. Due to its small size it did not take long to clean but it was a strange thing as Harry could swear that it was glowing slightly and was warm to the touch.

The setting was normal gold but the stone was overly large and dark reminding Harry of dragonglass in its colouring but it was as smooth and strong as diamond. What really caught his eye however was the symbol that had been carved into it, a triangle with a circle inside with a line straight down the centre. It was like no coat of arms Harry had learned of during his time with the maesters but somehow he felt that it was important. It had been hard Harry conceded to hide his new treasures from the men that were accompanying him to Oldtown knowing full well that they would take the sword, egg and ring from him should they be discovered for themselves after all the egg and the sword would be worth a fortune.

Tywin Lannister would probably make someone a lord or at least a very wealthy man just for the sword or so Harry had heard. So he had wrapped them carefully in his bed roll and spare clothes so he was glad to finally arrive at the place where he would be spending the rest of his childhood…Oldtown. His eyes were wide with wonder as he took in the sights; the city was beautiful with its white stone buildings that had been carved with such care and attention to detail.

And it was fascinating to see all of the people bustling about the markets, shops, halls and docks of the oldest city in Westeros. They rode past the Citadel, home of the Maesters but it was the great lighthouse and castle that gave the ruling family its name, Hightower that caught Harry's eye.

Well Harry thought with awe, it was certainly a sight to behold. The highest man made structure in the known world according to the maesters, even taller than the Wall in the North. Made of the same white stone as the rest of the city it was a formidable structure and the burning beacon on the very top must on a dark night be visible for miles Harry thought very impressed at all of the effort that must have gone into building such a structure. They had to take a boat to reach Battle Island as it sat in the mouth of the harbour and there was no bridges. The slight rocking of the boat was of small consideration to Harry who stared at Hightower with awe, he was really looking forward to exploring the enormous building and nearly leapt from the boat the moment it was close enough to the small dock only to remember the manners that Olenna had forced him to learn or else he would never lift a sword or ride a horse ever again.

So he impatiently waited for the boat to dock and climbed out where Lord Leyton Hightower, his grandfather was waiting. The man was tall and stern looking, nowhere near as much fun as his grandmother Olenna Harry thought to himself but he nevertheless greeted him as the man's station demanded and bowed. I am truly honoured. Lord Hightower nodded imperiously before saying to his most unruly grandson.

The coldness of the tone of voice and the glare sent his way made Harry frown, he had not been that much of a menace had he? A few pranks and skipped lessons but nothing extreme and no one had been hurt. Well he thought with annoyance to himself if Lord Hightower thought he was going to be a good little boy and do everything he was told then he had another thing coming Harry decided indignantly.

He was bid to follow Lord Hightower into the castle and while still fuming inside Harry walked a step behind him. Later just after dinner where Lord Hightower had introduced Harry to the rest of his family who were just as stuck up as Lord Hightower himself, Harry was sitting in his room missing Highgarden already. He distracted himself from thoughts of pranks he might pull on them by studying the ring he had found in the river. He did not know why but it seemed that every time he looked at it, it was like his eyes were trying to trick him. It was like there was some kind of aura coming off it, a faint purple light almost like smoke but the moment he blinked it was gone.

He had considered showing it to the maester to see if he could find out who had owned the ring but something held him back. The impulse to keep the ring to himself confused Harry as he had no real reason to do so but regardless it was a gut feeling and so far his gut had not let him down. He was turning the ring over and over again in his hands, wondering who might have once owned it when suddenly a figure appeared in the centre of the room.

Harry leapt to his feet and threw a small book from his bedside table at the stranger but to his great surprise the book went straight through him. The stranger was quite annoyed by the attack and spoke indignantly to Harry. I might be dead but it does not mean I enjoy having objects thrown through me.

Honestly he thought to himself what did you say to a ghost? Especially after you just threw a book through him Harry thought and asked a rather stupid question. How else could the Stone of Resurrection bring me here to this place? Before asking his next question, Harry finally looked at the stranger and was intrigued by his appearance. He was tall but slim, not very well muscled and had the air of a scholar about him, down to the scrolls in his hands.

He was of Valyrian origin; silver hair and purple eyes and wore robes of white silk. Needing answers and wondering just what it was that he was holding in his hand, Harry asked his next question. Each world has one although in some worlds it is paired with a wand and cloak that is not the case here. At no cost to me?

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Again the man struggled to not speak but could not resist telling Harry what he wanted to know. Any question he wanted answered, any person he might want to talk too now within reach. He concentrated and the stranger disappeared, sent back to the world beyond. In his place was a man that Harry had wanted to meet since he had first heard of his legend. Known as the Dragonknight, he was said to have been the greatest knight that had ever lived with such a skill at swordplay that he was honoured by wielding the ancestral Targaryen sword Dark Sister. He was a splendid sight indeed and Harry was suddenly very nervous as he was faced with such a great warrior especially one he idolised.

