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We are to have nothing to do with wolves. Their end is destruction. You say to take out the plank in her eye yet compare him to his previous stating that he is better. The bible says to speak the truth in love this man did what many have been trying to do ruin America read his book dreams from my father. They set up princes, but I knew it not. With their silver and gold they made idols for their own destruction.

We face a vital election that is detrimental to our future as nation. What will it be then? What does the extended hands and feet, the embodiment of Christ say? We finally have a candidate who God has shown favor to and lives out what he preaches. Our extended family is being persecuted, tortured, oppressed, and are killed for their faith.

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How are we not to stand for what is right? Even if it is not with the majority! Even if it is not politically correct! A wolf in sheeps clothing will show up from no where sometimes, they will get very involved in different areas doing favors for people right and left. Their intentions are to look for opportunities to be a predator on the unknowing. They portray themselves as a Christian wearing the Christian tshirts, big cross necklaces.

Their life outside may look perfect and altogether, while the truth is it is really just a front to cover up the lies they want hidden. They do not truly know the bible nor do they quote the bible. Yet they spew what a Christian they are from their mouth to other people and blast Facebook with quotes from the bible about how to live for Jesus!

I know because I invited a man and his wife to the church me and my husband attend….. The man turned out to be a sexual predator after the married women of our church! His whole life he portrayed to the church was a lie and he was asked to leave our church. The sad thing is, The man and his second wife used to visit my parents long ago when I was 9. Then he mysteriously disappeared….. That is true, but but men should counsel men and women counsel women. The man was always trying to get me alone to talk and help him with his problems!

He turned out to be a predator and is officially gone and asked not to return. Our Pastor is our watchman praise God!!!!! Beware of the signs! This man was given a second chance and had been a predator all his life, not willing to change! God help him to wake up! Men should counsel men and women should counsel women. I agree with this but in some cases a man is the counselor, such as in the case of our Biblical Counseling ministry at Selah Mountain Ministries. My husband is the counselor and I run the office. We have a camera that I monitor outside of his office. The camera shows what is going on inside of the office and I can see but do not hear the conversation.

We have had absolutely not objections to this practice. Thanks for sharing here. A wolf is driven by its appetites. A Shepherd with a trained sheep dog can spot , smell and defeat a wolf. Sheep dogs are raised as puppies with sheep , trained by the Shepherd with voice and hand signals.

Sheep dogs keep order for the flock. Wolves and dogs same family. I wish to know whether is this Biblical, my church as not a registered one and still ask us to pay tithes and offering. My Senior Pastor always said she can hear God speaks to her and she was also a prophet.

I need to know whether am I dealing with a wolf in sheep skin. I have concerns about this pastor forcing you to pay even a tithe of food cooked. Our pastor always told me, that i must plant for the church he always told me that every time we meet is that right?? Hello Coleen. That is a bit strange to have your pastor as you or anyone person in your church to plant a church. I have not heard that. I would ask him why church leadership is not there to help you do this? Have they trained you or given you help to do that? If not, that is a new one to me and not normal. When I read this Trump immediately came to mind for me.

We must be wise in who we choose as president and my gut and soul just tells me this verse says it all for me. I appreciate your post and enjoy reading them and reminding us what the Bible tells us about so many things that certainly applies so much about what is going on today. Well I really enjoyed the article, but some of the comments, not so much. You could never vote for Trump? Do you prefer Clinton? She believes in the murder of unborn babies, the Word of God describes that as an abomination, the worst kind of sin.

She is also a compulsive and habitual liar. John No Prophets? Verse 13 tells the duration of these gifts, if one of them has expired then they have ALL expired. When you, as a Pastor post such things and then use Jude v. I love going to church with my husband to worship God. Several others are aware of his behavior. My husband and I have agreed to stay arm in arm and together at church. I am sorry for this ordeal. You are right. This man is a wolf.

I would speak with the pastor about this man. I would go to the pastor with your husband present or at least call him. Perhaps the pastor has heard complaints about this man before and what he is doing is totally inappropriate. You and your husband may be the first to expose this man and have him dealt with. God may be using you to help keep His church without spot or blemish, as the church is called to be holy as God is holy. I am glad I stumbled onto this page. I got a little too close in sharing spiritual thoughts with a man at my church.

