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Laid out like that, the scientific method becomes an intellectual extruder: data in one end, knowledge out the other.

To see why, consider those who worked on Mercury before Einstein solved the problem. Urbain Jean-Joseph Le Verrier was the greatest mathematical astronomer of the midth century. Using the same logic that had led him to Neptune, Le Verrier again predicted the existence of an unseen planet very close to the sun. That hypothetical object swiftly gained a name: Vulcan. The chain of reasoning was impeccable—and apparently confirmed when the first reports of Vulcan sightings arrived, just months after the prediction. Both men were good scientists, Le Verrier legitimately a great one.

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The logic behind his prediction of Vulcan was impeccable. Astronauts end up playing archaeologist in the ruins of an alien civilization. It is only a minor element of the setting absolutely nothing encourages you to land, it's just possible in case you want to read the flavour text , but Neo New York in Escape Velocity Nova is this — once a prosperous colony, a terrible plague swept through it, destroying the entire biosphere. The planetary image wouldn't look out of place for any of the more inhabited Federation colonies, although the fact that the fog surrounding the skyscrapers is green is somewhat telling When we reach Pulse, there are a lot of animals and some ruins, but no people.

The Lessons of a Ghost Planet

The former inhabitants seem to have died off after the war, but the game doesn't go out of its way to explain what happened to them. Halo : The myriad planets and installations built by the Forerunners, including the eponymous ringworlds, are ghost space constructs. A stand-alone mission from Heroes of Might and Magic ran on this premise and started out with a Title Drop of this trope, though further exploration reveals it to be The Necrocracy. Lh'owon from Marathon was razed by Pfhor slavers.

It is mostly a desert, with a few instances of nasty wildlife and aforementioned slavers. Mass Effect The page quote concerns Ilos from Mass Effect , and the place is appropriately creepy to boot. Earlier on, you also visit Feros, a former City Planet built by The Precursors , now comprised only of lonely skyscraper spires jutting up from the perpetual layer of dust that still hasn't settled, 50, years since the planet's demise.

In Mass Effect 2 , once you start looking at places off the beaten track you'll notice that there are a lot of dead planets out there. Time and again seemingly empty systems will have burial grounds, ruins or even just million-year-old mass accelerator craters spread across the planet. The phrase "Bombardment was focused on population centres" appears far too often for comfort. Of course, this all makes sense, since every 50, years the Reapers show up and kill all sentient lifeforms.

Mass Effect 3 reveals that Ilos was a ghost planet when the Protheans found it, and the statues are implied to depict the once native Inusannon. Subsequent playthroughs of the first game, knowing that both the Inusannon and the Protheans became extinct on this world makes it even more creepy.

Most all of the worlds visited by Samus Aran in the Metroid games. And if they weren't at first, they are when she leaves. If they're still there. Radiant Silvergun 's prologue has the Stone-Like destroy all life on the planet , leaving only four humans and their robot companion as the survivors because they managed to escape the Earth's atmosphere beforehand. The game's first stage takes place a year after the catastrophe, with the survivors having to return to Earth due to being low on supplies.

Schizm: Mysterious Journey cribs from Forbidden Planet as well—everyone on the world you're exploring just vanished in what must have been a single day, leaving behind unfinished work and uneaten meals. The initial research team vanished more slowly, and had enough time to leave behind increasingly panicky audio diaries speculating on what the hell was going on.

Astronomers found new evidence that a giant ghost planet may lurk in our solar system

What's left is a rather sinister Beautiful Void. Subverted in the end. Everyone is still alive, but they were transported into separate dimensions so that the planet's defense system could observe them and determine if they were a threat. The " Forbidden Planet " in Sigma Star Saga takes this trope more literally than most—you'll find yourself under attack from levitating tombstones.

