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This gives you the encouragement and energy to continue learning. Most online learners will sooner or later encounter the following challenges. One of the biggest advantages of regular education over e-learning is the fact that in a real classroom you are constantly being motivated and organized by your teacher. They require constant guidance from the teacher, clear deadlines, patterns of tackling particular tasks etc. While we described the way e-learners can communicate with their online classmates and instructors, there is still no denying the fact that sitting alone in your room instead of attending a real classroom can feel rather lonesome.

Of course, you can always talk to your fellow students via online chat and ask your instructor any questions, but it still feels very different to a regular school or college classroom. There are usually very specific requirements for the use of technology in online learning. Most e-learning programs are designed for high-speed internet and modern computers or portable devices.

If you decide to upgrade your primary device and invest in faster internet, it will mean additional expenses. Plus, with e-learning, you also need to account for the time differences between you, the instructor, and classmates. Feedback is one of the most crucial instruments at all the stages of learning. Proper feedback from a person you trust is a key element of success and the most effective way to guide a student through the learning process.

Unfortunately, with online learning, feedback is less personal and informative than in the classroom setting. You will have to ask your instructor for feedback, but even then, you may not get what you expect.

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Assessment is another known challenge of e-learning. Classroom teachers have a variety of grading methods, from written assignments to oral exams. With e-learning, you will do most of your homework in a form of tests and papers. Until a better grading system is designed, assessment will remain a weakness of online learning.

With a typical online learning program, there is no way of knowing whether the people claiming to be the students and the instructor are truly who they say they are. There have been cases of students submitting homework, which later turned out to be written by a completely different person.

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However, you should also remember to be careful at all times. While e-learning has a long way to go in terms of convenience and fair assessment, it is still the most modern way of studying that will most likely become the primary learning solution in the future. Patrick is a Berlin-based dating advisor, motivational speaker, a huge fitness and vegan diet enthusiast and the main editor at Wingman Magazine, specialised in men's health. His ultimate goal is to share with men around the world his passion for self-development and to help them to become the greatest version of themselves.

He believes a healthy body and successful social interactions are two main keys to happiness. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sex Dating Growth Health Other. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Learning E-learning has been around for over a decade, but only in the recent years it has started to get more and more popular. Work There are several learning solutions for students who work full-time jobs, but none of them is as effective and convenient as e-learning.

Location Those who have never tried e-learning are often surprised to find out that there is nothing limiting your choice of locations for learning. Better understanding While learning in a regular class gives the student a number of advantage, such as the chance to consult a teacher, get instant explanation of a particularly complex topic or ask for more clarification, studies show that students can actually get by without these benefits.

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After Vanessa Abrams , Chuck is the most drastically different in the television series as compared to the books. Chuck makes his first appearance in Pilot at Eleanor Waldorf 's party. At the bar inside the Palace, he tries to flirt with and kiss Serena but she rejects him. However, he is stopped by Dan Humphrey , who punches him. At Bart 's annual brunch, he is told by his father that he needs to meet new people and find something to be apart of.

On a constant search to gain Bart's approval, Chuck explores the option for Bass Industries to acquire the club Victrola. However, Bart is not pleased with Chuck's idea and refuses to help at first, but then decides to take a second look. Nate and Blair break up, and she goes to see Chuck at Victrola to escape emotionally dealing with it. While there, she does a strip dance routine onstage which entrances Chuck. While taking her home, they have sex causing Blair to lose her virginity to him Victor Victrola. While at her birthday party soon after, Chuck admits to having feelings for her, which she initially rejects but ultimately gives in to Seventeen Candles.

Nate admits to Chuck later that seeing Blair happier after their breakup is causing him to miss her. Jealous and still hooking up with her from time to time, Chuck schemes to keep them apart. He gets Nate kicked out of Cotillion by manipulating him into punching Carter. But Blair realizes Chuck was behind the whole thing and ends their affair and gets back together with Nate. Afterwards, a heartbroken Chuck leaves the city Hi, Society. After running into Bart, Blair discovers Chuck is in Monaco and begs him not to tell Nate about their sleeping together.

He leaves her messages unanswered until Christmas morning, when he texts Blair a photo of him with Nate asking who he would tell Roman Holiday.

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In the season two premiere Summer Kind of Wonderful , we learn Blair has stayed in Europe over the summer while being angry at Chuck for abandoning her. Because of his fear of commitment, Chuck has stayed in the Hamptons trying to get over Blair by sleeping with a different girl every day. When she returns, he realizes that he regrets his actions; however, it is too late, Blair has begun a relationship with Marcus Beaton , a British Lord.

Some time later, at the VDW's, Blair is preparing to spend the summer with Louis in Monaco, but is civil when she says goodbye to Chuck. When Nate and Chuck return home, Nate sees that Chuck is really hurting over Blair and Chuck admits that Blair shines when she is with Louis, whereas he just brings out her dark side. He says she should be with Louis. Nate asks Chuck does he still love Blair and Chuck answers that he does.

Nate is impressed that he is maturing and suggests that they spend a lost summer together. As she's trying to pull Louis from the dark place he has been as a result of his jealousy of Chuck, Blair spends a day with Chuck to see if Chuck really has become a good person. As they are in therapy, Chuck tells Blair that he returned the engagament ring to Harry Winston. Chuck later tells her that she was the lightest thing that ever came into his life and that he just wants Blair to be happy, although he wishes that she could be happy with him Rhodes to Perdition.

In Riding in Town Cars with Boys , Blair asks Chuck if he would consider being a father to her baby, but wanting her to be happy, tells her to stay with Louis. After seeing how upset this makes her, Dan sets up a secret room at Ivy as Charlie Rhodes 's party to allow them to be together. In the room, Chuck says he only said what he said to not be selfish and that he wants her back. The paparazzi show up and they quickly depart in a car, inside which they decide to get back together and make plans to run away, but get into a serious car accident.

They're able to crack her code and end up a brothel the same brothel Chuck mistakenly attended in Carrnal Knowledge in season two. While there, Chuck discovers that Bart is alive. Wanting to save his father, Chuck and the gang prepare a scheme to blackmail the competitor out of hurting Bart. After a series of mishaps, it's revealed that Andrew Tyler was in on it and turned on Bart to protect himself.

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He is arrested, and Bart becomes free to come out of hiding. Meanwhile, Gossip Girl begins to post excerpts from Blair's diary; in which she asks herself what to do if she never loves anyone the way she loves Chuck. Chuck is very sleazy, self centered, and has a horny sense of humor. However, he is also shown to be very loyal to the select few he deems worthy, such as offering a loan for Nate and Anne Archibald and paying Blair's dowry.

Throughout the first season he displayed a variety of near-sociopathic tendancies including attempted rape but in later seasons has matured into a respectable young adult. He is extravagant and often times throws around money but it seems to come from deeply rooted insecurities which were most likely instilled by his demanding father. He is also very witty and quick to verbally spar, showing that he is quite intelligent. His narcissism is apparent, often quoting " I'm Chuck Bass " after someone asks him a question on why he is deserving of such things e.

This character has a Photo Gallery! Take off our clothes.