Aemon looked angry for a moment at having his rest interrupted but Harry spoke before he could call Harry out on summoning him here, managing to look the legendary knight in the eyes however anxious it made him. Aemon looked at him strangely for a moment before bursting out laughing much to Harry's embarrassment and told the young lad with mirth still in his eyes. Many were too nervous or scared of my house during my century, except for Naerys. Aemon looked at him with the air of mirth before answering. If I had put my faith completely in my own talent, Cregan Stark would have beaten me easily.

That man was the finest opponent I ever faced. Harry's face lit up with a smile and nearly jumping up and down with excitement asked. Aemon smiled, liking the idea of training a student. Enter the cave T. Walk up the steps to the door. The object of this mini-game is to move the rune-locks to the center. Press the buttons on the left and right to move the chains. Some buttons effect more than one chain. Use the rose to melt the ice F.

Once the rock moves, select the area for a Hidden Object Scene. Locate all the iron rings. The object of this mini-game is to pull the chains in order so that the tiles on the wall light up in order from right to left J. Find the chain which lights up the first tile, then the second tile, continuing until all the tiles are lit.

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Should you choose incorrectly, the tile lights will go out and you must start over. Pull the chain in numerical order Walk down twice. Select the bridge on the right M. Walk forward to the bridge, then continue across O. Follow the path to the right D. Look at the close-up of the spider leg G. Should the flames go out before you can light the branch, just click on the rocks to relight. Select the stump for a mini-game M.

The object of this mini-game is to collect 5 bark beetles. The indicator will tell you how many you still need to collect P. Follow the path to the right. Look at the panel that was hidden by the ice T. The object of this mini-game is to move the tiles using the levers and form a picture. Each lever corresponds with a row or column. Moving a lever up or down determines the direction the tile will move.

This mini-game is randomly generated- your solution may vary. Cross the now open drawbridge. Note: this scene scrolls left and right; move your cursor to the left to scroll left. Make note of the door with no handle or lock V. Look at the close-up of the fountain W. Walk to the door grate Z. Note the lock on the crypt gate B. The object of this mini-game is to move the tiles to form a phrase. Click on 2 adjacent tiles to swap positions. Walk down and scroll to the right. Look at the close-up of the tree F. Walk to the greenhouse door H.

Note the greenhouse door J. Select the bottom of the fountain for a Hidden Object Scene N. Locate all the chips. Look at the greenhouse door for a mini-game. The object of this mini-game is to place the discs in the correct order. There are 4 quadrants that each represent a season. Move the discs to the quadrant that matches the pictures on the discs. A quadrant of the sun will light up when the corresponding season is correct. Enter the greenhouse. Read the sign under the tree U. Read the book to learn about the fertilizer V.

Look at the close-up of the cabinet Y. Open the cabinet. There are 4 items you need from the cabinet. Look at the close-up of the 5 pots A. Take a KEY from each pot and note the color symbol on each pot C. Exit the close-up of the post and look at the small cupboard D. Take the fertilizer instructions F. Exit the cupboard and look at the manhole G. Using the color codes from the pots or your diary, place the keys in the corresponding keyhole H.

The Westerlands

The object is to turn all the keys in order. Find the first key that stays unlocked, then the second key, continuing until all the keys are turned. Should you choose incorrectly, the keys will lock and you must start over. Turn the keys in numerical order. Enter the manhole. Walk forward down the tunnel L. Look at the close-up of the barrel front and click on the faucet handle S. Select the area to the right of the barrel for a Hidden Object Scene T.

The object of this mini-game is to build the device shown in the drawing U. Place the pieces in numerical order onto the base V. Look at the front of the barrel and open the faucet C. The object of this mini-game is to find the end of the maze using the instructions on the plaque F. The starting point is marked in chalk G.

The next direction is 4 to the right 2.

Walkthrough Menu

Continue with the remaining steps Take the KEY from inside the brick J. Walk down twice to return to the greenhouse. Climb up to the balcony. Use the KEY one the lock L. Enter the castle through the door. Open the doors at the end of the hall. Chapter 3: The Castle After the fire cut-scene, walk down once. Look at the close-up of the lion statue B. Walk down 4 times to return to the courtyard. Scroll to the left. Look at the bird statue on the roof of the castle D. Note the crypt gate on the left E. Select the area of the smashed statue for a Hidden Object Scene F.

Walk to the crypt gate. Look at the close-up of the lock I. Enter the crypt. Walk down twice to return to the courtyard. Scroll to the right and enter the greenhouse. Climb up the ladder and walk forward twice. Take the CUP N. Look at the close-up of the chair and take the note O. Walk through the arched door on the left Q. Look at the planter at the bottom of the stairs A. Look in the fountain for a mini-game D. The object of this mini-game is to rotate the tiles to form a design. There are four buttons to rotate the tiles F-I. Clicking on the left side of the button will rotate the 4 surrounding tiles to the left.

