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Here are lesson suggestions to help students learn and appreciate this skill:. March: Book Two is full of advanced vocabulary, simile, slang, idioms, and oratory. It promotes critical thinking, introduces multiple national American heroes, and is a coming of age story laden with issues of identity, justice, and friendship. Furthermore, in graphic novel format, it provides verbal and visual story telling that addresses multi-modal teaching, and meets Common Core State Standards. As this book can and should be used by students in middle grades through high school, we relate below how it meets the Common Core Anchor Standards:.

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This book and related discussions also cover the following themes identified by The National Council for the Social Studies :. She now incorporates them in her work, believing that the educational process must reflect the imagination and intellectual flexibility it hopes to nurture. Please continue the dialogue with your own comments, teaching, reading, or discussion ideas at meryl. Correa People v. Illinois Obscenity Case Files: People v.

Kirkpatrick People v.

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Who is Negan? Returning with the second eight volumes of the fan-favorite, New York Times Best Seller series collected into one massive paperbac In addition to introducing a plethora of wild new characters, God and Science brings in many older characters from Jaime's universe, some from seemingly throw HC, signed by Jaime Hernandez!

Now middle-aged, they leave their significant others at home and take a w Meet Drug dealer Dewey Booth, he can't be punished enough! And what Discuss: What was gained? What was lost?

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What were the pivotal decisions made that helped shape the changing political and social landscapes? Research the Supreme Court Decision in Boynton v. See below for links to relevant resources. Discuss: What participants went through just to get there; Different ways people reacted and reported this incident newspapers, magazines, personal accounts. What were some of the social and political issues that city officials faced as the Riders approached their jurisdiction? Research, present, and discuss the different sides of the following events that shaped the Civil Rights Movement.

Ask students how they might deal with racist comments, practices and restrictions. Discuss what it must have felt like to be excluded from busses, shops, and from receiving community services. Discuss different options and means of protest.

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How have these options changed today, if at all, compared to the options Lewis and his colleagues had in the s? Research, present, and discuss the personal backgrounds, public struggles, and the articles and speeches of local and national figures of the Civil Rights Movement. Discuss instances of racism today on local, national, and international scenes. How has racism changed today, if at all?

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Discuss how hurtful racism can be to those targeted as well as to the general population. Discuss how racism has influenced, shaped, and determined national and international policies and politics. Discuss what can be done today to fight racism and discrimination and ways students can help. Debate the effectiveness or the destructive qualities of each. The fare was paid in blood, but the Freedom Rides stirred the national consciousness and awoke the hearts and minds of a generation… We were becoming a national movement.

The populations and proportions of Black and White populations in Southern States that were registered voters. As a result, he was pressured to cut out passages he felt quite passionate about. Discuss and debate the needs of compromise in public offices and speeches as well as in legislation. Discuss how effective they are in communicating a specific message or a specific point in time. For example, you may want to discuss: On pages , as the U. Discuss the use of text and image to create this metaphor. On page 91, Lewis recounts Dr. The fires of frustration and discord are burning…It is time to act… A great change is at hand, and our task — our obligation — is to make that revolution, that change peaceful and constructive for all.

To include all your students, you may want to expand your discussion to racist incidents directed at various targeted groups. Have them write one version as if they are there in the s, as a first-person narrative; and then writing it now, reflecting back.

How does the language and the story differ? Critical Thinking and Inferences The authors make many inferences in this book both with language use and through imagery. This is about your own stubbornness. Your own sin. Was he correct? Why or why not? Ours is a way out — creative moral, and nonviolent.

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It is not tied to Black Supremacy or Communism, but to the plight of the oppressed. He was my main point of contact when I needed to inject a little humor back into the story to keep things from getting too damned depressing. His interactions with the other characters ended up being surprising to me in many cases; I always knew where I was going with him and had each interaction well mapped out but I had such a good sense of his character going into the story that his dialogue was the easiest for me to write.

I was simply taken by bouts of inspiration while writing his parts, finding it easy to shift into his manner of speaking as well as thinking. When going back through the revision process, there was a lot of dialogue I had to tune up in order to get the personality of each character dialed in tighter so that they would feel like distinct people when you read from their perspective.

They all got revised accept for Billy; I got him right the first time. Well, him or Gibs. More on Gibs later, though…. He needs an old school scatter gun. The model pictured above is as close as I could find to what he was carrying in my book, minus the two-point sling and receiver-mounted side saddle — it even has the magazine tube extension he mentions in the story. The Tactical Express was the way to go. In the shotgun world, the big three tend to be Remington, Mossberg, and Benelli. At some point early on in the writing of Commune Book One , I got the idea that I wanted the weapons used by the characters to reflect their personalities.

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This became a bit of an enjoyable side challenge for me, as I had the double duty of both deciding which weapons best fit the characters as well as figuring out a reasonable way in which said weapons would come into their possession. They must essentially stumble upon their hardware. I like to think I presented this turn of events realistically. This allows for an overall shorter rifle without sacrificing barrel length shorter barrel length means less muzzle velocity and reduced effective range. So you end up with this cool little all-rounder that maintains an effective range out to four or five hundred yards yet is compact enough to go room to room in tight spaces.

The X95 was I felt a perfect choice for her. A full sized rifle would have been uncomfortable and clumsy just based on her reach alone. The reduced length of the bullpup platform combined with the kind of recoil mitigation common to its sub type makes this weapon the perfect fit for her, indeed.

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Just as a real foothold is established in retaking the skies utilizing existing commercial aircraft supplemented by military resources and ground control systems , a mysterious virus takes hold of the population, spreading globally over the very flight routes that the survivors fought so hard to rebuild. The communicability and mortality rates are devastating, leaving only small pockets of survivors scattered throughout the countryside. Commune Book One is the story of one small group of survivors who must adapt to a primitive, hostile world or die.

Search for:. The structure of the first and second books is designed to facilitate this exploration. We all do this in our day to day lives. The first two books are related completely in interviews of the POV characters, carried out by a secondary character, Brian Chambers. To this point, consider yourself being interviewed after surviving through some of the events of these books. Would you share every little detail regarding what you did, thought, or experienced, or would you hold some things back out of shame or embarrassment?

Again, this goes back to the public versus private persona. There are some things we simply would not admit, especially to an interviewer, though we might let details slip unintentionally as we told our story.