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Giuseppe Arcimboldo: The Great Grandfather Of Surrealism

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The story of Rudolph II needs a separate article but for now you should know that he was one of those weird rulers who had some mental issues, who were quite bad in politics, but put tons of money in art and collecting. He commissioned decorative objects of all kinds and in particular mechanical moving devices. Ceremonial swords and musical instruments, clocks, waterworks, astrolabes, compasses, telescopes and other scientific instruments, were all produced for him by some of the best craftsmen in Europe.

Rudolf greatly appreciated the work.

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It is the weirdest portrait of a ruler ever created. Arcimboldo served the Habsburg family for more than 25 years. The allegorical paintings are peppered with visual puns and the references to the Habsburgs. Earth features a lion skin, a reference to the mythological Hercules, to whom the Habsburgs were at pains to trace their lineage. But one thing is also very important here—the naturalism of the paintings. There are no fantastic creatures or plants there. Everything is real. Water —is made up of 62 separate aquatic species. Arcimboldo corresponded regularly with the leading naturalists of his day to help produce a number of animal, flower, and plant studies.

Water is composed of a multitude of aquatic animals—the listing contains 62 species!

Biography of Giuseppe Arcimboldo

The unusual multitude of species here is astonishing, as well as the inclusion of invertebrates, not only of the snail and the crab, but also of worms. On the other hand, common edible fish are missing. In this composition, Arcimboldo gave no consideration to the relationship of sizes among the individual animals, as can be seen by comparing the large seahorse with the comparatively small seal.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Earth, , private collection. Like the other paintings in both series, Earth can be identified as an imperial allegory: this suggests that the emperor rules over the elements and the seasons. Many studies of animals by Arcimboldo exist, and many of these studies were used as sources for the creatures seen in Earth.

All the animals in the head were taken from life, because the emperor gave Arcimboldo permission to draw creatures in his menageries.