Clicking on the right side of the button will rotate the 4 surrounding tiles to the right. Note the first lion head on the right L. Look at the close-up of the sofa M. Take the clock diagram N. Look inside the box for a mini-game P. You must take the crystals from the right side R and fit them into the left S. Look at the first lion head on the right U. Enter the first door on the right W. Look at the close-up of the fireplace B. Note the door on the right D.

Look at the back wall for a mini-game E. The object to this mini-game is to press the correct squares in the right order.


Refer to the note found in the fireplace F. Find the two symbols with a number 1 and find them on the chessboard G. Press the square where the column and row meet 1. Continue this process for the next 4 sets of symbols Enter the door on the right. Note the right alcove J. Look at the papers near the bust and take the note K. Note the cupboard on the left M. Look in the left alcove for a Hidden Object Scene N. Locate all the chess pieces.

Open the cupboard on the left. Look inside for a Hidden Object Scene. The object of this mini-game is to build the device shown in the drawing O. Place the pieces in numerical order onto the base P. Enter the right alcove. Look at the close-up of the clock R. Note the lion picture T. Look at the board for a mini-game U. The object of this memory match mini-game is to find all the matching pairs. Click on 2 tiles to view the symbols beneath.

Blue Rose Sword

Should the tiles match, they will stay turned over. This mini-game is randomized- your arrangement of tiles may vary. Find all the matching pairs. Refer to your diary for the clock clue picked up earlier A. Look at the close-up of the clock B. Drag the minute hand around to set the clock to D. Click on the lion painting to open the safe E. Walk down to exit the alcove. Look at the book on the table G. Take the page of instructions I. Look at the portrait on the back wall K. You will need more information, so exit the close-up. Walk down to the next room and look at the chess board on the table for a mini-game.

The object of this mini-game is to place the chess pieces in the correct position. Place the pieces so that both a column and row button lights up R. If you place a piece in a column and the button lights you are on the right track. Move the piece down the column until you find the row that lights.

After you have found the locations for all 6 pieces, the code will go into your diary S. Enter the door on the right, then select the mini-game under the portrait. Refer to the code from the chess mini-game in your diary U. Use the up and down arrows to enter the code V. Walk down 5 times to return to the greenhouse.

Select the small right cupboard for a mini-game. Refer to the instructions in your diary Y. Click on the bottles, then the matching test tube in numerical order Balance the weights on the scale: on the left and on the right 5. Turn on the burner 6. When the temperature rises 20 degrees, turn the lever 7.

Turn on the fan 8.

A Storm of Swords Audiobook Chapter 1-10

Push the plunger 9. Look at the close-up of the branches B. Look at the second from the right lion head D. Enter the second door on the right F. Look at the close-up of the shelf H. Take the portal element instructions J. Take the 1 of 15 cards K. Note the left alcove L. Note the pipe organ M.

Select the harp for a mini-game N. The object of this Simon-like mini-game is to replay the notes. Several notes will be played on the harp stings. Click on the harp strings to replay the notes. There are 3 sequences to repeat. Should you make an error, the sequence will replay. Our sequences were: , , and Look at the close-up of the pipe organ. Exit the close-up of the organ and look at the left alcove. Select the base of the harp for a Hidden Object Scene. The object of this mini-game is to build the device shown in the drawing S.

Place the pieces in numerical order onto the base T. Walk down to exit the music room. Look at the lion head on the left U. Enter the door under the lion head on the left W. Note the masks on the table C. Note the painting H. Note the toys on the right I. Select the puppet stage J. Select the painting on the right for a mini-game. The object of this mini-game is to piece together the painting pieces like a jigsaw.

Click and drag a piece into position- it will light when correctly placed. Select the toys on the right for a Hidden Object Scene. Look at the masks on the left table. The object of this mini-game is to place the cards on the correct side of the box.

Note- the cards are placed into sad and happy groups to show which cards belong on each side- you must place them into the bins. Walk down to exit the room, then enter the second door on the right. Look at the pipe organ. Exit the music room and enter the first door on the right.

Walk through the right door into the library and select the center bookcase on the left for a mini-game. The object of this mini-game is to arrange the books so that the numbers on the 4 books surrounding a number on the shelf equal that number S. Click on 2 books to swap positions.

The shelf number will glow when the 4 books are correct. The top row of books is: The bottom row of books is: Walk down twice to return to the main hall. Select the center of the floor for a mini-game. Refer to your diary for the numbers and placement of each item. Click on each of the 5 rings until they lock into place U.