He is warm, kind and gentle. Now I realize he has been grooming me all along for a physical affair. He said everything a woman likes to hear, including warm hugs witnessed by my husband. My husband said he could see it coming. He never said anything because of his own pride but now he wishes he would have. I am embarrassed and have asked God for forgiveness.

My husband forgave me for getting too emotionally connected with another man and told me I need to set better boundaries with men. He said a physical affair would have been much harder for him to get over. I purchased a bible study on boundaries.

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Thank you for sharing your experience Nina. Nina, Thank you for being so transparent. I am so happy that you were able to have the strength to avoid the physical affair. Great practice not to hug men other than your husband. I practice that one myself! Thanks for sharing. Recently popular Community Organizers, especially in the Chicago area, carry on a model set in motion by increasingly well known Saul Alinsky, who worked there as well.

Since Hillary Clinton dedicated her thesis to Saul Alinsky, and has followed his edicts her entire adult life, and in her political goals, it is illogical for anybody believing in God to vote for a disciple of Saul, who worshiped Satan. Well, my sisters and brothers I am so hurt and ashamed. I met this man online, on a Christian dating site. I will not compromise and date men who do not love god. Well, this man and I would pray together, talk about the word all the time. I mean everything was about God.

I desire a man to pray with and for me, just us walking in the things of god and doing gods will is my desire with a husband. This man started telling me how his father left him an inheritance and he had to go to another country to get it. He sent me a copy if the check that was his inheritance and he would pay me back when he got to my state. Well, to make the story short. I gave him money to get back to the states.

I prayed with him and for him, he made up lies saying other people had sent him money to help him come back to the states. Family he made up an elaborate story but they were all lies. All the while I was attempting to send the money it would not send on 3 different ocassions, so many things kept hindering g the transaction but because I, in my mind thought god was saying he is the ONE! I arrived even harder to assist my to be husband.

The man that I was speaking with was not acting alone, I was corresponding with his friend while he was supposedly being locked up because he was found with more than 10, They were in kahoots together. I later sent this check to the bank it was drawn on and they confirmed it was a scam. I had give him my money by that time. God kept attempting to block the things that I was doing but I thought this was it for me. I invest in my relationship with God. Please believe I have never did anything g like this before and that hurt as well not only was I scammed and deceived but I acted out of character.

That was not me. His words were smooth. I now realized that he listened to how I expressed my love for God and used it against. How do I recover. I feel ashamed. I know God loves and forgives me but I was not supposed to be overtaken by this wolf. Hello Pam. I am so sorry for all of this terrible heartache.

How do you recover from this? God will often use our pain to minister to others who have been in similar situations. Have you talked with your pastor about this? Do you have a church that members can pray for your broken heart? God forgives and helps us to move on. We need others and that includes the Body of Christ, the church.

Wolves in the Doctrine Henhouse

My heart breaks for these beautiful women victimized by a wolf. I say wolf, rather than wolves, because every one of these cases mirror the exact experiences of my ex-husband and me, my ex and his second wife, and my ex with many women in our church. I started getting the heebie-jeebies reading these accounts because I thought for sure they were all talking about the same man, my ex. This wolf, my ex, has been diagnosed as a pathological sexual predator by a licensed clinical marriage counselor. It all started with an addiction to pornography.

He has a profession where he is in homes, often with women whose husbands are at work. Now he has come back to the church we were married in, where our grown children are ministering and raising their families.

Jesus' Teachings And Testimony As We Are Amongst Wolves

I fear for my lovely granddaughters. When he started to worm his way into serving in the church, first taking the offering, then serving communion, I told the pastor that if he going to be allowed to serve, I would leave the church, which I have been a member over 40 years. I have even warned the pastor that I have seen my ex singling out new young couples after church.

Just like a wolf that separates the weaker sheep from the flock, he needs needy women. Thank you for having a forum not that you intended it for women to share the betrayal they have experienced from a wolf. Perhaps others will be better forewarned. God bless you! I think many wolves, especially those within the church are easy to spot. However, as has been my experience, many wolves have come from the positions of leadership; Evangelists, Pastors, Deacons, Ministers and the like. Yet, like the devil their lies and false teachings are not always as obvious.

