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TOS : " I, Mudd ". To be "black and white" was for something to be either one thing or another, with no in between. The term was also related to another idiom, "cut and dry", and was the opposite of " a shade of gray ". To "break the ice " meant to introduce conversation or small talk into an awkward situation. Referred to what one did when they stayed up late at night to work or study.

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In , A. Robinson , who got to be the first Human to test the NX-Alpha test vehicle, told Jonathan Archer that he didn't get this assignment because he tried too hard, "burning the midnight oil" in the simulator eighteen to twenty hours a day. ENT : " First Flight ". In , Captain Kathryn Janeway , who was working very late one night in the mess hall , told Neelix that she was "just burning the midnight oil", to which Neelix replied that it was way past midnight.

VOY : " Fair Haven ". In an alternate timeline in , Captain Jean-Luc Picard ordered Miles O'Brien to bypass the secondary plasma inducer, which required O'Brien to realign the entire power grid, stating " we're all going to be burning the midnight oil on this one. Referred to one was so caught up in small details that they were not able to see the bigger picture. In , Miles O'Brien felt he hadn't been able to see the forest for the trees when it was Rom who explained to him that the modifications that he had been making to equipment on Deep Space 9 on the orders of a Pah-wraith that had possessed his wife were designed to turn the station into a chroniton array aimed at the Bajoran wormhole , one which could kill the Prophets.

DS9 : " The Assignment ". In , Spock described Trelane 's repositioning of the planet Gothos so that it was always in front of the USS Enterprise 's flight path as a "cat-and-mouse game ," Kirk adding that they were the mouse.

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Referring to being found in the act of doing something which left one in an embarrassing position. In , James T. Kirk characterized his having been trapped by Khan Noonien Singh as having been caught with his britches down, a fact he attributed to his own supposed senility. Data , unfamiliar with the phrase, questioned what he meant, and La Forge explained.

TNG : " The Defector ". When expressing his embarrassment at having inadvertently snooped on her private business, he said that he felt as though he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. ENT : " Breaking the Ice ". Colonel West , while proposing Operation Retrieve , assured the Federation President that should the operation precipitate a full-scale war with the Klingon Empire , Starfleet could quite frankly " clean their chronometers.

James Kirk asked if Spock was dining on ashes after finding him seemingly reflecting on the betrayal of Valeris. A dry spell was a prolonged period without sexual activity. After learning that Vulcans only mated once in seven years , Trip Tucker remarked that that was " a hell of a dry spell.

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Weyoun once told Major Kira that her pleas to have Rom not executed for terrorism would fall on deaf ears. DS9 : " Favor the Bold ". In , Neelix believed diplomatic negotiation with the Botha might fall on deaf ears. VOY : " Persistence of Vision ". In , The Doctor complained that his requests for a larger sickbay were falling on deaf ears.

In , Gillian Taylor told time traveler Admiral James Kirk, when he explained to her that they wanted to bring George and Gracie to the 23rd century , and asked her if she was curious about the details, she said, " I wouldn't miss it for all the tea in China. In , according to Dickerson , Captain Kirk promised to have the hide of the first man to smile or otherwise react with amusement to the appearance of President Abraham Lincoln on the Enterprise. According to Tuvok , along with this saying, " It is impossible for me to be more or less like myself.

In , Leonard McCoy told Spock, when he suffered from memory loss after being resurrected, " What I mean is I may have carried your soul, but I sure couldn't fill your shoes, " to which Spock replied, " My shoes? An indication of a very small, indefinite measurement.

This term referred to people being so close to one another as to appear inseparable physically or emotionally. In , Q described himself and Vash as " A team, joined together at the hip. TNG : " Attached ". In an alternate version of the year , Harry Kim called Chakotay and his girlfriend Tessa Omond as close as to be joined at the hip.

