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You two had better not stand in one place for too long. Just then, the tall, slim, Asian vampire from the line slid up behind Giovanni.

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He looked to be around twenty-five in human years. The vampire gave Zander a polite look and moved closer to Giovanni. Hung paid, and Milo poured the drinks and slammed them on the counter. Giovanni gulped down his drink before Zander could properly thank Hung. Stay here. He was gone before Zander could object.

Zander turned toward Milo, who was giving him a sympathetic smile. He would take either at this point. Zander reached into his pocket to find that the stone was even hotter. So hot, in fact, that it was starting to burn his leg. He reached up to the bar, grabbed a few napkins, wrapped the ruby necklace several times, and stuffed it back in his pocket. He took a sip of his cocktail and was pleasantly surprised at how the smooth potion warmed him up and lowered his inhibitions.

He stood with his back to the bar, occasionally smiling at admirers and trying to make sense of Club Arcane. The dance floor was shaped like a large square with pairs of male and female strippers dancing in cages in each of the four corners. Several platforms at different heights peppered the floor for dancers who wanted to see and be seen. To the left was the black curtain through which they had entered, and to the right was a series of numbered doors that were being patrolled by other security guards dressed like Ooba.

There was very little that was similar between the warlike Shadows and her people. He shrugged those impossibly broad shoulders, and beneath the fabric of his dress shirt, powerful muscles rippled with the action. Why else?

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He wants to suck him dry of every bit of energy. And you dont? Victoria immediately challenged, standing directly before him, but in a defensive stance, legs slightly apart and her hands at her sides, where, if need be, she could release an energy blast to protect herself. He mimicked her posture, but there was something almost relaxed about him.

Especially as he approached until he stood barely an inch from her and the thrum of his power became one with hers, creating that circuit once more without even touching her. The energy was so in tune with hers, an almost audible tone sang in the silence of the night. If I wanted to take you, dont you think I would have already? It was impossible to miss the double entendre behind his words. Do you think I am that easy? But her display backfired as the power surged back through the circuit between them and into her.

She stifled a moan as desire slammed into her. When she attempted to break away, he held her fast with a gentle grip. As their gazes connected, the slow rise of fluorescent light in his eyes mimicked the revelation of his real life energy.

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His dark, nearly black eyes grew a startling shade of teal, and his aura, unlike the muddied energies of other Shadow Hunters, was a clear crystalline sapphire. It was as pure as her life force, which awoke in response, acknowledging the similarity of their vitality, making it impossible to tamp down the need that weakened her physically and stole her resolve with each passing second. But as he drew near, leaving not a millimeter of space between their bodies, she realized she was not alone in her insanity. Christopher raised his hand and, with his index finger, traced the line of her cheek, leaving a trail of warmth and excited energy everywhere he touched.

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Then he dipped that finger lower, along the edges of her lips, before an almost playful swipe across her chin. But then he went farther, skipping down the long line of her neck to the swell of her breasts, exposed by the scoop neck of the gauzy summer blouse she wore. In response, her nipples tightened, and as he circled the tight peak with just that one finger, her insides clenched and she could no longer just stand there. She slipped her hand between them and to his rock-hard midsection.

Running the back of her hand all across those lean muscles, she moved farther up to a spot directly above his heart. With one blast there she could take him down, but instead she splayed her palm across that spot and experienced the surge of his energy, sympathetic and strong. He moaned and his erection jumped against her belly, yanking a pleased smile to her face before she shifted her hand over and covered the swell of his chest.

The hard button of his nipple pressed against the palm of her hand and she mimicked his actions, tweaking that tight bud. Over and over they touched, caught up in something bigger than themselves.

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In something almost primordial, as the true essence of their beings, unique and yet similar, stirred the Equinox tucked deep inside both of them. Victoria sensed the tendrils of his energy seeking hers, wrapping around the core of her Hunter vitality for a more lasting binding, but she. He would have reached for her again, but she whipped her hand up to stay his motion.

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He jerked to a halt, his eyes glittering in the night, the sapphire of his aura and silver-blue threads in its field gleaming as bright and clean as a newly minted coin. This is not possible, she said, fearful of what had almost happened. That she had nearly started to bond with a Shadow, because if she had not pulled away, she would have made love to him right there in that gazebo. I didnt think it possible eitherfor Light and Shadow to share so common an affinity. But I dont have much time to wait. Unlike you, whose Equinox has only just awakened, I have been delaying mine for some time.

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