They have an appearance of godliness. They, like the devil tempting Jesus in the wilderness, know the scriptures. Immediately preceding these verses, he had commissioned them to evangelize the Israelites with his authority. As soon as he did this, he moved to telling them of the persecutions they will be subjected to for him, before moving to a description of the world in light of their teaching. Inserting 'behold' into the midst of his commission of the Twelve Apostles draws attention to what Jesus begins to say here.

After drawing the attention of the disciples with 'behold', Jesus says, literally, 'I, even I, send you This would have brought to the disciples ' attention that they were being commissioned to be the leaders of God's people, as was Moses. Because this verse follows on Jesus sending the twelve to the Israelites exclusively, the Jews hostile to his kingdom are now implicitly cast as wolves.

Commanding them to be innocent as doves tells the disciples to have pure intentions—elsewhere it is a characteristic of those with integrity.

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This further shows that the wisdom of snakes, and the innocence of doves, while different, are not at odds. Because doves were used at the time to symbolize Israel, [12] the text further points to the twelve as the centre of the true Israel. Though the wisdom of the serpent has a positive connotation, it is also meant to contrast with the innocence of doves.

However, it seems to point to persecution from Jewish officials, because the rest of the verse refers to judicial sentences carried out in the Jewish world of the day. Hagner further sees it as a redaction because the sentence continues in v. In contrast, R. France sees that Jesus did speak these words here, and that he was looking to the future of the community's life from this early point. Similarly, Davies and Allison see this as evidence that Matthew's community continued to be close to the Jewish communities, because this verse indicates that they were submitting to the authority of the Jewish synagogues.

Overall, Matthew's gospel is suited to a community closely related to Judaism, because of its messianism and emphasis on the covenant of Abraham. Leon Morris points out that synagogues were places not only of worship and teaching, but also of trials and the administration of justice.

That "synagogue" could refer to an assembly rather than a building, there may be a connection between being delivered up to councils and being flogged in the synagogues, as seen in the case of the apostles in Acts 5: being set before the Sanhedrin v. This flogging was the well-known 39 lashes given for transgressions, in the eyes of the sanhedrin, of the Mosaic law. This verse moves the Twelve Apostles' mission from being restricted to the Jews, and points toward their mission to the Gentiles.

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But at the time, Galilee had no Roman governor or king. France distinguishes between kings and tetrarchs , which was the title of the region's Herod Antipas. This suggests that we should say that at the time Galilee did in fact have a king; and if Galilee had a king at the time Jesus said this, this verse is not so revolutionary as some make it out to be.

Davies and Allison read the verse so that it does not need to envision action of the Twelve outside Palestine, because there were plenty of Roman officials in the land to whom they could witness.

The plurality of governors and kings suggests the situation of the Church after Peter's vision in Acts. This is because their restricted mission to the people of Israel would not have brought them into contact with the governors and kings of whom he spoke. It could refer to the kings and governors, to the councils and synagogues, or to both. When they deliver you up, do not be anxious about how you are to speak or what you are to say; for what you are to say will be given to you in that hour; for it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.

It also reminds the twelve that their true family is not their earthly family, which they soon are to hear will deliver them up. Davies and Allison suggest that the image of the Spirit speaking through the twelve is an eschatological marker, a marker of the end-times, because Jews expected a special outpouring of God's Spirit in the latter days. Brother will deliver up brother to death, and the father his child, and children will rise against parents and have them put to death.

Now when the twelve are delivered up it will be by their own kinsmen, and the penalty is to be capital punishment rather than flogging. The escalation of response to the mission of the twelve again suggests a larger audience than merely Galilee , [25] and Davies and Allison say that it is clearly an expression of the post-Easter situation of the twelve. The sense of eschatology is heightened because this verse alludes to Micah , [10] which is eschatological in theme.

But he who endures to the end will be saved. This verse is the climax of the increasingly bleak-looking picture of the persecutions to be endured by the twelve. The second half of this verse is unclear.