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Apparent Extent Records AE Soft Control :. Leeds Metropolitan University. The concert will take place on Tuesday, July 10, at 8PM.


The 3rd and final set will consist of a septet featuring Phillip Schulze, electronics, along with Zara Acosta , clarinet; Tatsu Aoki, bass; Jonathan Chen , electronics; Guillermo Gregorio , clarinet; Jamie Kempkers , cello; and Brian Labycz , electronics. Als Vorlage dienen die eigenen wissenschaftlichen Texte der teilnehmenden Studenten, aus denen Gedichte und Pamphlete herausgefiltert werden.

Diese werden in unangemessener oder auch in angemessener Weise mit live-erzeugter Musik vorgetragen. Institut Fuer Musik Und Medien :. Am Leonardo Music Journal Volume 21, Hahn originally a studied painter is a dedicated follower of cinema and movies — something he regularly reflects in his artistic works. Order: Apparent Extent.

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Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery. An installation version of Mr. Lucier's Chambers realized as a tribute by former students and colleagues will complete the exhibition. Im Single Club. Monkey's Club. Salon des Amateurs.

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Forum Freies Theater e. Limited Edition of Double Vinyl. Photo Edition.

Information Material. Phillip Schulze geb. Beide waren dem Medium Rundfunk eng verbunden.

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Und beide gelten heute als Ikonen der elektroakustischen Musik im weitesten Sinne. This material, recorded over a period of 5 years on a daily basis, is streamed back randomly to accidental participants, resulting curious resonances and feedback-networks. Diapason Gallery presents current perspectives on the idea of "microsound"- a technical term and also a musical genre - in honor of the 10th anniversary of the. Microsound is a term that encompasses explorations of sound on a time scale "shorter than musical notes.

The project arises out of the former and successfully finished internet project "The 4 Years In The 3rd Millennium Project. The rest starting with the video "greetings" will be accessible for a uncertain time.

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They were presented at random, with guidance only from the I Ching in typical Cage fashion with only a few words of description. This book became an instant classic, an introduction for the public at large to modern music, and the fascinating, innovative forms of notation that had only just started to emerge.

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Notations 21 is a modern compendium and anthology, deriving its inspiration from Cage's seminal work. Thousands of new composers are creating scores, the likes of which Cage could have never anticipated, that are graphic in nature, liberated from the traditional staff, and rival the best visual art in their aesthetic value.

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The modern music world did not cease its innovations in the 's. The project will continue as personal research but not on a online basis. So far each day of all four years are still excessable! Collecting the work of international composers, artists and thinkers, each contribution in this book offers a model, design, plan, or score. Each contribution reflects a shared path of origin - the mind as a resource. As tools of action or reflection, these models speak to the mind within and about us, often blurring the distinction between functionality and aesthetics.

The book as a whole offers itself as a mosaic A new monthly performance series of experimental works.

Richard Wagner

Hosted by the Art League of New Britain. Three acts working in the field of music, art and installation, as well as Wesleyan composers and students, will explore different ways around the subject of space and music. With multiple locations around Wesleyan campus, the extended concert situation will free the audience by giving them the decision of when and how they will explore the pieces and installations.

The observer is for the most part confronted with a totally dark video screen and a steady clicking sound. Only fast movements of flashlights illuminateing for a short time parts of the dark and impenetrable space that the two actors and the observers are trying to explore. Consequently, Jan earned his stripes as an emergent composer, working for popular movie and TV-productions. After the nomination, Jan was offered numerous contracts for TV and movie productions. Moreover, the young composer accepted multiple commissioned works for different types of ensembles and symphonic orchestras.

At the same time, Jan directed various ensembles and choirs across Germany. Late in , Bosworth Music took notice of the aspiring composer and offered Jan the opportunity to collaborate with them, which should soon come to fruition. Jan Andrees composes, arranges and produces in every musical discipline and all genres of music.