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The streetlight effect , or the drunkard's search principle, is a type of observational bias that occurs when people only search for something where it is easiest to look. The anecdote goes back at least to the s, [5] [6] [7] [8] and has been used metaphorically in the social sciences since at least , when Abraham Kaplan referred to it as "the principle of the drunkard's search".

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According to Idries Shah , this tale is used by many Sufis, commenting upon people who seek exotic sources for enlightenment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Not to be confused with Street light interference phenomenon. Freedman August 1, Discover magazine.

Retrieved Freedman Little, Brown and Company. The only real way I can describe how it makes me feel is if Swans played metal. The song opens with another driving riff, big drums and bass distortion, but after a couple of minutes delves so seamlessly into a passage of calm, with overdriven bass played underneath clean chords with the drums leading the piece. Then the riff re-enters.

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The clean chords give way to thick walls of tone, the bass rumbles into life and the drums sound like you are being shot at. The riff changes form, it changes tempo and the song finally lurches into its final resting place after 7 minutes. It opens with ringing guitar chords played over ambient soundscapes, then the rhythm section attack with almost military precision.

Holbrook plays in a pretty similar way to Bulkley, in that he never overplays, his contribution to this set of songs is solid, undeniable and very dynamic.

Searching For Light

This song I think helps to sum the album up in that there are a few different things happening in the one piece. The spoken vocal turns into throaty roar and with it the volume increases and the song veers into unsettling territory with a fraught lead guitar passage that adds to the intensity and keeps everything building. Out of the dark enters a shimmering passage that brings the song down to a quiet creaked bass riff.

Then a few seconds of silence before Bassin, Bulkey and Holbrook unleash hell.

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It is trancelike. This record really does deserve your time. I almost feel bad for the band having to write a follow up. Regular visitor?

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