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My God, What Have We Done?

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I would like to receive morning headlines Monday - Friday plus breaking news alerts by email. Tears of Remorse may accompany it. Usually delivered dramatically, sometimes, well, over-the-top. A villain might utter this line if they're about to take the Last Second Chance. Sometimes followed by Must Make Amends. Compare These Hands Have Killed , which can occur even the first time the character has killed , even justifiably. See also Screaming At Squick. Often the result if the protagonist becomes an Unwitting Pawn.

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Can be a self-inflicted What the Hell, Hero? See also Out, Damned Spot! The wormhole weapon has been fired, and threatens to consume the entire universe. Crichton: Here's how it lays out. Are you listening Stahleek? Wormhole weapons do not make peace.


Wormhole weapons do not even make war. They make total destruction, annihilation, Armageddon. People make peace. Crichton: I don't know, Pip.

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Maybe it eats the whole galaxy, a monumental black hole, a giant whirling headstone marking the spot where we all used to live and play and slaughter the innocent. Scorpius: softly This is insane, Crichton. John lets out a choked laugh. Crichton: God! On June 13th, a subreddit [2] was created for these comics but it does not have any readers as of September In the following month, another thread featuring the comics was posted on marijuana enthusiast forum Crunk Times.

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The comics saw a revival In January , when a Facebook fan page [6] was created for the character, but it has only managed to gain likes in the first nine months. Throughout , additional threads featuring various instances of the comics continued to appear on 4chan [4] , Grass City [9] and BodyBuilding. In July , FunnyJunk user Diamondhead posted an image compilation of four-pane rage comics titled "Oh God Why" , which illustrated childhood stories of disturbing or embarrassing nature. View Gallery. Me: "Hey, this looks like a legitimate and funny meme. I shall take a look in the pictures section so that I may lol at the pics within.

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