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I've been teaching for years, but I moved. My new state required this test - most of which I haven't studied in gasp twenty years!

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I felt prepared and knew what was going to be on the test. There is plenty of review for each part of the test. The only thing missing for me was copyright and privacy laws. Other than that I had this express shipped because I panicked about not studying enough - thanks Amazon - and had it in one day. I only had three days to study. I suggest a little longer time frame, but even at the last minute, it was well worth the money!

Good luck. I just receieved my book, and thumbing through it I was pleased it held more than a passing outline; it seems to hold at least a summary of explanation to help with context, especially where theorists are concerned. We've already had teacher workshops in BLOOM's, and before I left school to work full-time last year , the school indicated it had changed. I hope that the rest of the info is current, but now I'm a little concerned.

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The book has vague information despite claiming that it covers all the essential information on the exam. Each Praxis 2 test goes through an extensive standardization process. The Educational Testing Service hires in educators that work the same content area that the test is patterned after. They do this to identify what content is appropriate for the average American classroom, and then they apply that content to the Praxis 2 exam.

Once the educator is finished, the experts and content advisors at the Educational Testing Service make sure the Praxis 2 exam questions meet the pre-established standards and requirements. They are then placed in trial testing and removed of any cultural bias.

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Once all of the is done the questions are placed on the appropriate Praxis 2 exam. Each Praxis II test will vary on the amount of questions and test length. In regards to test time, every Praxis II test will range from 1 to 5 hours. Praxis II exam questions will typically be either selected response questions or essay questions. Subject knowledge as well as general pedagogical knowledge will be extensively tested. The Subject Assessment Praxis 2 exam category is the most varied category in regards to both subjects as well as question number, and test time.

Each Subject Assessment Praxis 2 exam can contain both general questions and subject-specific questions. These tests are designed to measure the abilities of the test taker in the specific field the test taker wishes to teach. Though the Core Praxis 2 exam and the Pedagogical focused Praxis 2 exam are both important, this Praxis 2 exam will be the test that relates closest to the day to day activities of the future instructor.

There are four different versions of this Praxis 2 test. Each Praxis 2 test in this category will consist of 70 selected response questions and 4 constructed response questions, in which the test taker will have two hours to complete.

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Each Praxis II exam in this category will consist of selected response questions as well as constructed response questions. These tests are like a mixture of the two previous tests. Each Teaching Foundations Praxis II exam uses scenarios related to the subject matter to assess how the test taker would perform in each specific scenario. Since the Praxis II test is being utilized by over three dozen different states and U. These sites can be found in multiple cities and provinces in all 50 states, as well as in the District of Columbia, Guam, American Samoa, and the U.

Virgin Islands. Upon registering for the Praxis II test, the test taker will be able to choose whichever testing center is closest to them. The state requirements for the Praxis II test vary by each state; however, almost every state requires that the test taker holds a baccalaureate degree, and that each test taker has completed an educator preparation program.

Whenever the test taker feels they are ready to take the Praxis 2 exam, they can register in three different ways: online; by mail; or by phone. If the test taker decides to register by mail then ETS will mail the admission ticket that the test taker needs to enter the testing facility. If the test taker registers using their Praxis account, they must print out the admission ticket themselves.

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The testing location may change so the test taker needs to make sure that they check around three days before the testing day to ensure they know where to take their Praxis 2 exam. If the test taker wants their scores reported to their respective colleges, they must include which school to send the school to when registering.

Depending on which state the test taker registers to take the Praxis 2 exam in, they may have to submit their Social Security Number upon registration. In the event that the test taker is absent on the day of their Praxis 2 exam, all test fees will be forfeited; however, the test taker may change the date to another date that is in the future as long as it is in the same testing year.

After the exam, I reviewed the book again.

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Nothing in the book was useful for this test. It is a very weak preparation for the Principles of Learning and Teaching test. I would recommend another book for more detailed preparation for this test. I'm using this book right now to study for the Praxis II Test I had no idea what to expect before so with this book I am able to see some of the material that will be on it and two actual tests.

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I love that it also has detailed explanations for the multiple choice answers after the blank test and for the essays, it has an example of a 0 answer, a 1 answer, and a 2 answer. Throughout the book, it has study tips that I've found very helpful.

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I initially chose to buy this book because I found an ad for it in the back of another study book I'm using for Praxis II test made by the same company. I would definitely recommend that one too. Great book to help you study for the test. The practice test are wonderful. I used mine lots to study. Ir a Amazon.

PRAXIS PLT Grades K 6 REA The Best Teachers' Test Prep 2nd Edition