VOY : " Timeless ". It was used in that capacity during Worf 's promotion ceremony, which included holodeck roleplaying on an sea vessel and involved him walking the plank. Star Trek Generations. A variant of the phrase, " May God have mercy on our souls, " was used by Malcolm Reed to end his final log entry when stranded in Shuttlepod 1 and he believed there was no chance of rescue. ENT : " Shuttlepod One ". In , Gillian Taylor described to James T. Kirk the farewell ceremony for George and Gracie as a potential media circus.

This expression was used by Geordi La Forge in the running up to the battle of Wolf In , when searching for the Galileo , James Kirk remarked to High Commissioner Ferris , " Finding a needle in a haystack would be child's play.

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In , William Riker described searching Starfleet records for an instance of someone showering in their clothes as " like looking for a needle in a haystack. DS9 : " Battle Lines ". In , a Paradan replicant of O'Brien commented " Needle in a haystack wouldn't do this job justice " when searching for a fault in Deep Space 9 's upper pylons. DS9 : " Whispers ". In , Jadzia Dax said to Benjamin Sisko " Do the words 'needle in a haystack' mean anything to you, " after the USS Defiant had spent two days unsuccessfully searching the Badlands for cloaked missiles appropriated by the Maquis for a strike against Cardassia.

DS9 : " Blaze of Glory ". Meaning: The term referred to an agreement made by two parties, but only one party benefits from.

When Captain James T. Kirk was explaining romantic relationships to Charlie Evans , he told him to take it slow, that it wasn't a "one-way street. Meaning: " You'll have to kill me to make that happen. In , Doctor Beverly Crusher used the expression when she wanted to get Jean-Luc Picard to talk to her during a conversation. When Picard asked her if she has one, she told him that the replicator probably has it on file.

In , when Q brought back Picard to the incident at Starbase Earhart in , he told him acting as a bartender : " Penny for your thoughts? You never told me you were such a lady's man, " also jokingly referring to Picard's unsuccessful date with Penny Muroc. TNG : " Tapestry ". In , Crusher used the expression again, dining with Picard, after they shared thoughts for a time via the psi-wave device on Kesprytt III. In , Amanda Grayson spoke of a similar idiom, " Isik for your thoughts, " which she described as a Vulcan , but was later revealed as something she heard her mother say.

Rather than playing an actual guessing game , this meant to make somebody ask questions rather than telling them directly what a problem or the answer was. When Harry Kim claimed to be an American during the Hirogen simulation of World War II in , Tom Paris became annoyed at the man's refusal to answer him, saying he didn't have time to play twenty questions. Kathryn Janeway told Neelix the same thing when he was less than forthcoming about the delicate issue of non-functioning lavatories on USS Voyager in VOY : " Bride of Chaotica!

In , when Jonathan Archer and A. The professor reprimanded the student for not properly studying anatomy lessons. He added that the student not only had a dirty mind but was going to be terribly disappointed in life. A parenthetical note: whether this is a true or an apocryphal anecdote, there is no insensitivity about asking such questions in medical schools as students of both sexes should familiarize themselves with all parts of human anatomy. This innocuous remark sent our commentariat into delirium.

They analysed each word, comma and pause. They analysed his tone, pitch and inflexion. They did not stop there.

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They began looking for hidden meanings and concealed metaphors. It is quite common for literary commentators to look for hidden meanings in the works they are panning and not uncommon for them to read their own meanings into a given context. All his plays and all his sonnets might be accommodated in one shelf but the criticism of his works fills a whole library.

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  4. Like literary critics they would find out if it did. Congress selects its spokespersons based on their ability to turn on verbal diarrhoea at will. One of those Congress spokespersons who is given to letting his tongue loose to the extent of indecency in television debates, has a dubious history.

    While being there, he did something odd. In when India was forced into a war with China, he organized a fund-collection not for India but for funding the Chinese onslaught. In a saying it is called biting the hand that feeds ; in plain English it is called treason. After returning to India he applied for the civil services examination.

    There is usually a police check for recruitment into such services. His conduct in England would have disqualified him in any other democratic country. In his favourite China it would have earned him death penalty. However his high political connections came to his rescue, again. He rose to the highest levels in the service and after retirement joined the Congress party.