In a notorious bug , those tombstones are the most lethal enemy in the game; killing one to end the level will instead trap you in purgatory forever. In Spore , one of the planets in your home system has a crashed alien spaceship on it. Before they died, the survivors left directions to a nearby system, which turns out to be a ruined planet that was devastated by the Grox. Some theories suggest that the ruins may be human in origin, especially when you consider that Earth is deserted when you discover it. Star Control 2 - the Taalo homeworld sterilized by mind-controlled Ur-Quan , the Burvixese homeworlds wiped out by the Kohr-Ah after being betrayed by the Druuge , and the Androsynth's adopted homeworld "Androsynth are not here.

Only Orz is here". Also, any alien homeworld becomes one once the Kohr-Ah reach it on their Death March. It's surrounded by spaceship debris and is inhabited by the ghosts of space travelers whose ships crashed into it, hence its name and reputation as "the gloomiest place in the galaxy".

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Stellaris Tomb Worlds are blasted, irradiated hellholes that are usually the result of a species wiping itself out in a nuclear war, though certain factions able to use the "Apocalyptic" Orbital Bombardment policy can make a "fresh" Tomb World. Most species in the galaxy can only colonize a Tomb World through the use of lategame technologies, but races with the "Post-Apocalyptic" trait can settle them from the get-go.

In rare cases, a planetary event may have colonists discover bomb shelters that the Tomb World's original inhabitants built, which may or may not be occupied. Another event has colonists shift towards the Pacifistic ethos after being surrounded by reminders of the horrors of war. With the Apocalypse expansion, you can cleanse a world of higher lifeforms while leaving its infrastructure intact with the Neutron Sweeper superweapon, though if you colonize it immediately afterward there will be a habitability penalty due to lingering radiation.

The Ancient Relics expansion introduces Relic Worlds, former City Planets that have been reduced to planet-wide ruins. They can be refurbished at great expensive, but their real value is in the archeological artifacts left behind.

This is also the doom of colonies that have fallen to the Unbidden - the buildings remain, but the colonists are just gone. Which makes them a really nice spot to re settle once the Unbidden are taken care of. Everything inhabiting the planet quite literally had the life sucked out of it. Similarly, Fodra from Tales of Graces , however there are a few survivors, instead of machines. In the Xtended Game Mod for X3: Terran Conflict , the Expansion system Portal Network is littered with the remnants of Terran colonies that were wiped out years ago when their AI terraformer fleets went haywire and started " terraforming " inhabited worlds.

The modern Terrans under the Earth State government control the majority of these abandoned ghost planets, but a few are under the control of the Boron Kingdom or Split Dynasty, which has caused some friction between the races. This trope certainly applies in force once you reach Old Miltia in the third episode of Xenosaga - the entire planet is completely devoid of human life, though all the trappings of the setting's technologically-advanced society are in place, adding to the creep factor. In one sequence in Nexus Clash , some of the ways to get lost in a planar maze left in the wake of a Spacetime Eater can drop players into one of these.

It has no name, few surviving plants and animals, no useful resources, and the few signs of habitation all suggest that its entire history consisted of plague, failure and neglect. In contrast to the exhaustive histories provided for most Nexus locations, good or bad, we never get any explanation for it. Web Comics. In Homestuck , Jane 's Land, the Land of Crypts and Helium , is almost completely lifeless save for a few plants that have managed to cling to life. All the Alpha Kids' Lands are the same. In A Miracle of Science , Mars finds many of these when searching for other intelligent life in the universe.

Western Animation. Filmation's Ghostbusters was fond of ghost planets, featuring at least two or three throughout its episode run.

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Between the stains of the Dark Side and the ancient ruins, the place has an appropriately creepy air. Star Wars Rebels : When the Ghost crew first visits Geonosis, in "The Honourable Ones" , they find they can't detect any life signs from the planet, and Ezra can sense an aura of death surrounding the planet. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits.

Alternate Versions. Lost in Space — Rate This. Season 2 Episode 3. All Episodes Smith makes the Jupiter 2 land on a planet occupied by cyborgs. Director: Nathan Juran. Writers: Irwin Allen created by , Peter Packer.

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